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Genesis G80 2017
Great 1st experience using Turo to rent a car. Caleb was awesome and very helpful. Great response rate and good communication. The car was perfect and very clean. Will definitely rent from him again when in Utah!
Justin R. - December 28, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Great car, even greater owner! Caleb’s car is swank (check out the holographic navigation system!) and he’s super easy to communicate with. Will def rent again when I’m in town.
Daniel A. - February 13, 2019
Genesis G80 2017
Car delivered as expected. Good comm w/ owner. Would rent from him again.
Parker S. - February 21, 2019
Genesis G80 2017
Caleb rocks. I'll rent from him again the next time I'm in Salt Lake City.
Jonathan O. - January 31, 2019
Genesis G80 2017
Extremely easy rental. Very clean car and very prompt service.
Michael B. - January 15, 2019
Genesis G80 2017
I would recommend this service to anyone who is particular about the vehicle they want and the service they require. Caleb delivered a new AWD vehicle to me at the airport, let me extend the rental period without hassle and picked it up after my use. The car was exactly as advertised and the service nothing short of ‘white glove’. I will be contacting Caleb upon my return to the area next month, to repeat the experience. Sean.
Sean W. - January 24, 2019
Lee Jiang
Genesis G80 2017
Jeremi’s car was exceptional to drive, very clean and comfortable! Jeremi was a very nice person was also very responsive and responded quickly to our queries :) The rental process was smooth and easy. I would rent again with Jeremi for future trips!
Lee Jiang J. - November 26, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Caleb was awesome! He was waiting for us up curbside at the airport. The car was clean and super luxurious. Caleb went over the different features of the car. He was great at communicating and the drop instructions were clear and easy to follow. Caleb will be my go to guy when I rent a vehicle in the Salt Lake area in the future.
George M. - September 7, 2018
Genesis G80 2018
He's the best Turo rentor. You won't go wrong renting a car from Edwin. His car was detailed and new. He's flexible, professional, kind, and willing to work with your needs. We will use Turo again because of his service.
Eddie J. - October 30, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
1000% Caleb is gives VIP service the car was super clean !!! He checks the tires and goes over everything before every your trip for safety you don’t get this kind of service from the big rental companies I’m a world traveler love the outstanding service an amazing convenience !!!! Love TURO
Harvey C. - November 11, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
For the first time, in a very long time... I AM LITERALLY AT A LOST FOR WORDS. I could've have PAID EXTRA MONEY, for a BETTER EXPERIENCE. I have not a clue as to why I didn't know about this Rental Car Service before my first Rental. Thus far, I've sent an TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF INVITATIONS, to family, friends, colleagues, and business associates alike to sign up with Turo. But more importantly, I've PERSONALLY RECOMMENDED CHAIM, for ALL OF THEIR RENTAL NEEDS. Chaim has been the most DEDICATED INDIVIDUAL that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Chaim has displayed OUTSTANDING SERVICE throughout the entire rental period, he's communicated EFFECTIVELY, and was very accommodating. I guess I was able to find words to praise Chaim. I'll be renting again with him again for sure very soon. Thanks Chaim.
Al G. - December 5, 2017
Genesis G80 2017
What an AMAZING RENTAL EXPERIENCE this has been. Chaim is such an AWESOME OWNER with prompt responses, effective communication skills and presents himself as a individual with INCREDIBLE ATTENTION TO DETAILS. This has been my 4th rental with Chaim and I couldn't have asked someone better. Although this was my 4th rental with Chaim, he's the best. No matter what or when we communicated, I actually felt like a friend. Therefore, it was IMPERATIVE that I wrote this review. I HONESTLY felt as though it was my duty &/or responsibility to make sure the reviews I posted after each rental, EFFECTIVELY CONVEYED TO EACH MEMBER/RENTER REVIEWING CHAIMS REVIEWS- THE POSITIVE, OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE & 5 STAR SERVICE THAT I RECEIVED. I'm certain there may be other owners available with impressive ratings too. But why go on a fishing expedition looking for the right vehicle, the right price and the right owner, when you can be certain that renting with Chaim, he's got all bases covered and you too. Allow Chaim to provide you with the "CHAIM EXPERIENCE"!!! AND YOU TOO, would have a better understanding of why I choose to rent from Chaim REPEATEDLY. One other thing I failed to mention. While on rent, I encountered a very minor incident. So minor, I really didn't think anything of it until Chaim conducted a follow-up call inquiring about the vehicle and making sure everything was smooth. (You won't find that kind of ser I advised him about it and suggested that he can resolve it upon my return. I could tell that this didn't sit very well with him. Within the hour, Chaim called me back for my availability so that he could make arrangements to get this "MINOR INCIDENT" resolved IMMEDIATELY. (TOTALLY IMPRESSED BY THE WAY) It was almost like having concierge services, but for a rental. Chaim showed up at the exact time he said he would, took the car and returned it without EVER INCONVENIENCING FOR ONE SECOND. In fact...I had totally forgot that he came to pick up the car. He didn't disturb me one bit. He had a spare key, hee picked up the car, and returned the car, even backed it into the same spot. I received a text that he was done and resolved. To me, this was a very vital piece of detail worth sharing to other viewer's, to aid them into making the right choice when renting a vehicle and choosing to rent with Chaim. I kid you not, the more that I rent with Chaim, the faster I begin to run out off good things to say about Chaim. REALLY!!!
Al G. - December 11, 2017
Genesis G80 2017
Joseph was very nice and so was the car I’ll rent again
Shajuanna J. - May 28, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
I will rent again. Joseph was very nice and the car was on point. It was a great experience.
Risha M. - May 5, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Prompt and friendly exchange. Great car to drive as well. Would definitely look up Caleb when renting in SLC again. Also helpful with points of interest and route guidance.
Lincoln P. - August 8, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Caleb is very responsive and helpful. The car is super clean and in very good condition. It has heated steering wheel which is super nice for winter.
Shuo T. - December 8, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Everything went perfect as it always does with caleb
George L. - February 1, 2019
Genesis G80 2018
Edwin was great to deal with, very easy going and accommodating! The car was pristine inside and out. It was a pleasure to drive and it was a pleasure doing business with Edwin.
Chris N. - December 17, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
It's a wonderful car and Salim was incredibly helpful and friendly. He went above and beyond to ensure we had the car. I really appreciate all of his effort and communication.
Craig R. - December 28, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Great communication. Will rent from again for my next business trip. Thanks!
Kyle R. - January 9, 2019
Genesis G90 2018
loved the car so much .... such a cool car and great owner the things i like are : the car is so great .... driving style is like driving BMW or Mercedes ... great trunk space the parking assit system is helpful and lane control is super ================ the things i dislike are : just 2 things ... first of all i paid 80$ so the delivery should take place at the curbside of the terminal and i got the car delivered to Turo parking lot in lax the other thing is i got the gas tank close to empty and i had to stop to fill up the tank ... personally i prefer to take it full and return it full
Ahmed O. - September 11, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Solid car and great communication. Caleb responded on a dime to come get me at the airport when my flight was delayed. I originally was going to pick it up but i was behind on time and he made up for it quick!
Aaron E. - September 11, 2018
Genesis G90 2018
What an awesome car! So smooth and elegant, really fun. And Vahe was the best. Great communicator and very helpful.
Joel S. - September 17, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Very easy and flexible. Car was great. Great response time. Polite and professional. I Would definitely recommend
Bogdan S. - October 21, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Dopest car of all time. It was my first time using the app Caleb was amazing and walked me through everything perfectly!
Daquan H. - November 7, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
It was a pleasure working with Caleb. He is very honest and up front with everything. His car was very clean when I picked it up and it drove very smooth. I did not have one issue with the entire process. I highly recommend working with Caleb, you will not be disappointed!
Randy O. - November 18, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Thank you Daniel for an awesome experience. Really great car, thank you!
Joel S. - October 15, 2018
Genesis G90 2017
Was amazing car! Thing was brand new . The service was even better! Highly encourage this care and owner :))
Steven H. - January 29, 2018
Genesis G90 2017
Awesome guy awesome car. Not only rivals but exceeds the other L luxury sedans from German alternatives. Mohamed was super cool and flexible.
Mike T. - April 11, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Thank you so much...will rent again!!!
Alicia A. - May 12, 2018
Genesis G80 2018
It was a really nice car I actually loved it
Darshan B. - May 27, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Fantastic car, rides like a dream. Perfect for date night! Caleb was very easy to work with and professional. If you're looking for a cool car to impress the ladies, this will do the trick! 😉
Kc D. - August 12, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Caleb is a really nice person, the car was clean and ready when I picked it up, it’s been easy and convenient to deal with Caleb and the whole experience was pleasant.
Qusai A. - August 19, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
An amazing experience with Charles. He is extremely friendly, kind, and flexible. The car is really nice to drive and ride around in. It felt like I was in a spaceship. It was a great experience and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Sam P. - June 9, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Great car; great service from Caleb. Highly recommend.
Michael M. - June 23, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
If you want to enjoy a ride in a smart car this is best for you. Thanks Caleb for your help.
Rajashekhar M. - July 6, 2018
Genesis G80 2017
Très bon rapport qualité prix. Voiture solide.
Amar B. - December 29, 2018
Genesis G90 2018
Easy pickup and dropoff. Enjoyable ride.
Arren F. - October 29, 2018
Genesis G80 2018
The owner was very quick in his responses via Text and Turo messages. Was very accommodating with the time and flexibility (we had a change of time). Vehicle looked great, clean inside and out, easy pickup/dropoff. Overall excellent. I can only recommend it.
Evelyn O. - October 24, 2017
Genesis G80 2017
Thanks again Joseph. I'll definitely check you out when I'm in the Chicago area
Anthony G. - May 3, 2018