Chevrolet Corvette Stingray2014
1 trip
$ 300
per day
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
1 trip
Top of the class ride, every feature available when purchased. This car is fun. Top comes off for convertible feel, HUD (heads-up display), 5 driving modes, GPS, XM Radio, OnStar, USB for your own playlist, 9 speaker Bose system, Leather interior.

Cool things about this car at

Corvette drivers have a customary 'Corvette wave', meaning you should wave to another Corvette owner as you cross paths. If you see other Corvette drivers wave to you, that's why.

You will also get a lot of nods and thumbs up from drivers next to you. (mostly guys)

If you race someone, you will probably win regardless of the speed.

This car is fast. I don't advise flooring it from 0, but it's your foot controlling it. Make sure you give yourself room if you do punch it. I punch it all the time (while moving) and it's incredible

This model is an Stingray LS3, and has all of the gadgets, emblems and features available in the 2014 model.
Automatic with Paddle Shifters
MPG: 14 city/29 hwy
Carbon Fiber and Aluminum dash and console
Tuned Exhaust System

Removable Top
• Remove the top and store in the hatch area

Warm and Cool Seat Control
• Separate controls for seat temperature control on center dash

Auto seat adjust
• On driver side
• Adjust seat and mirrors, hit Set select 1 or 2
• Seat adjustments are on outside bottom of seat

HUD Adjustment
• Buttons lower-left side of steering column
• Adjust up/down, brightness
• Select desired display (4 individual presets)
• G-meter shows at bottom in light blue (left-right motion)

Paddle-shift or Manual Transmission
To use paddle shift, just flip left or right controllers on the steering wheel.
It will automatically change to manual mode or change back if you are not driving agressive any longer
Manual Mode: Gears 1-6
Automatic Mode: Gears 2-5

Transmission shifting changes with YOUR driving habit.
If you drive agressive (lead-foot) the transmission will change (VERY COOL)

Zero to 60 timer controlled from steering column (look on utube)

G-Meter (left-right) in HUD (at bottom in light blue)

5 drive modes (select from dial-knob on middle console)
• Track
• Sport (my usual mode)
• Tour (quieter, sometimes desired)
• Economy (runs on 4 cylinders - why?)
• Weather (very handy in wet weather)

Hidden compartment
Use the Screen button to the left of the middle display
GPS screen goes up/down

Passenger 'climate control' is separate from driver
Back-up camera when in Reverse
Removable top
Remove top and stow in back for convertible

Built-in GPS in middle CRT

Active On-Star for assistance or emergency

XM Radio (channel list below)

USB access for music in 'hidden compartment) or in center console

Dashcam is mounted and may be removed

Radar detector is mounted and may be removed (this is helpful)

Bluetooth to sync your phone
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Long-term trips
Car location
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Mineta San Jose International Airport