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FIAT 500e2013
Battery Electric
2 trips
$ 43
per day
The car
FIAT 500e
Battery Electric
2 trips
4 seats
2 doors
ALL ELECTRIC FIAT 500e, NO GASOLINE!! Unlimited Miles! Very rare car previously only available in California!
It's cool, it's cute, it's tiny, it's eco-friendly! MPGe: 122 city / 108 highway. You can drive about 87 miles on a fully charged battery. If you want to drive more miles in a day, just plan to stop at a charging station and add more electricity to the car.

You should be able to easily drive this car to work and back home, the grocery store, mall, or other nearby local places, and even charge the car while at one of these places, and not have any issues with running low on battery power. But just like a normal car that needs gasoline, this car will need electricity to run.

This well loaded up electric vehicle (EV) features heated leather seats, power windows, mirrors, door locks, remote key fob, a digital high tech smart dash, cigarette adapter port, XM Sirius radio, cold AC, Bluetooth, and much more!

The battery charge time from 5% to 100% full is about 20 hours at 120 volts on a level 1 charger (standard household outlet), and about 3 hours at 240 Volts on a level 2 charger, which is what almost all charge stations use. FIAT uses the industry standard j1772 charge connector that most other EV's also use.

I recommend downloading, in advance to renting to car if possible, an electric vehicle charging station app, such as: "Charge Point", "Charge Hub", and/or "Plug Share" or other similar electric vehicle charge station finder apps on your smart phone to find the many places to charge this car. Most are FREE to sign up with and some offer a FREE access card they send you in the mail, in 3 to 5 days. Some apps also allow NFC to connect to the charge station, if your smart phone has that feature.

Parking garages/ lots, malls, gas stations, hotels, resorts, arena's, convention centers, parks, museums, beaches, city owned properties, grocery stores, pharmacy's, new car dealerships, library's, airports, banks, court houses, and many more places have charging stations.

Do a Google search, use an app or do some advance research to locate the charge stations near you. Most charge stations are FREE to use and many are located in the front row, so you also get the best parking space as an extra bonus.

The charger that comes with the car is more of a supplemental/ emergency use charger as it operates on 120 volts and is a level 1 charger. Meaning it takes a long time to charge the car. The best and fastest way to charge the car is to locate a 240 volt level 2 charger while you are out driving the car. Just pull in and fill up the car with electricity, like you would a normal car that uses gas.

You may need to wait about 1 or 2 hours depending on how much electricity you currently have and how full you want to get the car. So plan trips accordingly by distance and time, and find a nearby charge station when you reach your destination, so you can charge the car while out doing other things.

To use the supplied 120 volt charger, just plug it into your standard household 120 volt wall outlet, make sure all the lights on the charger are GREEN, then plug the charger cable into the car. You will see the car's orange dash lights come on and they will blink and turn solid as the car gets more charged up. If the lights are RED on the charger, then try another outlet, as that outlet may not have enough amperage available to properly charge the car.

It is safe to leave the charger plugged in all night/ day long, as it will automatically stop charging once it reaches 100%. Think of it sort of like charging your mobile phone, ha. The digital dash cluster displays the percentage of battery charge left in the car, as well as an estimate of how many miles you can still drive on that charge. So just like keeping an eye on your fuel gauge, keep on eye on the charge % and mileage range gauge.

DO NOT LET THE BATTERY RUN DOWN TO 0%, or the car will have no power, and it will stop moving, and have to be towed. It is the same to run an electric car out of electricity as to run a gasoline car out of gas.

The 240 volt level 2 charger from any of the 100's of charging stations around St Pete and Tampa Bay, and other major cities, can charge it to full while you do some shopping or have a nice meal. Most of these charge stations are FREE to charge your car with too!

Please contact me with any questions about how to charge, finding charging stations, or using this all electric car. It's sort of like driving a street legal, luxury, hi-tech golf cart, haha.

The front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 3-door hatchback car has an automatic ‎1-speed direct drive transmission where you just push a button for Park, Reverse, or Drive. There's room for 2 large adults in the front seats and 2 small adults/ kids in the rear seats.

Zero to 60 mph‎ in about ‎8.4 seconds and a top speed limited to 88 mph, gives you all the peppiness you need from a zippy lil sub-compact car like this.

The permanent-magnet AC synchronous electric motor produces 111 hp, 147 lb-ft with it's 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The 500e is a bit quicker, smoother, and much quieter than the gas-powered 500.

If this is your first time using Turo, first create your account with this link for a $25 driving credit:


1. Create a TURO account using this link:
2. Get pre-approved to drive by uploading a photo of your driver’s license and credit card info on Turo.
3. Wait for an approval from TURO, or if you have questions or need quick approval, CALL TURO SUPPORT @ 1-866-735-2901.
4. Click on "Rent This Car/ Book Instantly" and follow the instructions.

Please follow these rules as this is my personal vehicle, not a corporate fleet rental:

1) Take pictures showing; charge level, mileage, and interior and exterior condition before and after your trip. Add photos to trip photos in the app.
2) Return the vehicle clean.
3) NO SMOKING or pets allowed in the vehicle. ($250 cleaning fee may apply)
4) Please do not eat or drink in the vehicle.
5) Return the car by the due DATE and TIME. (Turo charges $50/hr late return fee)
6) If you want to extend your rental, do this on your Turo dashboard. This must be completed before the vehicle is due to be returned. The app will contact me to approve the extended rental.
7) Any questions contact me or Turo Support.
8) Have fun and enjoy the vehicle!

Please have a friend bring you or take an UBER to my house in Ruskin, FL as this is the easiest and most economical way for us to meet and hand-off the keys.

Once the vehicle is returned, if there are any additional fees due, such as; tolls, tickets, mileage overages, late return fees, cleaning fees, or damage to the car, then Turo will message you with the amount due.

To avoid these miscellaneous fees basically return the vehicle the same as when you received it. Stay within the allowed miles, avoid tolls and tickets (if possible), make sure the vehicle is clean inside and out, on time when returning it, and damage free.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
Delivery details
My house; 610 11th St SW, Ruskin, FL 33570 / Tampa Bay Area

Chad M. - Text 317-506-7378

Please have a friend bring you or take an UBER to my house in Ruskin, FL as this is the easiest and most economical way for us to meet and hand-off the keys.
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Car location
Ruskin, FL 33570