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Honda CR-Z2011
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The car
Honda CR-Z
37 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Hybrid (Regular)
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The Honda CrZ combines a nimble and sexy form sports car with a very economical muti-mode hybrid. This 2 Seater with tons of trunk space achieves over 40 mpg and yet is extremely fun to drive. Very comfortable and perfect for long trips as well as city jaunts.

***this is a manual transmission vehicle***

The Technical stuff:
Drive—FWD Transmission:
Manual, 6-Spd w/Overdrive
Engine: 4-Cyl, Hybrid, VTEC, 1.5L

Has 3 driving modes: Economic,
Normal, and Sport; with mode and with each mode the color of dashboard changes.

Economic uses full electrical battery power

Normal is for regular driving (a powerful and responsive hybrid mode)

Sport is for quick and fast acceleration-full gas power! (You have to try this--it will blow you away!!!!)

Features Include:
• Hill/Start Assist Control
• Traction Control
• Stability Control
• ABS (4-Wheel)
• Key-less Entry
• Multi-point Security System
w/Engine lock
• Air Conditioning
• Power Windows
• Power Door Locks
• Cruise Control
• Power Steering
• Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel
• AM/FM Stereo
• CD/MP3 Player (Single Disc)
• Crisp 6 Speaker + Sub-woofer Audio
• Bluetooth Wireless Communication
• Dual Air Bags
• Side Air Bags
• Head Curtain Air Bags
• HID Headlamps
• Daytime Running Lights
• Alloy Wheels
• Sport Seats
• Climate Control (Very Cold AC
and Powerful Heat)

This CrZ EX 2D Coupe is in super great condition; runs and drives clean, a VERY fun ride! Tires are in great shape and the car gets frequent oil changes, and complete maintenance check-ups (Records available);

1). If you are requesting the bike rack be sure to let me know at time of reservation.
2). This is a smoke-free vehicle.
3). Though this s part of the Turo term it bears stating very clearly. Additional drivers not cleared by
the Turo platform are NOT allowed to drive. for conditions of rental please refer to

Review from:
"The all-new Honda CR-Z sport hybrid coupe starts with Honda's great little 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine and adds its Integrated Motor Assist technology in the form of a 13-horsepower electric motor powered by an 84-cell pack of nickel-metal hydride batteries under the cargo floor. The CR-Z doesn't feel like a hybrid, especially not with the standard 6-speed manual transmission, and that's either a good thing or bad thing depending on your hybrid point of view. It comes well equipped, including Hill Start Control with the manual transmission. There will doubtless be a ton of aftermarket and performance accessories, because its aerodynamic wedge makes the car so cool looking.

Acceleration to a zingy redline of 6300 rpm is zippy on the CR-Z. The cornering is quick, and the ride and suspension are taut, but with time in the saddle it starts to feel sharp over freeway bumps. As for styling follows Honda Accord design cues, with lovely shoulders, a low hatchback roofline, and chopped tail not unlike the departed and much-loved CRX Si (1983-91), which the CR-Z doesn't pretend to be. Deep lines sweep back and up from the front wheels, creating a sculpted wedge on the side of the car. The headlamps are simple and elegant like the wings of a hawk. The CR-Z is targeted for a young audience, with electronic capabilities galore, and no rear jump seats even though there's room (there's a 2+2 version in Japan). There are jump benches that fold down for storage, however.

A dominant light ring changing colors from green to blue to red depending on how hard you're driving. The dashboard is sculpted to be futuristic, and we wish more design time had been spent on being practical rather than cool. The cloth mesh seats are supportive with good bolstering, and the HID headlamps on the EX are excellent. The CR-Z can be set in Sport, Normal or Econ modes, and you can feel a big difference. It's strong and responsive at 75 mph in Sport mode. Emissions are AT-PZEV, tier 2 bin 2, the cleanest ratings a vehicle with an internal combustion engine can achieve. And it can go 100,000 miles before needing a turbo servicing.

The silver mesh fabric sport seats have a lot of work and thought in them. The bolstering is designed to fit all sizes using support wires like a one-size-fits-all bra or something. They fit us okay. They slide forward and back easily, and ratchet up and down two inches. The EX leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel, and leather-wrapped aluminum shift knob are nice. There's good legroom for the driver including a dead pedal.

Underway, the Honda CR-Z doesn't feel like a gas-electric hybrid, mainly because of the manual transmission. We didn't have the chance to drive a CR-Z with the CVT with 7 ratios and paddle shifters. Zippy might be the best word describe the CR-Z performance. Really zippy. It comes on at 3500 rpm and revs with gusto to 6300 rpm, assisted by 58 pound-feet of torque from the 13-horsepower electric motor. That's not quite what hybrids were made for, to boost acceleration like a turbocharger, but what the heck. It's a sports car. Motor Trend magazine clocked it from 0 to 60 in 8.3 seconds, pretty zippy.

The 6-speed gearbox is tight and good, never mind that it arguably doesn't belong in a hybrid. When you get up to speed, the engine is smooth and quiet, running just 3000 rpm at 73 mph, boosted less by the electric motor at that pace but still getting 36 mpg at that pace. The range with its 10.6-gallon tank is 300-350 miles. It's a six-layer composite tank, reducing evaporative emissions. The CR-Z can be set in Sport, Normal or Econ modes, and you can feel a big difference between them; when you switch modes, driving along at a steady 65 mph, the engine either slumps or surges. It's strong and responsive at 75 mph, in Sport. It makes you want to stay in Sport all the time. It makes you question your values. In Normal mode, the engine keeps running when the MT car is at idle even with all power accessories shut off.

Hill Start Control is nice with a manual transmission. When starting out on a hill, it gives you about three seconds to disengage the clutch, before it drifts backwards.The CR-Z handles well in corners, and is quite responsive. Zippy might describe the handling, too. The tight steering ratio of 12.75:1 makes the CR-V a lot of fun to maneuver.

But the suspension doesn't go easy on you. It follows the rises and dips in the road tightly, which is fine as long as the road is smooth. If it's not, well, at the end of our 280-mile freeway run, we were over it. Dull back pain afterward, a problem we rarely have. It's stable in the wind, even with its light weight, not surprising given the windcutting aerodynamics. The brakes feel good, ventilated disc in front, solid in rear. Honda has managed to take the hybrid feel out of the pedal, still regenerating energy. But we found the ABS quite aggressive; one time we hit the brakes abruptly at about 30 mph in stop-and-go freeway traffic, and the ABS engaged even though we were far from locking them up.

The Honda CR-Z is for those who want an eye-catching, futuristic-looking, high-mpg two-seater hybrid. It has more cargo space than a sports car...Acceleration performance is excellent, particularly with the 6-speed manual transmission...."

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  • EV / Hybrid
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  • Bike rack
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  • Bluetooth
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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
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