Kia Optima Rental in Temple Terrace, FL | Turo
Kia Optima2013
4 trips
$ 52
per day
The car
Kia Optima
4 trips
5 seats
4 doors
Gas (Regular)
30 MPG
Sleek, modern, clean and comfortable black Kia Optima sedan with dark tinted windows for privacy and ultimate comfort.

This is the first Kia I've ever owned and I love driving it! The compliments I hear are that it looks like a Lexus or Jaguar. The car is comfortable, handles well, and has a nice little thunderous roar when it accelerates.

But, I can't keep this all to myself, I just have to share this nice car with others!

The interior features understated and elegant beige cloth seating, steering wheel with a variety of controls to set cruise speed or adjust the stereo.

Car is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and power windows. Seating comfortably for 5. Excellent climate controls keep the cabin at desired temperatures and the air conditioning is fast and cold, important for Florida weather. Driver's side seat has variable adjustments for height and comfort.

Large, roomy trunk capacity accommodates several pieces of luggage.
Car equipped with security/anti-theft device controlled by master key fob and includes auto-lock feature after 1 minute.

Car is regularly maintained with oil and filter changes and tire balancing.
SunPass included for tolls.

This car is a pleasure to drive!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • 5 seatbelts
Delivery details
For all airport deliveries, I’ll meet you curbside outside of baggage claim unless you have another preference. Please be sure to look for the car and me, and be at your airline's Arrivals area. TIA prohibits any parking at Arrivals except for loading.
I will need to only know the airline you're flying with so I can pick you up at their Arrival area.
I will need to be dropped off after pick-up to my home on the North East side of Tampa.
No smoking and no smokers please. No pets/animals. Please return the car clean. Please drive responsibly, don't drive while under the influence.

Car will have a full tank of gas. Please return with a full tank and the receipt. I don't expect you to wash the car before returning unless it is excessively dirty. Please take care of the car as if it were your own.

Feel free to send me a message within the times I'm available, I will try to accommodate any situation you have and will work with you to fulfill your needs or arrangement if I possibly can.

Last minute changes cannot be accommodated.

In the event of an emergency, please contact 911 first if medical care is needed, and then contact Turo.

Please remember, this is not a rental car, this is my personal car, and I am not a rental car employee, I am the owner, therefore, mutual respect is expected. Thank you for your consideration.
Since my flight leaves after the time you're available you'll drop me off before then, right?
No, I set my availability times for a reason. Since you need to be at the airport ahead of your flight departure, I recommend you book your flight accordingly to when I am available to drop you off. You may also drop off my car during the times I'm available and arrange for other transportation to the airport. As an example, if your flight leaves at 9:00 AM, and you want to arrive at the airport at 8:00 AM, since I am available from 9:00 AM onward, you will need to book a different time for your departure. Return of my car would need to be at 9:00 AM or after, and in accordance with what you listed on your reservation. As always, you may send me a message in advance and within the times I'm available requesting an exception for any special circumstances and if I can arrange to assist you, with advance notice, I will try.
I have a last minute change of schedule, that's okay, right?
No. Last minute texts and requests cannot be honored. I set my availability for a reason, which currently is 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM 7 days a week. Any last minute requests outside of those times cannot be accommodated.
I booked the pickup and drop off times, but my flight leaves outside of those times, so which one do you go by?
The time you book for your pickup and return is the time that is used. If you set the reservation for the time to return the car at 10:00 AM, then that is the time for the drop off and delivery of the car. If you are needing a ride to the airport, I can then drive you to the airport or you may make other arrangements for transportation to the airport. Please book your airfare accordingly.
What does airport curbside pickup mean?
It means I will pick you up at your airline's Arrival location at the airport at the time you designate on your booking reservation, where you may load your luggage into the car. As soon as you retrieve your luggage, you will need to text or call me to notify me you are at the Arrival area for your airline since there is no extended parking allowed by TIA at Arrivals. I will be nearby and will then drive over to Arrivals to pick you up and load your luggage. Please be ready at curbside at the airline's Arrival area you flew in on and be looking for me and the car. Please note: I will circle 3 times maximum. At which point, if you are not there and I have not heard from you regarding another location, you will need to make other transportation arrangements. If you have another preference, please send an advance message to notify me of another location for pickup and I will try to accommodate that.
I spilled water on your seat, that's okay since it's just water, right?
No. You will need to have the seat or area cleaned before returning the car even if it's just water. Please provide a receipt for the detailing and cleaning, otherwise, it will be reported as damage.
Car location
Temple Terrace, FL 33637
Orlando International Airport
Tampa International Airport
Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport
Saint Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport
Up to 10 miles