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Lexus RX 350 2007
We had a fantastic experience with Zach. We fell in love with the Lexus because it was everything we needed for our trip and was super reliable. Those heated seats are a necessity, and don't even think about driving in the mountains without good snow tires! At first we thought going to Boulder would be a hassle, but honestly, we walked off our flight and onto the bus to Boulder and it took us there in about the same amount of time it would have taken to get on a rental shuttle, do all the paperwork and get a rental car. We ended up walking to Zach's pick up point which wasn't an issue because it was a beautiful day and we wanted the walk, but one recommendation would be to have the car dropped at any of the bus stops to pick up right from there. Zach was super communicative and very flexible about times. He was flying in the day we were flying out, so we just met him at the airport and it could not have been easier. Highly recommend, and we were super happy with our experience! FYI for future renters, the car wash out by the airport ended up being closed. If you want to have the car washed before you return it (gets really dirty in the winter), do it before heading out to the airport! Zach didn't ask for this, we offered. He was super cool about it. Another great experience with Turo!!
Lisa K. - January 5, 2017
Subaru Outback 2013
Taylor and his Subaru were both great for my first Turo experience. Before our trip, Taylor cleaned the car inside and out. And although he was in Mexico when we picked up and returned the car, he had arranged for his roommate to be there and help us with the process. Both Taylor and his roommate were very quick at responding to messages. So communication was very easy. It snowed kind of heavily (according to California standard) during our visit, but the Subaru and its snow tires gave us a lot of confidence in the snow. It was perfect for our trip and something we couldn't have booked through a regular car service. Highly recommend Taylor and his Subaru for anyone who visits Boulder in the winter!!
Yisha Z. - February 12, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2015
Noah’s a chill and friendly guy. This was my first experience driving an electric car. Zippy little car, the only downside is that the battery drains quite fast and realistically it’ll get approximately 40 miles from a full charge so plan your trip accordingly. But only having to pay $4 at charging stations was a huge plus, can’t beat that! Plus the car rental was very reasonable as well!
Case M. - December 7, 2017
Toyota Corolla 2012
Rakesh' ride was exactly what we needed for our weekend getaway to Boulder. Incredibly flexible with excellent communication is a huge plus! Would not hesitate to rent from Rakesh again.
Alexander H. - August 22, 2017
Toyota RAV4 2016
Absolutely loved the RAV4! We took it for a short vacation to Winter Park, Granby, and Grand Lake in snowy and icy conditions and we never had any problem driving! The SUV just ate right through the snow and allowed us to visit parts of Colorado that our current car just simply would not have been able to traverse. The car was in perfect condition and we really enjoyed using it. Thanks! We would absolutely rent this car again. Pick up and drop off was easy.
Eric L. - December 23, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
We truly enjoyed the rental! We drove from Boulder to Cripple Creek and loved it.
Jillian A. - November 26, 2017
MINI Cooper Coupe 2013
Thank you very much. Great Car! Kindly Support! Quick Responce! Huge Experience! Good Conversation! I think I wii loan to drive in Boulder by your car again. Mahito
Mahito O. - November 24, 2017
Nissan Rogue 2008
We had Tara's Nissan for almost two weeks, and used it for lazy in town driving, a longer distance trip and a short vacation in the mountains. It was perfect for everything. The car handles nicely, and the mileage is amazing! It's an everyday car, with scratches and dents and the occasional penny between the seats, and that was exactly what we were looking for. Communcation with Tara was easy and she was very friendly. If it weren't for the location of the car - it's not where Turo shows you - that is virtually unreachable by public transport, this would be my Boulder all-time favorite!
Heidrun M. - August 28, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
Amazing 3 days running about in the Boulder mountains and only $3 used in gas. Nancy and her car are both terrific!
DEBORAH H. - August 16, 2017
Jeep Wrangler 2015
Great car, in really good condition. Pick up and drop off was as easy as could be. If I get back to Boulder I will definitely use Shaun again.
Ken H. - July 16, 2017
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2015
This was my girlfriend and I's first time using Turo and we were very impressed with our experience with Chen and his GTI while in Colorado. He was very accommodating and understanding to our needs, and had no problem adjusting to a last minute change in the drop off time. He was also very communicative with us during the reservation process and before/during the trip. Overall, his clean and very quick GTI made our trip a blast, but his attentiveness and professionalism made us think of Turo as a better alternative to the traditional car rental companies. Thanks Chen for a great first experience with Turo.
Juan A. - May 30, 2017
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class 2013
Another great trip in one of my favorite rentals in Boulder CO!
Justin T. - April 17, 2017
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class 2013
Great car for a stylish weekend around Boulder Colorado!
Justin T. - April 7, 2017
Subaru Forester 2008
Hannah was great! The car is exactly as advertised and served us perfectly around Boulder and in the mountains during a huge snowstorm. Highly recommended!
Porter M. - March 31, 2017
Lexus RX 330 2004
Alex's car is a great car for the mountains. We loved it! The trip out to Boulder from Denver Airport can take 2 hours, so plan accordingly.
Robbie S. - January 15, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
Nancy communicated quickly and it was a pleasure to work with her. The car was very clean and in great condition. I recommend her for anyone needing a vehicle in the Boulder/Denver area.
Wren Y. - September 24, 2016
Honda Fit 2013
Sherri was very flexible and responsive. The car was in perfect condition, and just the right size for what I needed.
Christopher R. - February 22, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover 2011
Ryan was true to his word and delivered a great experience! Friendly and understanding I’ll be seeing Ryan again !!
Will B. - February 18, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2005
I just want to say that I was more than happy with this rental. Zach was very nice, quick to respond and flexible in working out the details. I will recommend Turo and Zach specifically any chance I get based on this experience!
Matthew A. - February 13, 2018
Subaru Outback 2010
Paul was flexible when we needed to return early.
Ryan L. - February 7, 2018
Volkswagen CC 2013
Rashid responded immediately. I wouldn't think twice about renting from him again.
Richard A. - January 23, 2018
Subaru Outback 2010
Paul was easy to work with and the car was great. Would recommend doing business with Paul.
Bryan D. - January 21, 2018
Volkswagen CC 2013
Very clean and smooth ride, couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Will definitely be renting from Rashid again!
Alvin L. - January 8, 2018
Mazda CX-5 2015
Frederick was great! He was very accessible to talk to as well as accommodating. The car handled great in the snow and ice, as well as on dry road. I would definitely book this car again!
Liati H. - January 4, 2018
Toyota 4Runner 2006
The SHEBEAST was a monster in the snow. Great for the mountains
Justin N. - January 2, 2018
Toyota RAV4 2016
This was our first time using Turo. Had a great experience. Would do it again. Sherri was quick to respond and the car was very clean. Well worth the value.
Ck A. - December 31, 2017
Mazda CX-5 2015
Frederick was excellent. He brought the car directly to us. It worked perfectly for our mountain vacation!
Sarah A. - December 26, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2012
Great truck, very accommodating. As, or better than, advertised!
Charlie S. - December 25, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
Really great in all aspects! Can really recommend!
Clara G. - December 22, 2017
Land Rover Range Rover 2011
Great Ride, Awesome Service, Was On Time For The Delivery And The Pick Of The Range Rover. This Car Will Get You All The Looks And Head Turns Highly Recommend This Rental. Thanks Again Ryan Will Be Definitely Renting Again Soon
Robert F. - December 16, 2017
Toyota RAV4 2010
Bikram was great and his RAV4 ran like a top! Highly recommended.
DEBORAH H. - December 7, 2017
Mazda CX-5 2015
Frederick was clear with his instruction and the car was great! Thank you!
Angela S. - November 29, 2017
Subaru Legacy 2017
Greg made it easy to rent and the car was a very smooth ride! I will definitely rent again!
Alvin L. - September 18, 2017
Nissan Rogue 2008
Tara was amazing (although I never personally met her)! My boyfriend and I needed to rent a car in a pinch to get up the mountains and Tara made it super easy. The car was perfect for those snowy mountain roads and drove like a charm. What I especially enjoyed about the car and Tara is that we were driving in a "normal" car- there were dents, it was lived in and messy like any normal persons car- it made the experience feel more easy going and less stressful! I would 100% rent from Tara again!! Thank you thank you :)
Cortney M. - April 7, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
Pick-up and drop-off was quick and painless, much more "streamlined" than if I had dealt with a rental car company. Shaun had his roommate do the drop-off which made me a little worried at first because my phone died so I had no way to verify that this person was indeed taking possession of the car legitimately. The car is equipped with a charger, except my phone is a newer model with a USB-C connection so I couldn't use it to charge the phone.
Jean-Rémi D. - April 2, 2017
Dodge Challenger 2013
I️ had a blast renting Marks car! Super fun! Next time I️ come to Colorado I️ will definitely reach out to rent again!
Daniel O. - November 14, 2017
Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010
Great car, very fuel efficient and Bikram is very flexible and accommodating. Thumbs up and I would definitely rent from Bikram again.
Jesper J. - October 30, 2017
Land Rover Range Rover 2011
Ryan was super nice and easy to deal with. Would definitely rent from him again. Vehicle is amazing.
Will S. - October 19, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
Richard was a pleasure to work with. He did an excellent job of going over the vehicle with me before the trip and even had the Nema 14-50 adapter that let me charge the vehicle quickly at home. The vehicle was beyond amazing! My wife and I took a trip to the mountains and it's ride comfort, handling, and power were unmatched even by any of the other high end cars I've driven. I was also amazed at how quickly the Tesla super charger at Park Meadows Mall recharged the vehicle while we had dinner. I would definitely rent from Richard again!
Clint H. - September 29, 2017
MINI Cooper Coupe 2013
Easy rental and fun car! Would rent again!
Jessica H. - September 8, 2017
Volkswagen CC 2013
Awesome car perfect ride, great trip! Will rent again.
Dacoda L. - August 27, 2017
Kia Optima 2015
Michael was so good to work with and very accommodating since our flight from Orlando had been delayed for 2 hours. The car was very clean and rode very nicely with all the upgrades that one needs to have in a car. I would not hesitate to rent from Michael again.
Cheryl A. - August 11, 2017
Dodge Challenger 2013
I'm never gonna be able to rent regular rental cars again. This was awesome!!
Nathan V. - July 26, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
Nancy was very easy to communicate with. Pickup and return were made very easy and convenient too. The car was exactly what we needed! I would definitely rent from Nancy again!
Heidrun M. - July 17, 2017
Land Rover Range Rover 2011
My car battery died last minute and I was able to book this car last minute conveniently and easily. Great ride too! Super clean and a really fun car to drive! Pickup and drop off went smoothly and due to a change in plans, I was able to modify my rental dates. Ryan was really flexible about everything and all in all this was a great experience. Would rent again!
Rachel I. - July 11, 2017
Toyota Highlander 2016
Very nice guy, flexible with time. Would rent again.
Nikola R. - July 6, 2017
Toyota 4Runner 2006
Chris' 4Runner is awesome, it was perfect for getting us to the more remote Trailheads on our hiking trip. Can't wait to rent it again!
Frank D. - July 5, 2017
BMW 3 Series 2010
I rented Greg's BMW for a last-minute business trip. Greg was super accommodating, the car was as described and ready to go when I was. Pick up and return went smoothly. I'd definitely rent from Greg again.
Mike G. - July 2, 2017
Toyota Land Cruiser 2013
First time using Turo and I have it say it was amazing. Matt was so accommodating and flexible. His vehicle was flawless and drove great. Not to mention it was very comfortable. Will definitely rent from Matt again. I would have to give Matt a A++++++ for great customer service.
Rebecca V. - May 25, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
Good communication, punctual on delivery as well as being easy to return vehicle. Car was in great shape - zero issues. Would easily rent from Shaun again.
John D. - May 20, 2017
Mitsubishi Outlander 2007
Great experience. Tom was super flexible. Will definitely rent from him again.
Porter M. - May 18, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
Great car! Love it! Would definitely rent it again! 👍🏻
WeiKhang G. - May 14, 2017
Mitsubishi Outlander 2007
Tom is very flexible and easy to communicate. Will rent again.
Paul Y. - April 27, 2017
Jeep Wrangler 2016
Matt was completely flexible and easy on pickup and drop off, and the Jeep was perfect for my first outing to Vail Pass and backcountry skiing in Colorado. It was clean and drove great. Hope to rent this vehicle again soon.
Jon K. - April 25, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
This was the PERFECT car for our 10 day CO adventure. The car was clean, very economical and drove well. Nancy was wonderful to work with. We could not have asked for a better deal. Would definitely rent from her again.
Lisa B. - April 18, 2017
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class 2013
The Mercedes was wonderful! Relaxing and fun to drive. Alex and his family were extremely flexible with pick up drop off times and if needed to get ahold of for anything were just a quick phone call away! Would definitely rent from them again. Overall wonderful experience!
Stewart M. - March 27, 2017
Toyota 4Runner 2006
The 4Runner was a great truck for my weekend and I would gladly rent this vehicle again next time I'm in town
Adam S. - March 22, 2017
Subaru Forester 2008
Just what I needed to drive around Colorado in the winter! The car was great for getting back to our cabin on a dirt/snow/icy road, and perfect for heading to the ski resorts. Would rent again.
Zack D. - March 6, 2017
Kia Optima 2015
Michael was awesome and accommodated us every step of the way! !! A MUST RENT!
Cornisha H. - February 28, 2017
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 2014
Car was freshly waxed, dropped off right at my door. Micah is laid back, flexible & professional. Excellent service. Will definitely rent again when I'm back in Denver.
Mark M. - February 24, 2017
Lexus RX 350 2007
Awesome car and super easy to communicate! I will definitely rent from Zachariah again.
Stephanie K. - February 14, 2017
Toyota Land Cruiser 2013
Great service and nice vehicle. I would definitely rent from Matt next time I need a vehicle.
Ashot S. - February 2, 2017
Chevrolet Volt 2013
Amazing car. Silent, cool look. Chris was on time and flexible when I had to run to the airport early. Will look to rent again!
Maximum G. - January 19, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
Nancy was friendly and quick with communication. The car was super clean, ran great, was gas efficient, and the studded tires for the winter were super helpful. Would definitely rent again.
Richard R. - January 13, 2017
Nissan Rogue 2008
Tara is awesome and extremely flexible and responsive . Would rent from her again! Car was in good condition and she isn't a high maitanece owner... she knows we live in Colorado and are going to get it dirty in the mountains , she was flexible in meeting up and dropping off and she maintained a clear line of communication
Coney R. - December 30, 2016
Lexus RX 330 2004
I enjoyed renting Alex's Lexus. It handled great in the snow, which was exactly what I needed. He was pleasant and helpful. Rent it!
Ken S. - December 22, 2016
Toyota Matrix 2006
Thanks so much, Trent! Enjoyed the new radio that you added to the Matrix. Will rent from you again soon.
Christine B. - November 4, 2016
Jeep Wrangler 2008
Cooper was on time and friendly, the Jeep was in good shape and I didn't have any problems. Would rent again, thanks!
David R. - October 2, 2016
Toyota Corolla 2007
Easy to rent from. Good communication
Josh B. - September 24, 2016
Toyota Matrix 2006
Good experience, car was comfortable and drove well. Trent was friendly and easy to work with. Thanks for letting me rent your car for a day!
Christine B. - September 17, 2016
Nissan Xterra 2013
Excellent condition. Lovely to drive. Seamless handover!
Stefanos S. - November 24, 2017
Mazda CX-5 2015
Nice and clean car. Was very easy to communicate and arrange the pickup. Definitely recommend
Dmitry K. - November 22, 2017
Honda Pilot 2016
I had to carry a couple of more ankle biters besides what my five-seater could hold up into the mountains and Amber's car made it all happen. Amber was super laid back, easy to work with and made the experience even better.
Donald G. - November 21, 2017
BMW 3 Series 2006
Chris did an excellent job communicating. The AWD BMW was just what I needed. Thanks!
Zade F. - November 19, 2017
Volkswagen CC 2013
Super nice ride. Really enjoyed my time with this car! Great owner, guy!The car was super clean and everything felt easy. A real treat, I️ not only felt cool on the road but the car was so comfortable and nice to drive. Recommend thumbs up.
Ann H. - November 17, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
Richard was great to work with and his car was beautiful!
Abigail B. - November 14, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
Nancy was very easy to work with and always got back to me very quickly with any questions I️ had. Plus, it was super cheap to fill up after the 3 day trip. I️ would definitely use Nancy’s hybrid again.
Madisyn M. - November 14, 2017
BMW 3 Series 2006
Fantastic trip! Everything was easy, from setup to drop off. Chris's BMW was fantastic to drive and the sunroof was great for the few sunny days we had. Also a great feature was having enough space for my bike, very handy.
Alexander P. - November 13, 2017
Honda Pilot 2016
Great vehicle for touring around Colorado in!
Jonathan S. - November 11, 2017
Ion Horatiu
BMW 3 Series 2006
Chris is a great guy and easy to plan with. I had a greay time driving his car witch is in great condition. Totaly recomand!
Ion Horatiu D. - November 6, 2017
Land Rover Range Rover 2011
Ryan is super nice and easy to communicate with and his Range Rover is awesome to drive. Super clean and well maintained. Thanks Ryan!
Somerset T. - October 27, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2012
Michael was communicative and easy to get ahold of when I had questions. Aside from some initial trouble finding the reverse gear, my lady and I loved the truck for its space and comfort over long distances. I would definitely consider this Tacoma again next time I need a rental (if I haven’t bought my own by then)
Daniel P. - October 10, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
Excellent service, guy picks you up and takes you to a very cool car in primo condition
Barry F. - October 6, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
What a great first experience with Turo! Kir was nice and her car was perfect—exactly what I needed for the day. I wasn’t sure how the checkout or check in process worked but Kir was understanding, helpful, and professional. The car was clean and ran like a dream. :)
Gabe L. - October 6, 2017
Subaru Legacy 2017
Greg was extremely accommodating and helpful throughout the rental process. We needed to extend the trip one extra day and he was happy to do so. Thank you!
Christopher A. - October 1, 2017
Nissan Rogue 2008
This was my first experience with Turo and it was a great one! Tara was extremely flexible and responsive. The car road great and we had an awesome weekend!
MK F. - September 27, 2017
Audi Q5 2011
Great car, Shaun is fast to respond and the delivery service was excellent.
Barry F. - September 26, 2017
Honda Insight 2011
We needed a car on really short notice, and Nancy was amazing with our request!
Heidrun M. - September 25, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
Richard and his Tesla were great. Such a cool car, non like it!!! Richard was very friendly and very open to extension. Thank you!!!
Reuben B. - September 25, 2017
Mitsubishi Outlander 2007
Excellent in every way. Highly recommended!
Jessica H. - September 21, 2017

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