Mazda 2 Rental in Aurora, CO | Turo
Mazda 22013
15 trips
$ 43
per day
The car
Mazda 2
15 trips
5 seats
4 doors
Gas (Regular)
34 MPG
--(FREE 10 min PICKUP To/from AIRPORT To Vehicle)--
Sporty Hatchback Vehicle .. Surprisingly VERY Comfy for ANYONE STANDING 6'2" Tall! .. Also EASE of Parking ANYWHERE with PRECISION HANDLING with its Smaller Wheelbase!
Don't forget -GREAT GAS MILEAGE short of being a hybrid! .. AMAZING!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
Delivery details
Located within CLOSE VISIBILITY of Denver International Airport (DIA)
OUR GOAL is to make this a VERY EASY and COMFORTABLE rental experience. NO NEED WORRY about LONG rental car lines or EXTRA/HIDDEN fees! This is get EXACTLY what you expect with NO HASSLE EXPERIENCE! -10 min PICK YOU UP in PERSON at Denver International Airport and DELIVER You to/from the Vehicle! OR at our conveniently located within visibility of the airport vehicle location!
1) Pets UNDER 30lbs ONLY ..Welcome! .. BUT .. Please use the SUPPLIED BLANKET in the vehicle to PROTECT and keep the seats/ Interior CLEAN if you are traveling with pets.
2) Please! Absolutely NO Smoking of ANY TYPE!
3) Please return with a FULL TANK.

THANKS for renting my Vehicle and hope you have a GREAT EXPERIENCE Here in COLORADO!
Is this size VEHICLE REALLY ROOMIE for someone that is 6'2" in height?
Yes .. I bought the Vehicle to be super COMFY for MYSELF as i'm 6'2" 220LBS MySelf!
Is there a Smoking policy in Turo vehicles?
Absolutely No Smoking! .. Travelers and their passengers are not permitted to smoke in any vehicle in the Turo marketplace. Reports of smoking is taken very seriously. If a smoke smell is reported by the owner within 24 hours of a trip end, the renter is subject to fine and potentially removal from the community.
Are my passengers able to drive? How do I add secondary drivers to my trip?
If you have booked a trip in a vehicle covered by a Turo protection package, then your passengers can drive as long as they’re an approved Turo driver. If your booked vehicle is covered by owner-provided insurance, you will need to confirm any additional requirements with the owner directly before allowing anyone else to drive the vehicle. Your passenger may not be covered by the owner’s insurance if they drive, and you must comply with any of their insurance requirements. If you’re in a Turo covered trip and your passengers are approved Turo drivers, great! They can assist you with the drive. If not, they’ll have to stay your co-pilot. You must be the driver when picking up and dropping off the car, and it's your responsibility to confirm whether your passenger has been approved before letting them drive the car. To get another licensed driver officially approved to drive: Once you’ve booked a trip on Turo, navigate to the trip page in the Turo app or by logging into The booked trip should be in your “Upcoming” tab of your Dashboard. Near the bottom of this page, you’ll see a “Drivers” Section; this section should indicate you as the primary driver. Here you can simply add the email address of your secondary driver. If your secondary driver is already an approved Turo member, they will automatically be approved. If they have not yet created a Turo account, they will receive an email with instructions on how to get approved to drive. Your secondary driver must follow the instructions in the email we send to them about getting approved. You’ll receive a notification once your secondary driver is either approved or denied. Your trip details will also indicate your secondary driver’s confirmation status, with the status of “Approval pending”, “Approved”, or “Not approved”, indicating they’re going through the process, have been approved, or have been denied membership, respectively. They will receive email confirmation of their approval status as well. If they are approved, the owner will automatically be notified that there will be a secondary driver. Please note that the primary driver (that’s you!) must be present at the start and end of the trip, and remains solely financially responsible for the trip should anything happen. You are not permitted to let anyone drive the vehicle during your trip other than someone added as an additional driver with the status “Approved”.
Car location
Aurora, CO 80018
Denver International Airport
Colorado Springs Airport
Eagle County Airport
Fort Collins-Loveland Airport
Cheyenne Regional Airport
Pueblo Memorial Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer