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Tesla Model S2015
34 trips
$ 165
per day
The car
Tesla Model S
34 trips
5 seats
5 doors
Rent the incomparable Tesla Model S with Autopilot from the most experienced Tesla rental owner in Atlanta: 36 5-Star ratings! And save $25.00 off your first rental when you sign up with Turo and use my referral code (see link below).

If you've been looking to experience the thrill of driving the Tesla Model S with Auto Pilot then this is the Tesla to rent! This five passenger sport sedan with NexGen front and rear seats and its 329 hp/0-60 in under 6 seconds performance will show you the incredible capabilities of this all electric sedan.

With 14 supercharger stalls in metro Atlanta recharging is fast and free! Charging cords for home (110V) and an adaptor for charging at any public charging station (208V) are included with the rental.

Auto Pilot lets you enjoy the combined features of Autosteer, Auto Lane Changes and Traffic Aware Adaptive Cruise Control (TACC). Only newer Tesla Model S cars (all 2015 cars) offer Auto Pilot.

The perfect weekend get-away or wedding drive-a-way car! Birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions are made for this Tesla. Perfect for film and video production (listed in Oz Georgia Film & Video Guide).

Turo restricts rentals to drivers age 30 and up and classifies the Tesla as a High Value Vehicle and requires a bit more time frame to qualify your rental. Please contact me at 770-880-4133 or by email at georgiaeventures@gmail.com and I will be glad to put a hold the dates you want to rent.

If you are adding a second driver, Turo requires that driver also have a Turo account in good standing and to include the required information for the second driver at the time of booking.

I've earned 5 Star Ratings from all of my renters because I provide you with an excellent rental experience working with you to meet your rental dates and providing indepth Tesla driving education and my Tesla rents for very reasonable rates (half of what Enterprise charges).

Check out my website for more information and important terms and conditions you should know before you rent this wonderful Tesla.

http://gaeventures.com/2015-tesla-model-s/ (cut and paste into your browser).

First time renters who sign up with Turo receive a $25.00 credit using this code:

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Thank you for considering rental of my amazing Tesla Model S!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
  • All electric vehicle- no gasoline
  • Auto Pilot assisted self driving
  • Front trunk or "Frunk" for luggage
  • Slacker Internet Radio w voice control
  • Power cords for home & office charging
  • Super Charger enabled - free everywhere
  • Power driver & passenger seats
  • Traveler can save driver seat settings
  • 60 kWh battery 150-180 mile range
  • Nav System is turn by turn & route view
  • Power lift-gate & fold down seats
  • Chargepoint public charger access card
  • Rain Sense front wipers
  • 17" control screen vehicle controls
  • Child seat anchors
  • Hood & Fenders Body Armor
  • Wheel Rim guards prevent curb rash
Parking details
I request that you park my Tesla in either a garage or secured/gated area and off the street. If you are staying at a hotel where there is a secure garage (valet or paid parking/controlled access) that would be preferred. If you are staying at a hotel that only has open access surface parking. please do your best to park away from other vehicles, and under a parking lot light. You may leave your vehicle at my home if pick up and return is there. Thank you!
Delivery details
Free delivery is made at the Tesla Lenox Store in Buckhead/Atlanta or at my home location in Alpharetta GA. If you would like the Tesla delivered to any other location, the fee is $50.00 for locations up to 15 miles from Alpharetta GA and $75.00 for pick up and return at a location up to 40 miles from Alpharetta.

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport delivery and return for trips less than 3 days is $100.00. Trips 3 days or longer which originate and conclude at Atlanta Airport have free delivery and pick up.
Please do not wash the car before returning it. It has special paint treatment.

Please refrain from eating or drinking in the car (water bottles are OK).

No smoking/vaping of any kind.

No pets.

Additional charge for heavy duty cleaning- $100.00

Additional charge for excess mileage: $1.00/mile, not $.75 Turo charges.

Excess Battery wear fee for trips with a cumulative wh/mile of 400 or more: $100.

Rim guards separate from wheel/damage the rim: $150.00/wheel.
Does the Tesla have a gasoline engine?
No. It is 100% electric. It requires recharging at home, or office, hotel, public charging or Tesla Supercharger.
How do I recharge the Tesla?
At home: use the power cord & 110V adapter to plug into an outlet in your garage. That will recharge at 2-5 miles per hour plugged in. Slow but steady. Public charging - use the PlugShare App to find public charging (hundreds of chargers in Atlanta & Georgia). Use the Level 2 adaptor to mate the public charger to the Tesla. You will get 18-22 miles of range added per hour connected. Most public charging stations have a fee. A Charge Point card is included for use during your rental. Other stations use credit cards. Supercharger- drive to Atlantic Station red level P1 and find 10 chargers. Just plug in & charge up fast- 30-45 minutes. Same at Tesla Decatur store: 4 ports. Nav system will route you to Superchargers & local hotels & restaurants which have Tesla level 2 chargers.
How do I know when to charge?
If your battery range is at 50 miles its time to find a local charger.
What is Auto-Pilot?
Auto-pilot (version 1) combines Adaptive Cruise Control & Auto Steer to create a driver assisted capability. It will keep the Tesla 2-7 car lengths behind, stay in the lane and execute left & right lane changes. It also has Auto Park for parallel parking & Summon to retrieve the Tesla from its parking space. Tesla constantly updates Auto Pilot so ask about the latest features.
What happens if the Tesla has a service issue while I am renting it?
Call me & Tesla Service (number provided) and we will resolve the issue.
What happens if I run the Tesla out of battery?
Call me & Tesla Service to arrange a flat bed tow. You will be charged the cost if the tow plus a $100 service fee.
Can I drive out of state?
Generally no. But there are exceptions. I permit trips to Chattanooga because there is a Super Charger at the airport & that gives North GA travelers a chance to experience Tesla ownership.
Can I let my spouse or friends drive your Tesla during my rental?
Only if they are added to your trip reservation and are approved by Turo which includes setting up a Turo account.
Is there a new Turo customer discount?
Yes! Here is a link to get $25.00 off your first rental with a new account set up. Find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure. Click to get $25 off your first trip. https://turo.com/referral?code=500362r5lf3e
Car location
Atlanta, GA 30326
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Up to 15 miles
Free delivery for trips of 3 days or longer