Chevrolet Volt2014
2 trips
$ 59
per day
Chevrolet Volt
2 trips
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Weekends: Friday by 6:00 PM, Saturday by 9:00 AM. Must be returned on Sunday evening by 6:00 PM with confirmed pre-arranged pick up time.

Weekdays: by advance appointment only. Please contact me at 770-880-4133 to schedule week day rentals.

Experience the thrill of electric vehicle driving without any concern about range anxiety! My 2014 Chevrolet VOLT is a 5 door/4 passenger compact hatchback that's perfect for running errands, stocking up at Costco or picking up that antique mirror you found. While the EPA electric range is 38, I routinely get 40-47 miles in the summer and 35-40 in the winter. When the battery is depleted a gas range extender comes on seemlessly to take over. That gives you a total of 400 miles of driving range! The VOLT is fun to drive, and soon you'll experience the joys of "regenerative braking" and how stop and go traffic actually puts electricity back into the battery. This VOLT is the Premium model so it has everything: power windows, XM Radio, In-dash turn by turn and on screen map navigation, cruise control, fold down rear seats and removable console for a totally flat cargo space. Level 2 public recharging is easy and a ChargePoint RFID card is provided with your rental. Just download the PlugShare mobile App and you'll be recharging away just about anywhere in metro Atlanta. I will walk you through the VOLT, conduct a brief demonstration drive and you'll be on your way. With the AFV license plate, you can drive in the 75 & 85 HOV lane as a single occupant. PeachPass active for GA 85 Toll lanes.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term trips
Car location
Alpharetta, GA 30005