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Ford Mustang2015
$ 75
per day
The car
Ford Mustang
4 seats
2 doors
Gas (Regular)
22 MPG
This vehicle won't be available for rental until 15 September 2017 I apologize for any inconvenience but the STANG need all new tires can't get them until September 2017 and I didn't realize it until after I posted it on Turo didn't want to delet my post because if I deleted this post it would have been deleted Permanently and I didn't want to do that so again I do apologize for the inconvenience my mistake has caused you This vehicle has a permanent handicap license plate due to me being a disabled veteran but I don't recommend that you park in a disable spot unless someone in the vehicle is disabled this vehicle has been kept in a very clean and new condition inside and out it's fast, comfortable, and sporty to drive it has shifting pedals on the steering wheel if you wanted to drive the vehicle as a stick as well as a automatic it has rear fog defrost and heated and ac seats for your comfort it has a little over 40,000 all highway miles the STANG has a push button start or you can start it with the key this vehicle is a eye catcher for either gender at night the horse of the STANG appears on the ground as you start the vehicle up this symbol of the horse let's you know the STANG is ready to RIDE OUT into the night lol I hope you enjoy the STANG as much as I have so I ask don't be in a hurry to see how fast the STANG can go but instead go the speed limit so you can njoy the smooth ride and have memories to tell about your ride out in the STANG lol
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Heated seats
  • Leather seats
The following isn't allowed in the STANG
Eating (No Foods of any kind)
Drinking (except for water Only)
Any type of kids art(glue, crayons, markers, glitter, clay, ect)

I would appreciate if you honor and respect all that I've asked above concerning what's not allowed in the STANG thanks so much for your time and attention concerning this matter
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Car location
Winter Haven, FL 33881