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FIAT 500 2015
He was so easy going and very helpful. Super awesome. Anyone want to test drive a Fiat before you buy check out Dennis’s Fiat. Super cute, clean and runs great. Thanks so much Dennis
Jongma M. - September 29, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
This was the best car rental ever !!
Leah A. - April 2, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
I will rent this Fiat again, it’s reliable and great on gas...
Diane O. - July 4, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
We loved the Gucci Fiat! Not only was it fun to drive a Fiat around Southern California but a luxury edition at that! Gagik had stellar communication, his selection of cars was fantastic and zero issues with anything else. It was our first time using Turo and I wish Gagik was in every city!
Austin M. - March 13, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
Angela is pleasure to work with I hope she let me rent her Fiat all the time
May K. - December 12, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
Super guy to rent a car from. Went above an beyond to make this a pleasant first Turo experience.
Melissa B. - April 19, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
Always a pleasure to rent this Fiat. And always a pleasure to rent from Charandev. Highly recommended.
Shane C. - May 10, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
Easiest car rental ever! Fun little car!
Urosh T. - December 17, 2017
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Seamless Car rental experience and extremely convenient.
Gregg L. - February 26, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
Such a great way to rent a car. Wilber was great and I highly recommend his cars and service! I may never rent a car any other way again :)
Gregory K. - March 15, 2019
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Effortless. Easiest car rental ever. And sweet ride.
Andy S. - October 24, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
Best Car Rental In La Hands Down !! Thanks Charandev
Ian S. - October 2, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
We rented the Fiat 500 from Omar for our wedding day. Our theme was Tuscan Spring and we wanted to carry our theme to include our transportation. Omar made our dreams come true! The Fiat 500 was the cherry on top of our wedding day and THE STAR of our wedding photos! We drove together to our wedding and arrived in style! Everyone loved it! If you are looking for a little taste of Italy in your life, rent this car. If you are looking for something unique and fun, rent this car. If you are looking for THE PERFECT photography prop, rent this car. The car is clean and in perfect condition and very reliable. Omar was there to communicate with us and responsive whenever we had a question or needed to make a change. We actually miss the car and would DEFINATELY rent the Fiat again. Omar, Jeff and I owe you a million thanks for fulfilling our need and satisfying our dream. You helped make our wedding day special. THANK YOU!!! XO Vanessa & Jeff
Vanessa B. - May 9, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Chris was very responsive and helpful! Pickup and dropoff were a breeze. The car is in great condition and really fun to drive. I definitely will rent this Fiat again!
Yolanda B. - May 6, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
Great car, Chad was great! Would definitely rent a car from him again.
Josue P. - January 19, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
My car rental went very well. Very good communication with Solomon and great flexibility. Yo recommend +++++++
Clement H. - April 3, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
Super cute car! Great rental !
Alex R. - June 30, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
This was the perfect vehicle to suit me and my trip! NJ Car Rental made my experience great by being very through in communication, and providing helpful tips for navigating through the airport! Loved the vehicle, very clean and fun to drive and explore the city in! Would certainly book again when traveling!
Toni B. - May 6, 2019
FIAT 500 2015
This was an easy and convenient way to rent a car!
Deana H. - July 1, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
Such an easy and cool way to rent a car in Maui. The cute little Fiat 500 with a push button convertible roof was awesome. And really good gas mileage too. No waiting to check in at car rental agency, the car was just waiting for us to arrive. Another good thing the locals told us, this car does not look like a rental car so we were less likely to get broken in to. So easy to park, fits anywhere, and looks like a little Skittle. "Taste the rainbow" is my theme for Shawns little car, thank you.
Tina D. - January 6, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
It was awesome being able to rent 2 of her fiats. She was very quick to respond to my messages and very accommodating. Was glad she had small cars to be able to zip around town in while here for the holiday. Being able to rent her fiat also helped me decide to purchase one in the near future. Will definitely rent from again when in town and in need of a car. She’s such a sweet person! It was better than renting from hertz or enterprise.
Karlesia J. - November 28, 2018
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Great guy, great car. Easy rental. Thanks!
Ryan C. - July 28, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
This was the most amazing car rental experience. They went above and beyond for me. I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you again!
Ashley J. - January 15, 2019
FIAT 500 2017
Nice car and Erick was so friendly and nice. I really recommend to go rent a car with Erick.
Nicolau S. - February 6, 2018
FIAT 500 2014
One of if not the best own on Turo. My first stop to rent a car in the Austin area.
Edward H. - March 15, 2018
FIAT 500 2016
Erin was so accommodating. Super communicative and flexible. Also, She builds beautiful tiny-houses (very much our future way of living) do check out the house model when you come to her site to rent the Fiat. What a cute car to run around town, efficient, quite spacious for a tiny car!
An A. - February 20, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
Flew in from the east coast to Santa Barbara and the car was waiting, ready to go. It was a fun car for driving around the Southern California roads. I made an adjustment to the drop off location and it was not a problem for Raul. Definitely will rent the Fiat with Raul the next time I'm in Santa Barbara.
Andrea S. - October 23, 2018
FIAT 500L 2014
I had the best experience with Patrick, and I will always rent a car from him and I suggest the same to my family members, friends and colleagues.
Ararat K. - February 2, 2019
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
This was my second time renting from LUSO; great cars, great communication, and way more convenient (and affordable) than a traditional car rental. Two thumbs up.
Tanner C. - April 8, 2018
FIAT 500e 2017
Very nice car with car pool sticker. John is a great guy who is willing to make the car rental experience as comfortable as possible.
Faraj K. - May 12, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
My first experience with Turo was fantastic. Charley is very accommodating and communicative not to mention friendly. The car was also a blast. Best car rental hands down.
Jens M. - September 25, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
This was my first time using Turo. The car was cute although a little worn, but for the price it was great. It was a little confusing whether I was renting from an individual or a car rental company, as I picked up and dropped off the car at a Payless lot a short shuttle drive from the airport. Marcos was always good about responding to questions and he was very prompt and friendly. I’ve Talk a good experience snd would def use this service again.
Tina W. - April 29, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Patrick is always a pleasure to work with when renting a car. And I LOVE the little Fiat! After driving trucks and SUVs, parking this thing is almost my favorite part, it fits into the smallest spaces and turns on a dime. Love it!
Jesse W. - December 5, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
Chad is a very nice and friendly person, I suggest you to rent a car from him you will not be disappointed. This little semi-convertible was the best option for an extended weekend on the Pacific Coast Highway. I don’t remember another type of rental car to put a smile on my face like this Abarth. The car was very clean and in perfect condition at the time I requested for pickup, obviously the owner takes care of it. I will definitely rent again this car.
Costin M. - April 18, 2019
FIAT 500e 2015
Loved the car !! The owners were so sweet ! I would recommend them to anyone looking to rent a car while in Los Angeles!
Michaela C. - January 29, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
Fun little car. Aleksey was super responsive and easy to work with. I would rent a car from Aleksey again. Highly recommend!
Aleksandr T. - June 10, 2018
FIAT 500 2017
It was fun to rent a car different than a normal rental car. The door to door, baggage claim, drop-off service is a nice extra they offer.
Fletcher B. - June 26, 2018
FIAT 500 2012
First time using Turo to rent a car and was an excellent experience. Juan is very friendly and helpful during my maiden voyage.
Jim K. - August 30, 2018
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Roland was absolutely terrific! He made the whole process absolutely seamless! If you're going to rent a car on Turo, at least give Roland's car a shot!
Mehmet A. - October 20, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
Nice compact car 🚗! So fun driving this around Orlando. Super convenient to park and very fuel efficient!! Katerina is a great host that responds within minutes. A great car rental experience.
Nancy L. - January 6, 2019
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
FIAT Spider was amazing. Handles like a dream, very fast, and looks so cool. Lux Automotives was extremely helping with checking in and checking out, also when I needed to extend my trip they were more than flexible. Lux Automotives will definitely will be my exclusive car rental service when I’m in LA.
Jonathan B. - April 16, 2018
FIAT 500e 2016
Ty and his electric Fiat were great from start to finish. My electric Ford was in the shop for about a month and the Fiat worked perfectly for me. Pick up and return was hassle free and I would recommend Ty to anyone looking to rent a car at a great price.
Manny M. - November 14, 2018
FIAT 500 2017
This was my first booking with Turo and I thought I would take advantage of driving in LA with a smaller and compact vehicle like this Fiat. It was easy to maneuver around the city, freeway and parking and I felt confident. However, the only downside was that I found that the white cloth seats were heavily stained on both the driver and passenger seat. Pick Up: There was a series of steps to pick up the car. You have to upload a pic of your DL and then one with the DL and a selfie of you and then upon arrival of the car, altogether with the license plate of the car. Note that if you arrive from LAX, you have to take a free Metro shuttle out on the curb that arrives every 20 minutes and takes you to a station a couple of miles away where the car is located down the block. If you're at Southwest like I am, you have to wait for the shuttle to stop at every Terminal 1 thru 9 then to a few more bus stops before you get to a station. Anticipate that you won't get to the car for check in for another 15 minutes. Drop-Off: This is where I got frustrated with the shuttle. I had an evening flight and I was already close to arriving late because of the traffic. I was so worried about making it to the airport that I didn't have time to refuel the tank. I only used one knotch of gas. I just made sure I parked the car where I found it and ran over to the shuttle. Behold to find out that the shuttle was running 35 minutes late. I had only 20 minutes until my boarding time. By the time the shuttle came, (thankfully I was at the first terminal) I had to bolt for TSA and bolt across the airport to my gate when it started to already board. I don't ever want to do that again. Gas: I had a bit of miscommunication with Erick in regards to refueling the gas, but after explaining my situation with Erick, he said that he could refuel the tank for me and reimburse me. At least with this, its not an extra cost like a rental car company where they charge you way more.
Crystal H. - March 26, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
Such a fun car. Loved driving it. Used the Fiat while searching for a new car to purchase. The rental price was great and Nolan was really easy peasy and flexible when I changed my reservation dates. First time using TURO so I Really appreciated it and had a great experience.
Rebecca B. - April 17, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
A great option if you are tired of renting boring sedans. Especially if you live near a metro stop. The car is one block from Van Ness/UDC station.
STEVEN N. - April 23, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Raul is a great host he made my first time using Turo very smooth, and the car is really cool. The Gucci edition Fiat definitely grabs people’s attention, and gets you noticed. The car was super clean at the time of pickup and is a smooth simple drive. I will definitely look to Raul to rent his vehicles next time I’m in the LA area.
Vikramjit A. - April 25, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Oh goodness, what a fun car! It ran great, and had the option of automatic or manual shifting. Communication was awesome!!!! Ekaterina was super to work with. She dropped off the car for me at baggage claim, and I returned to the airport garage for her. Take a look around the FIAT interior, because the window control is in the center, vs. in the door. This car is (forgive me) ADORABLE. I have always wanted to drive one, and I was so glad to get the opportunity in Orlando. I would definitely rent from Ekaterina next time I am in Orlando.
Keli T. - May 1, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
This was a great car and a super easy to work with owner. I would highly recommend renting the FIAT from her! The car was clean and Ekaterina was flexible with my drop off and pick up time according to my flight schedule. I would love to drive this car on every trip to Orlando to visit my sister.
Jody B. - May 8, 2019
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Amazing host! Hanxiang took very good care of us and was extremely prompt with communication. Both his Fiat Spider and Acura SUV were in perfect condition and very fun to drive. Thanks again!
Jordan S. - May 9, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Hayden was one of the best folks we had the pleasure of meeting on this trip. He was incredibly kind and very helpful, suggesting great areas to explore on our vacation. Just an all around real cool guy 10/10. As for the car, it was an absolute dream to drive. I have a new love for Fiat's now, though I'm sure a normal 500 wouldn't even come close to comparing to the raw power that this little Abarth has. Exhaust sounds like a racecar, with the throaty hum you would expect from a V8. How this thing sounds like a monster whole boasting a little 1.4 liter 4 cylinder, now that is beyond me. Hayden was quick to explain the sport feature that comes stock on this car, as well as the engine tuning mod that he installed. This thing is FAST. The five speed manual transmission is the only way to go, and this one shifts smooth as butter. I really couldnt recommend this Abarth OR Hayden any more highly! We will certainly be renting from him again!
Jordan R. - May 10, 2019
FIAT 500 2017
A perfect 5⭐️ Turo experience! Erick was super responsive and accommodating for us, and pickup/drop off was a breeze and only took a few mins! The little Fiat is also in perfect shape, low mileage, and a really fun and comfortable car. I will definitely rent from Erick again, especially after getting financially raped by Thrifty and Budget from the airport.. Highly recommend Erick, thank you!!
Alessandro S. - May 8, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
It was my first time with Turo and I think I couldn't have booked any better. The owner: Nick was awesome, easy-going, communicative and punctual. He made the whole experience really easy for me. Next time I'm in LA, this is the listing I will be going for. Efortless rental. The car: Absolutely no problems with the car, everything ran really smoothly. Clean and reliable. The size of the Fiat 500 is perfect for easy parking anywhere. I also used it a bit with the roof down, which was a great experience.
Krzysztof B. - May 11, 2019
FIAT 500 2015
David is amazing! From pick-up to drop off everything was really awesome! The Fiat was the perfect car to have on the Maui roads. I can’t speak highly enough of David and his cars! If you are coming to Maui don’t rent a car with a rental company. Rent from David!!! We will be renting from him again and every time we come Maui! Mahalo! 🌺
Tara B. - January 31, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Couldn’t have asked for a better person to rent a car from. Evgeny was so nice. Communication was great and car was perfect for a weekend trip! Definitely will rent from him again!
Matthew D. - November 19, 2018
FIAT 500 2017
As first-time travellers to Hawaii and drivers outside of Canada, we can’t say enough great things about Emily’s car rental. We rented the Fiat for 8 days and got the car in excellent shape (very clean and in good condition). Emily provided us with instant travel tips and suggestions on where to go/things to do. She also showed tremendous flexibility for pickup and drop off. We would highly recommend renting Emily’s Fiat to anyone visiting Maui. Mahalo! 🌺
Avina D. - May 22, 2018
FIAT 500 2016
We had a wonderful experience renting from Hoda. She greeted us at the airport with cold bottles of water, recommendations printed out for restaurants, as well as a pamphlet and book about area attractions. Anytime we called, she was prompt in answering, She always showed concern about whether we were enjoying our trip to Tampa or not. It may have started off as a business relationship, but it quickly developed into a friendship. I would highly recommend using Hoda's car rental services. An added bonus was how much we enjoyed the comments about her tomato red Fiat. Ralph & Verlin McCulley
Ralph M. - February 15, 2019
FIAT 500e 2013
This was the best, easiest, and most convenient car rental I have ever had. Regi and his crew made my trip easy and simple. I will always rent from him when I return to Vegas. Regi and his team picked me up at the airport as soon I got there and dropped me off right when I wanted to get back. Pickup and return could not have gone smoother. The car was clean, fully charged and easy to use. . I would recommend Regi to anyone looking to rent a car in Vegas.
Herbert A. - March 19, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
I’ve never traveled alone and had to rent a car. This ended all my insecurities about “what ifs” that could happen. I’m 67 and my daughter also could access the app to verify if I was on track. Great experience, attended a long time friends family reunion and told everyone about it and they couldn’t believe I was driving such a cute car. Loved the Fiat!!!
Deborah P. - November 26, 2017
FIAT 500 2012
Elizabeth was great, gentle, punctual, and communicative. This was my first Turo experience and I am very satisfied. I recommend everybody to rent a car from Elizabeth, she has many good choices. Driving the 500 is fun!
Umberto N. - June 6, 2018
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Joseph had the car in excellent shape, clean and full tank. It helps that the car was so incredibly fun. Next time I’m looking to rent a car in San Diego, I’ll be looking up Joseph again.
Tom C. - August 17, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
First time renting on Turo and we had a great experience with Raul and his Fiat. He met us at the curb at LAX as soon as we came out, spent a few minutes going over the car's features, and we were off. The car drives great and is light on gas, perfect for getting around town, and with the back seats down we had room for 1 large checked bag, 2 carry-ons, and a backpack. On the return we met Raul at the curb again (he was already there waiting for us), took a couple minutes to make sure everything was good, and that was that. Fantastic experience and no charge for pickup/drop-off. Couldn't be easier, and beats dealing with a car rental agency! Highly recommend renting from Raul.
Armin G. - February 7, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
The answer is YES. Get this car. This lil bad baby got me from California to South Carolina and back! Absolutely NO issues. Nick is a cool guy, super willing to be accommodating. I extended my trip and he didn’t have an issue with it. Any time I need to rent a car again I’m definitely choosing his. Thanks again nick!!(:
Karolynna M. - November 24, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
Pickup was painless and super convenience. My flight was delayed for about 30 minutes and I had no way of communicating this to Rozina. Right when I got out the airport she arrived within minutes, as she was already patiently waiting for me down the street. Also, I needed to extend the car for a bit and she was super flexible. She ended up giving me an address to park the car and leave the keys. Advantage Rent-a-car was across the street so I could have taken their shuttle but opted out and took a short Lyft ride instead. I would definitely recommend and rent again.
Raeann Y. - March 12, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
The car rental experience was wonderful! Rozina was polite and made all of the arrangements happen without a single hiccup. At the end of the trip, I accidentally left my backpack in the back of their car and they were able to go out of their way to drop it off. Super nice of them to help me out. =) -Matthew
Matthew S. - January 15, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
I just completed my first Turo car rental and I couldn’t be more pleased. My late night flight was delayed, and this wonderful couple adjusted quickly. The car was just what I needed and drop off at the airport was so, so easy. I will absolutely look here first the next time I come to Phoenix!
Mike E. - March 8, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
What a buttery smooth car rental experience. From 1st contact thru the handoff of the keys curbside at the airport, Raul and Issac made my SoCal experience just lovely. Top it all off, the convertible top and compact size of the car made it the perfect city car - can't wait to rent again
Bethany E. - July 16, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
Jack is by far the most professional and Courteous host I have ever met and he made my car rental experience one I will never forget I will definitely be a returning customer it was great working with him thank you
Alan A. - September 18, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
Last minute I changed my trip, Joan called me right away and helped me with the details. This was my first turo trip & I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a regular car rental! Not to mention this little beast of a car was SO great! Looooved it!
Crystal T. - October 17, 2018
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Wonderful experience! Dan was a pleasure to work with, made pickup and drop off very convenient and straight forward. Hands down the best car rental experience I've had! And the car - what a car! The perfect match for NM mountain roads.
David K. - October 4, 2018
FIAT 500 2015
First time Turo user and I had a very good experience with Lilian. She was very flexible with our timing. Lilian offered me a very good deal to avoid extra-charges due to extra mileage. She is very sweet and amazing to rent a car from. 6 stars
Ramin F. - June 1, 2018
FIAT 500e 2015
Really good experience in Turo. John and his wife provided a fantastic experience to use the car. We had a good conversation, the car was new and in very good condition,easy to drive. This was the easiest time when I try to rent a car!
Zihe W. - December 21, 2017
FIAT 500 2012
Naomi is really kind and make everything to make the pick up and the drop off smooth as possible and convenient for the guest. I rent a car at 1:30pm and dropped off the car at 11:30pm. Great experience! :)
Najet A. - August 12, 2018
FIAT 500 2013
I booked Kevin’s Fiat only about 5 hours in advance. Texted him to make sure he would be available, and he responded quickly. Would definitely rent Kevin’s car again.
Nicholas G. - July 16, 2018
FIAT 500L 2017
Tony’s Fiat was the nicest car I’ve ever rented. Drives great, great visibility, and extremely clean.
Mark R. - February 18, 2019
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
I rented Eric’s 124 Fiat spider with manual 6 speed transmission. Wonderfully precise shifting and lots of fun. Sadly, unable to put the top down as raining all weekend. Car was clean and in great shape. Just Remember you need to know how to drive hills with a manual transmission. Convenient parking brake and excellent precision with the clutch and the shift make hills easy. Highly recommend any time but best when the weather is nice so that you can put down the convertible top. May rent again as lots of fun to drive
T W. - February 18, 2019
FIAT 500 2017
I enjoyed Fiat very much. Good car to drive and park in and around LA and cruising the PCH. Erick and his team were prompted, reliable, and very sincere in my communications with them. The pick up/drop off was a breeze. I had a couple of time changes due to flight and the responses were quick to accommodate them. I’ll definitely rent through Erick and his team again! Thanks!
Salon G. - February 21, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
Everything was perfect, having a tiny convertible to roll around on Maui was perfect! Top down, Hawaiian breeze and Hawaiian radio was the prefect rental car!! Skip the mustang and get the Fiat!!
Brittany R. - February 28, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
Allen was awesome. We had issues with traffic grabbing the car and dropping off and he was accommodating and nice. The fiat was really fun to drive. Definitely check Allen out if you need a rental with amazing gas mileage!
Zachary J. - February 17, 2019
FIAT 500 2015
Had an amazing trip in Michael’s Fiat. Such a cool car, and is great on gas. Will definitely rent again.
Sierra S. - February 19, 2019
FIAT 500e 2013
Everything went very smoothly and Burri was helpful and professional, good rates and I would definitely rent from them again...The only tip I’d suggest for the renter is to take into consideration how long it takes to charge the electric Fiat and how long it DOES NOT hold a charge. Spent more time than I wanted worrying about the car battery on my vacation.
Diana L. - March 4, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
Elizabeth’s Fiat is a fun little car and great if you plan to do some longer distance driving as the gas mileage is great. She made the process efficient, easy, and she was very sweet. I was greeted by her and her family. I would definitely recommend renting from Elizabeth!!
Justin H. - March 7, 2019
FIAT 124 Spider 2017
Eric provided me with the best experience at Turo. My girlfriend and I used his fantastic Fiat Spyder to travel around San Francisco and the bay area. He had a great communication with us all the time, was at pickup and dropoff. We would definitely rent his car again and recommend others to do it. His convertible is very enjoyable, specially if the sun is out.
Martin G. - March 12, 2019
FIAT 500e 2013
Regi abd his assistant were great. Will definately rent from him again. The Fiat E was a fun car to drive. The perfect car if you're staying around the city and don't want keep calling an uber.
Julio R. - March 20, 2019
FIAT 500L 2014
Patrick was very professional and easy to communicate with. The pick-up location was close to Burbank airport and easy to get to/from. His Fiat was a great zippy car to rent for a road trip to Disneyland and San Diego. I would rent from Patrick again.
Catherine F. - April 13, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
Having Nojan deliver the car was a huge time saver for me and he was prompt and friendly. His car is so great to drive and I would not hesitate to rent his zippy fun Fiat again. I had a great day running errands in it.
Amy P. - April 2, 2019
FIAT 500 2015
Had a great ride in this compact Fiat 500. It is ideal for the Montreal traffic and parking infrastructure. Will surely rent again when the need comes up. Valter has maintained the car very well too.
Joseph M. - March 31, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
I rented a Fiat convertible from Burri, and it was awesome. I would rent from him again! I highly recommend his rental cars/service. Burri is a great person - professional, kind, and handles this type of business extremely well.
Caroline M. - April 8, 2019
FIAT 500 2015
Jae was great. Super quick to respond and nice in person and went over the car details and even asked if there was anything else I needed to make my rental more comfy. I didnt, there was a usb charger, aux cord adaptability, and even wipes for me. My rental started with a full tank of gas and clean car. The fiat is of course super cute, but it was also very clean. Thank you!
Christina G. - April 9, 2019
FIAT 500 2013
Hayden's Fiat checked all the boxes for me. It was good looking, fast, sporty, fun and had a manual transmission. All this for a price that was less than almost every other car listed! I couldn't believe it! Hayden himself was always kind, accommodating and flexible. I wouldn't hesitate to rent any of Hayden's cars again.
Alexander E. - April 6, 2019
FIAT 500 2012
It was incredible trip and amazing experience with Fiat Gucci and Luigi. The car in good condition, it was pretty comfortable for my 2,5 yr son, me and my husband. Luigi is very friendly and nice person, it was a pleasure to communicate with him. Thank you.
Anna P. - April 18, 2019