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Audi A41998
42 trips
$ 32
per day
The car
Audi A4
42 trips
The Audi A4 Quatro is a joy to drive through the mountains. The MANUAL* shift allows you to climb with power, hug the curves, and use the lower gears to descend with safety with minimal braking . Even though it has low clearance, you can still manage roads that aren't classified as off-road vehicles only.
Because it is an Audi, you will still look good and feel proud as a city driver.
PLEASE REMEMBER. I expect you to return it as clean as it was when you rented it and with as much gas as was in it. If you prefer, you can leave $15 for cleaning when you drop off the car.
Sun roof allows you to get plenty of our Colorado fresh air and enjoy our famous blue skies.
(*NOTE: Manual shift means that you need to know how to use a clutch for 5 gears and reverse. If you don't know how to do this, rent a different car!)

If you are not familiar with the A4:
The trunk is serviceable, but if you have many. large pieces of luggage and a family of 4, you might want to think about reducing the amount you pack.
The back seat is a 40/60 split (difficult to see in the photo of the trunk) that accommodates long items or more luggage if only 3 people are traveling.
Paula's Audi does NOT have a ski pack in the center of the back seat.

Remember this is a 1998 with 100,000+ miles! But, it is in very good condition and you won't be ashamed. The A4s looked the same for decades!
For a while, we had a starting problem as noted by one of the renters. $900 later, and you should not have any problems!! Now, $2,000 later we have new tie rods, ball joints, and tie rods. You will have a SMOOTH ride. Also, I think the reviewer who was worried about the brakes was a flatlander who did not know he should downshift and not try to ride the Rockies in 5th gear.
You will need to get transportation to the pick-up location, which is about 30 miles from the Denver airport and very convenient to downtown,. Let me know where you are, and I can give you estimated costs and directions for Shuttle, taxi, and RTD.
We might be able to offer local pick up and drop off or return to DIA. We do not offer DIA pickup.
  • Manual transmission
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
Car location
Denver, CO 80203