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Volkswagen Westfalia1981
1 trip
$ 175
per day
The car
Volkswagen Westfalia
1 trip
4 seats
3 doors
Gas (Premium)
1981 Automatic Vanagon Westfalia Pop-Top :: Seat belts for 4 passengers, 2 sleeping berths (sleeps 4 adults), propane stove, sink, water tank, ice box, RV electrical/water hook-ups. There's no better way to travel the West Coast than inside a vintage ride. The Radtastic Voyage is waiting for you and your next adventure! Inside you'll find everything you need to have a unique experience. The buses are roomy, efficient, and have lots of storage space. The dining/living room couch converts to a full size bed, and our pop-top has another full size bunk up above. Radtastic Voyage is ready to cruise the coast and is stocked with the following items:
• pots, pans, & misc. cooking utensils
• flatware & dishes for 2
• paper towels & toilet paper
• dishwashing liquid + sponge
• cutting board
• fire extinguisher
• 2 gallon propane tank
• flashlight & lantern
• 14 gallon water tank
• hammock
  • Automatic transmission
  • Pet friendly
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
  • Pop Top
  • Sleeps 4 Adults
Recommended Mileage: 120 miles per day.

Restricted Areas -- This prohibition is due to the area's seasonally high ambient temperatures being deleterious to both our air cooled vehicles and it's passengers in our non-air-conditioned vehicles.
- Outside of the of California, including Nevada (Las Vegas), Arizona (Grand Canyon)
- Death Valley
- Owens Valley (Hwy 395), including Great Basin Area and the High Desert of California
- Any unimproved road, trail, track
- Any off road areas (dunes, beaches, riverbeds, logging roads, etc.)
- Burning Man


We prefer you have some familiarity of the VW Bus's unique driving characteristics. Remember, you will be driving a vehicle developed in the 1930's, and built with all the technical sophistication of the 1970's. 

Bearing this in mind, please do not exceed 65 mph (105 kph) in your VW. If it is very hot outside, (over 95f) or if you are climbing a long or steep grade, please reduce speed. These engines are not water cooled, so when the outside temperature heats up so do the pistons, and they've been known to melt rather quickly.

Be aware that cross winds effect the VW bus more than they do a conventional vehicle, so drive accordingly if it's windy.

Remember, due to the extreme cab-forward design of the bus, almost the entire vehicle is trailing along behind you. When making tight turns, pull out just a little further ahead than you might think so as to clear the back wheels (and bodywork) from other cars and curbs. Notice how a city bus seems to pull too far out in an intersection before turning the corner. It's like that.

Always purchase "PREMIUM" grade fuel (91 octane). 

Problems do sometimes occur and we want to be clear about our policies prior to booking.

Should you have a problem en-route, we are the first call you should make after making sure you are in a safe place. Hopefully the problem can be sorted and you will be on your way without too much inconvenience. There is an extensive network of VW mechanics throughout our region so we should be able to get you aid no matter how remote the location. Many times a simple fix is all that is required and you are back on your way.
We will cover any towing, parts, or labor needed to get you back on the road. We will not cover any time lost, though we may refund a day's rental fee if the fix takes more than 12 hours.

If the problem is more serious:
We will assist you in getting to where you may arrange alternate transport, and wish you a safe onward journey. We will either refund any monies we've collected for the outstanding rental period, or offer a credit for an equivalent rental period at a future date of your choosing.

We want our policy to be fair and we ask you to consider before you book that this is a possibility. But if it happens, kick back and chill out. We have every confidence we can sort things out.

If you have any difficulties report these immediately to us. If you incur any minor repair bills we will give you a refund (up to $50). Just produce your receipt at the completion of your hire. Retrospective claims or any unauthorized claims above this limit cannot be recognized. If you have an accident (or breakdown) you are responsible for your accommodation expenses. 

If you experience a breakdown due to lack of exercising ordinary care while in possession of the vehicle then your trip will end without reimbursement for rental days lost and the primary driver will be responsible for towing, repair of damages incurred, and in addition, their security deposit will be forfeited. (Ordinary care includes maintaining all fluid levels, i.e., fuel and oil; not overheating the engine; not driving more than the recommended 120 miles per day; and the like - PLEASE INQUIRE IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.)
Car location
Santa Monica, CA 90405