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Nissan 350Z2005
14 trips
$ 68
per day
The car
Nissan 350Z
14 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
20 MPG
Enjoy the blue skies and white peaked mountains of Colorado without a roof blocking the magnificent views. The power and comfort of my Nissan 350Z convertible with 6-speed manual transmission will enhance your appreciation of the amazing things Colorado has to offer.

My 350Z convertible has a power convertible top and a 6-speed manual transmission. The 3.5 liter V6 engine has plenty of power to climb paved mountain passes. The heated leather seats are power adjustable and very comfortable. The stereo offers an auxiliary input jack as well as USB or SD card so you can bring your own music with you.

This is a great touring car for two people to take day trips, but if you need to bring luggage please look closely at the pictures to see what will fit and read below for the dimensions of the suitcases used. Anything more than 2 small carry on suitcases (that easily fit in the overhead bin of a plane) OR 1 large checked bag and you will have issues. I couldn't fit a backpack next to the luggage because the books in it hit the trunk lid. If you are traveling with extra luggage consider getting settled at your base location and arranging to use the 350Z convertible for your site seeing excursions.

My airport delivery fee may seem high but if you'll be renting for several days and consider the taxes and fees added to a traditional rental, I think you'll find the 350Z convertible an affordable and much more fun alternative to a basic rental sedan. Compare it to the cost of a convertible from a traditional rental company and my car should be way cheaper. Of course, it is a 2005 and while it's clean, it is not pristine.

I often use a window mounted lockbox to simplify coordination of key exchanges. I'll have you upload a picture of your driver's license using the Turo app before your trip so I can compare it against a picture you'll take of yourself with the car, then message me to get the pin code for the lockbox. As a reminder, the 350Z convertible is a 6-speed manual transmission, so if you don't already know how to properly drive a manual transmission please don't rent this car. Also, this car is to be driven on pavement only. If there is a chance your path will take you on dirt or gravel roads, please do no rent the 350Z.

I require a 2 day minimum rental and charge for delivery. I live in the South Metro Denver area near I-25 and C-470 if you want to look into alternate transportation to pick it up. If you select to pick up the car at my home location, but ask with your rental request, I'm happy to arrange key exchanges at the Dry Creek or Arapahoe Station light rail stations for FREE.

For your convenience, the car has an Expresstoll transponder in the window for the toll roads of Colorado. If you incur any tolls during your trip I will request reimbursement through Turo. More information at

Suitcases in the pictures:
2 carry on suitcases side by side, wheels first:
- blue bag is 21" tall, 15" wide, 9.5" deep
- green bag is 23.5" tall, 14.25" wide, 9.5" deep
1 large black suitcase - sideways: 26.5" tall, 19" wide, 10" deep

June 8, 2017 - In response to Jeremy's concern with the tire pressure, I've had them checked for leaks and an alignment done at my local tire shop. I'll be keeping an eye on them, but had not and have not experienced any issues with the sensors myself. There is now a manual pressure gauge in the car to check if the light turns on.
July 18, 2017 - Out of concern for the comments Jesse made, the front tires have been checked and still have useful life before hitting the wear marks, but I had the alignment rechecked and adjustments were made that appear to improve handling. I haven't had many opportunities to drive the Z myself in the rain since most storms around here are brief, but the people I talked to at the dealership when I got it aligned said that Z's are known to slide a bit in wet weather causing the stability control to kick in. Being a convertible, they are also known to be a bit leaky in the rain.
  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • power leather seats
Parking details
Airport delivery fee includes money to pay for parking if we do a remote key exchange.
Delivery details
My preference is to have you pick up the car from me at my home, but I am open to free delivery to mutually agreed locations along I-25 (Light rail stations) or C-470 in my delivery zone.

Car will be delivered full and should be returned full. Premium Unleaded fuel only.
* No smoking of any kind in the vehicle.
* Pavement only! The car has low ground clearance so please do not rent it if your travels may take you on a dirt or gravel road. (Many mountain wedding destinations won't be paved.)
* Please don't rent this car if you don't know how to drive a manual transmission.
* You will be responsible to pay for any tolls, parking tickets, or speeding tickets incurred during your rental.
* Tire tread will be measured before and after your trip and you'll be charged for excessive wear.
* Refuel with premium fuel only. Please upload pictures of fuel receipts.
* Convertible roof shall only be opened or closed while the car is parked.
Will my luggage fit in the trunk?
Please read the dimensions of suitcases from the pictures in the car description and compare them to your suitcases. There is a diagram on the trunk lid for how to fit a single golf bag in the trunk as well. The trunk is fully accessible with the roof up or down.
Can I use your 350Z to learn how to drive a manual transmission?
No. Please do not rent this car unless you already know how to drive a manual transmission.
The driver's side window goes up then comes down part way. How do I get it to stay up?
The window button has 2 positions: - A full pull engages auto up and that will cause the window to bounce back down. - A partial pull engages manual mode, allowing you to raise the window to the top. (Sorry about this. I'm trying to rid the car of this gremlin.)
How to I raise and lower the convertible roof of a 2005 Nissan 350Z?
To open the roof: (May not fully retract in temperatures below 50*F) 1) Turn the ignition to the on position 2) Put the side windows down 3) Unlock the roof using the release latch above the rear view mirror 4) Hold down the brake pedal 5) Locate the roof button to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard 6) Hold the roof button until the roof has fully retracted and the cover clicks into position. The passenger seat will move forward. To close the roof: 1) Turn the ignition to the on position 2) Put the side windows down 3) Hold down the brake pedal 4) Locate the roof button to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard 5) Hold the roof button until the roof has fully expanded. The passenger seat will move forward. 5) Lock the roof in place using the latch above the rear view mirror. The latch sometime goes into the locked position when the roof is stowed so make sure it starts in the unlocked position.
Car location
Centennial, CO 80112
Denver International Airport
Up to 5 miles