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BMW 3 Series
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I’ve owned 4 BMW’s and this 335D is my favorite. Having lived in Europe for a long time, I was well
accustomed to the virtues of a diesel powered car. Personally, I just don’t understand why it’s taken so long for
drivers to accept them here in the States. They get great mileage and pollute less than a gasoline powered car. Maybe cars like the BMW 335D will change the perception that a diesel powered car is something less than one that runs on gasoline. With twin turbos, this 335D pulls away from a stop almost as fast as a M3. I’m not kidding.
The handling and braking are typical BMW perfect, as well. So is the interior design and layout of controls, etc. I have a Sirius radio account for the car, so that makes it even more fun to drive. The car also has the relatively easy to master iDrive which allows you to connect your phone via BlueTooth, etc. What else can I say? This car will put a smile of your face from the moment you pull away, IMHO.

If you want to hear someone else’s opinion, here’s something I found on Edmunds.
Credit to “2W3 from San Diego”.

"For a few brief years, BMW shoved a giant diesel engine into one of the best engineered platforms on the plant. The result was magic. The 335d handles like a 3 series, rides like a 3 series and has all the great features of a 3 series. The difference is that a 3 series does not have 420 ft lb torque which results in the 335d pulling from 0-100 like a locomotive. As well, a normal 3 series will not give you all the above and return 34+ mpg. It may be the perfect car! Unfortunately, Americans were not ready for the diesel especially one like this, so they went back and redesign it, neutered it and we are stuck with the 328d - basically a de-tuned version of the 335d. Better gas mileage, but nowhere near the fun. I bought a CPO 2011 335d in 2012 with less than 10k miles on it and have not had a single issue with it. It is a special combination of speed, comfort, handling and gas mileage that may never be repeated. If you can find one, grab it!"
  • Automatic transmission
  • USB input
  • Sunroof
Car location
Sunnyvale, CA 94085