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Tesla Model S 2015

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4 doors
5 seats

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Sweeten the deal! Get your $25 credit before you sign up and reserve: Experience driving a Tesla for yourself, family and friends. Turo is the perfect place for you to have an unsupervised extended test drive, to see for yourself. Clean dream car with new car smell. Electric vehicle with 85kW Battery. This is not a hybrid; it does not use any gas. Rated range is about 240miles on a full charge. Tesla Supercharger network access is included. Traveler should have had prior Tesla driving experience. *Contact with any questions before booking* 21" Grey Turbine Wheels. Panoramic Sunroof. Tan leather seats. Tech package with AutoPilot, autoparking and summon feature. Mobile charger in trunk. Generic Level2 charge adapter in glove box allows the use of dozens of mostly free chargers.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
Audio input
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
TuneIn+Slacker Streaming Radio
Front Trunk
Park Assist Chimes
Built-in Navigation
FREE Tesla SuperCharging privileges


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.


DOs: ---- - For Personal use only. - please Handwash only, IF you really need to, but not required for return. I will wash exterior for free upon return. No Automated carwashes. Interior and excessive dirt will be billed. - Child car seats OK, IF they do not damage the seats. - Out of state travel OK, please notify in advance. - Contact me immediately in case of an accident or discovery of damages incurred. Take plenty of pictures. Please obtain police report. - Plan ahead to where you are going to make sure you have enough charge to make it to a charging station for the return trip, if needed. DON'Ts: ------- - Absolutely NO Business use. No illegal activities. - No Transportation/Rideshare/limo/sublease services. - Don't leave vehicle sitting at the super charger after it's fully charged. Tesla enforces idle-fees. Those incurred idle fees/penalties will be billed to you. - No Racing activity of any kind. - No towing activities - No household moving activity. Vehicle GPS and speed are tracked at all times. - No Smoking. No e-cigarettes. - No Pets. - PLEASE no food or drinks inside. Cleaning fee applies to remove spillage, vomit, bodily fluids, as they are considered negligent damages and will be billed accordingly. Responsibilities and Fees: -------------------------- - Driver responsible for damages, including damages caused by passengers and negligent care of the vehicle, such as, but not limited to: tire damages, rim damages/curb rash, paint damage, parking near shopping carts, use of car seats or booster seats without protective layer, flooding. - Driver responsible for fines incurred due to violations: speeding, parking, toll violations, moving violations, safety violations, towing, impound and any financial and legal burden incurred while in rental period. - Return car in clean interior condition: No automatic car wash, professional detailers(No chemicals inside or leather treatments allowed, outside wash only) or hand washed OK. Exterior wash is NOT required. I will wash the exterior, vacuum and detail inside, for free, if normal use occured. - Return car with at least minimal charge (30miles). It does not need to match initial charge level. Don’t stress, but returning the vehicle in a lower charge state can ruin the battery pack and require replacement. Replacement cost is responsiblity of the renter, as it is considered intentional misuse. Call, if you think you may get stranded or can't find a place to charge in time. - Lost KeyFob replacement fee $500. - Lost Tesla brand CHAdeMO adapter replacement fee $700 (if provided). - Lost Tesla mobile connector bundle replacement fee $700 (if provided) - Lost J1772 adapter $150 (if provided)


  • Are you flexible with extra mileage or a late return?
    Yes, I am willing to work with you. Please let me know ahead of time, if your circumstances cause you to be late or if you are over the allotted the mileage.
  • How far can I go on a full charge? How long does charging take and where can I charge?
    You can expect to go about 200 miles on a full charge. I have free supercharging privileges, that means if you are going on a road trip, enter the destination in the nav screen and it will route you through super chargers along the way. You can charge at 110V outlets (takes 3 days for full charge), 240V outlet (NEMA14-50) (takes 8 hours to fully charge) and at any Level 2 charging stations (takes about 10-12 hours to fully charge), the adapter for those is i nthe bag with the charging cables. You should also download the PlugShare app to find the charging stations closest to you. Filter for NEMA14-50, Tesla HPWC, Supercharging and EV-Plug.


10 ratings

Really good car and Saddam was a fantastic host. He was really helpful all throughout our trip and very knowledgeable about the car and every question we had. Would 100% rent it again👍🏽

Sandra A.-25 nov. 2018

Saddam was a fantastic owner to work with. The experience with his Tesla Model S was 10 out of 10. The car was amazing and Saddam was very knowledgeable about the Tesla technology. Looking forward to an "unsupervised test drive" of his Model X. Thanks again!

KC P.-11 mars 2018

Saddam was an amazing host. He went above and beyond on making sure our experience with his Tesla S was an excellent one. His responses to our questions were very thorough and quick which made our stay in Florida very smooth. Will definitely be calling him again when traveling to Florida. Contact him if you never driven a Tesla , you won’t regret it.

Anton W.-11 févr. 2018

Have rented from Saddam several times now and him and his Teslas are always great. You owe it to yourself to rent one of these cars if you've never driven one!

Ben H.-12 janv. 2018


Ben H.-24 oct. 2017

Car Location
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Up to 20 miles
Free delivery to select locations for trips of 3 days or longer