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Nissan Leaf2012
3 trips
$ 32
per day
The car
Nissan Leaf
3 trips
2012 Nissan Leaf. Purchased Jan 2, 2013. 3500 miles driven as of August 1, 2013.
Do I need to tell you how amazing they are? Fast pick up, smooth ride and no gas at all ever.
The car will be fully charged when you pick it up. It has a range of about 85 miles if you drive carefully in 'eco' mode. If you drive fast, with heating or a/c and over a lot of hills (like 17), the range goes down to about 70 miles.
Slow charge cable (approx 5 miles per hour) included.
Medium charge sites (15 miles per hour) available on Blink and Plugshare apps. Some (but not many, and none in Santa Cruz) fast charge stations (65 miles per half hour) available around the Bay Area. You can look them up on Blink.
You don't need to return the car at the same charge level you picked it up.
The car is on the west side of Santa Cruz.
  • Automatic transmission
Car location
Santa Cruz, CA 95060