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Nissan Altima 2013
The car was clean and worked great. Abdoulaye was very prompt and always communicated promptly during the rental/pick-up/return process. I was very happy with the experience and will seek him out again next time I'm in the San Jose area.
Mike P. - August 17, 2017
Nissan Altima 2013
Fantastic car to rent. Loved the service he provided and all around very friendly
Bradley K. - January 1, 2019
Nissan Leaf 2018
I had a great experience renting from James! He was very friendly, clear on communication and flexible on timing. Car was clean and in great condition. I would like to rent from him again
Wan K. - January 19, 2019
Nissan Altima 2013
One of the best cars i’ve rented on turo! Thanks again!
Kyle S. - January 11, 2019
Nissan GT-R 2009
GTR pulls like nobody’s business. I laughed out loud for the first 20 mins driving it. This one’s getting on in age for a GTR, but feels rock solid behind the wheel and is super easy to control. The exhaust will definitely wake some neighbors on startup, which of course is a plus. Good stuff, it was a great day. Also the UmbaRide attendants in San Jose were helpful and flexible. 10/10 would rent
Steven P. - January 7, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-Star renter and rental. The Nissan GT-R surpassed every expectation I had from childhood dreams. Of the 50+ sports car rentals so far on Turo, this is my favorite. Pickup was convenient, car was gassed and ready to go. The power in this car is unbelievable, and you will feel every horse of that power. R-R-R ! I've heard plenty of GTRs, and the sound is more like an F1 engine than a GT-R "street car". Absolutely amazing experience.
David W. - November 2, 2018
Nissan Altima 2013
Its a great experience, everything works perfectly.
Sheng X. - December 24, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2016
The car was clean and comfortable and the transaction was easy and convenient. Communication was prompt and useful. Omid was able to answer questions regarding use of the vehicle and gave me peace of mind. I would rent from him again. Thank you Omid.
Monica A. - November 9, 2018
Holland Alexa
Nissan Altima 2006
Mohamad and Suraj are absolutely amazing. I have rented from them twice and both times I have absolutely no complaints! They have definitely earned a permanent customer. I highly recommend if you are looking to rent a car, these are your guys! :)
Holland Alexa A. - January 31, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2016
This car is simple and best I will surely come back to this guy !
Pranati K. - November 17, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2010
I had a very good experience renting a car from Nate. Nate was very good with reaching out to me and arranging the pickup and the drop-off. The car ran smoothly and was clean. Nate was also flexible with the drop off time of the car, which was appreciated. I would not hesitate to rent a car from Nate the next time I need a ride.
Grzegorz D. - October 23, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2015
I rented Logan's 2015 Nissan GTR for my nephew's bday (it's his favorite car). It was my first Turo experience and it went flawlessly. The car was insanely amazing driving experience. Hard to go back to my Honda CRV.
Jesse C. - August 20, 2017
Nissan Leaf 2018
Nice clean car. Everything worked as stated. James gave us the rundown of how to use/charge an E-Vehicle at pick up, as this was our first experience driving one. Would definitely rent with James again!
Kathryn F. - October 8, 2018
Ravi Teja
Nissan Altima 2006
Rented Suraj's Nissan Altima. He is a good host. Car is in good condition. Will rent his car again when I'm in Bay Area again. He provides us an option of returning car after hours. He is one of the best car renter on Turo.
Ravi Teja A. - May 16, 2018
Nissan Versa 2016
I had a seamless rental experience with Lance. The car was available where it said it would be, it was clean and ready to go. I was about 200 over my mile due to yosemite park closure and change of plan but Lance accommodated me at a reduced charge as it was unforseen circumstances. He was prompt to respond to me and i had a smooth experience. Would use Turo again and recommend Lance to others. One suggestion is that miles restrictions can probably be extended.
Astha B. - August 7, 2018
Nissan Altima 2011
Mayank is a great guy great communication his car is great. will definitely be renting from him again. Thank You
Darrin S. - August 23, 2018
Jin Jia
Nissan Altima 2013
Abdoulaye is an exceptional host! Car is very well maintained and smooth. Very clean and has got good stereos with bluetooth compatibility. Had a blast driving the car over the long weekend. No complaints and I am sure to rent the car again.
Jin Jia C. - September 4, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
I rented the Nissan GT-R to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, and I can’t count the amount of times he told me it was the best gift he’d ever received! The experience was truly one of a lifetime: the sounds, the drive, the POWER! People everywhere stopped to wave, kids on the street looked on in amazement, and car lovers all around shared in the joy the experience brought. Best of Valentine from Umbalux whom rented us the vehicle was thorough, very communicative, and highly knowledgeable. We will definitely be repeat customers until we’ve driven everything on his lot! Amazing!!
Jacqueline M. - July 5, 2018
Nissan Altima 2011
Mayank is the best host ever! Very well mannered and such a gentleman! He's also super laid back! I highly recommend both him and his vehicle, which gets awesome gas mileage! A new friend!!! :)
Bo P. - November 13, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2018
It was so great to rent an EV in the Bay Area, and James made it easy and convenient. This Leaf has the carpool lane sticker. The car was not in the best condition, but it suited my needs just fine.
Matthew G. - September 19, 2018
Nissan Versa 2015
Rohit is my go to on Turo. He always makes my trips easy and convenient.
Domino M. - December 12, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2015
We are first time renters thru Turo, it was it super easy. Logan's GTR is a true super car...WOW We had no issues with the car nor Logan (renter)
Jerry C. - August 16, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2009
First time using Turo, requested Logan's GT-R and the experience was very easy going and car was amazing. I had people ask where I rented the car and I told them to search on Turo under Logan's page. Great experience overall, will be renting from him in the future again!
Edgar A. - August 20, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2015
It doesn't get any better then the experience renting from Linh. The car is incredible and immaculate condition.
Stephen B. - September 8, 2017
Nissan Altima 2013
Thank you i really enjoyed renting your car
Evelyn H. - September 11, 2017
Nissan Sentra 2010
It was a nice trip. Nate is a very kind guy, the car is great and fuel efficient. Would rent again and recommend.
Aleksandr K. - October 9, 2017
Nissan Leaf 2016
Renting Jeffrey's car was simple and easy. He met us at the airport, explained how to use the e-vehicle and was very informative. The Leaf was great to drive; fun, powerful and had plenty of range for our needs.
Catherine K. - January 1, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Communication was slow, and the car wasn’t very clean but overall good rental.
Hieu N. - January 22, 2018
Kam Hei
Nissan GT-R 2009
Great first experience with Turo! Owner was very accommodating and was there in person to assist with the checkin and checkout process. Car was amazing too! 10/10 would rent again!
Kam Hei Y. - February 19, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Fantastic car, even better service provided! Would easily rent again.
Chris S. - February 11, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
I rented the GTR on the first day of Lunar New Year as a great way to start this year! Luckily, the whole pick up and return process were easily done and the car was superb! My relatives and friends were impressed with the lucky red color GTR. I only had the car for a day and it was totally worth it! Thank you so much!
My L. - February 17, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
UmbaLux has been the greatest host to me on Turo. I don't know any other host on Turo with the selection UmbaLux has to offer. Omar was the one who handled my rental and I am speechless by the way he made everything so smooth! Ask for Vince, Logan or Omar. They are all very responsive and great people! They will make sure you are on your way in one of their great cars in no time. Thank you guys for another great rental experience!
Samy M. - March 27, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Great host! Great car! Great day! Can't wait to rent again, thanks Vince!
Scott C. - March 29, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2009
Using one of Junjian's cars was easy. Pick up and drop off were a breeze and the car was very clean. Junjian was very easy to communicate with and always got back to me quickly. 10/10 would rent again.
John M. - May 29, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2018
Great guy. Clean car that was perfect for my trip. Very easy to communicate with. I will likely rent a Leaf from James again the next time I'm in town.
Erick P. - April 14, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2018
James was great to work with and the car was in great shape. I'd definitely rent from him again!
Jason J. - May 11, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2018
James was punctual so pickup and return was very easy. He responded right away to questions. The car was clean and new. I highly recommend renting James' vehicles.
Michael S. - May 18, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2018
James was very professional & caring. This was my first time operating an electric car and he made sure everything ran smoothly. I will definitely be renting from him again !
Keara G. - May 16, 2018
Nissan Versa 2016
Car was great, communication was too. Thank you
Erendira L. - August 13, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2009
Car worked just fine and got the job done!
Susan S. - August 15, 2018
Nissan Versa 2016
Easy pick up and return process. Car was clean and ready to go at a very short notice. The Versa ran perfectly and was comfortable. Nothing too fancy, but was in good condition. Owner was communicative, friendly and gave clear instructions for pickup and drop off.
Marki T. - August 18, 2018
Nissan Altima 2011
Mayank's Altima is very clean and runs great. I enjoyed driving this car.
Sagen C. - August 19, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
Rented the GTR. Super easy and flexible pick up and drop off. The GTR is as nutty as a car with 800+ HP should be and was a ton of fun. It’s heavy and planted in the turns and takes off like a space ship. Makes all the right sounds that a big turbo car should. It has adaptive exhaust which personally I preferred in closed valve mode so I could hear the engine. About the only downside was that it guzzles gas at an impressive rate. You only get about 100 miles per tank if you are off the freeway so pay attention to where you’re going and plan accordingly for those E85 stations because the power is totally worth it!!! Would highly recommend the car. It’s quite an experience. I may very well rent it again at some point because it just puts a smile on your face.
Alec S. - June 4, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2013
Had an excellent rental and experience with first time using an EV and Turo.
Anthony T. - September 1, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
The GTR is awesome. Will rent it again.
Chuan T. - September 2, 2018
D. Scott
Nissan Versa 2016
I extended my use of the car. Lance was helpful in a tough situation.
D. Scott O. - September 4, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2015
The delivery and pickup was smooth and on time. The car was clean and working in great condition. Sean was responsive and helpful throughout the process.
Saumya J. - September 3, 2018
Nissan Versa 2015
Thanks for the rental. The car was very nice and clean, the owner was very polite and punctual. It was good to get an experience with a compact car and I used it for a few days and gained a lot of insight. Thanks again!
Max T. - June 8, 2018
Nissan Altima 2013
I rented he car for a little bit over a week. Abdoulaye made the process so seamless. From pick up to drop off. This was my second time working with Turo. I will definitely rent from him again if needed. The car was clean, and worked great. Abdoulaye was very professional and accommodating.
Vincent W. - July 24, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2018
Great experience! James picked us up and dropped us off at the airport. Super convenient and easy. The Nissan Leaf was in great condition and fun to drive. We will definitely rent from James again!
Eleena K. - June 5, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Very easy to work with. Thank you! Amazing car too.
Jeremy C. - August 17, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2009
Very nice person! Will rent again!
Austin T. - August 11, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2009
Awesome time in a great car. Logan's d his assistant communicated very well. Highly recommended!
Jeffery B. - August 18, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2009
Great owner of a very cool car. Exactly as described and a blast to drive. Highly recommended!
Grayson M. - August 28, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2015
I cant thank Linh and Vince enough. They are great and very reasonable with their return customers. Thank you for the experience and everyone on Turo should deff rent the black GTR!
Samy M. - September 17, 2017
Nissan Leaf 2016
Jeffrey was easy to communicate with and flexible. Car was as advertised.
Ryan P. - September 27, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2015
Thanks for lending me your awesome car!
John I. - October 19, 2017
Sophie K
Nissan Sentra 2010
Great car for trip :) easy to get good on gas :)
Sophie K S. - October 28, 2017
Nissan Sentra 2010
Easy pickup/dropoff. Great value car. Thanks!
Nathan F. - November 17, 2017
Nissan 370Z 2013
Michael and his girl friend Cherie were both really nice. I really enjoyed the trip and the renting experience was excellent.
ERIC H. - November 16, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2014
Vince was very accomodating and have a great team, great at communicating and super informative on pickup and drop off.
Mary T. - October 7, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2010
Nate is such a laid back, cool guy, and he is so considerate. Definitely would rent from him again and highly recommend him and his vehicle, amazing fuel efficiency!
Bo P. - November 21, 2017
Duc Nhan
Nissan 370Z 2013
Michael is great! The car was great. There were no problems at all. It rode smooth and overall a very fun drive.
Duc Nhan L. - December 3, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2009
Great experience and service from car enthusiast themselves. Highly recommended!
Shane N. - December 18, 2017
Nissan Sentra 2010
Nate was so kind and flexible. I highly recommend him and his car. I’ve never had such a great experience! Thanks Nate!
Sarah P. - December 9, 2017
Nissan Altima 2012
Easy pickup and drop off. Car drove nicely and was near and tidy. Suraj was great to do business with!
Brandon M. - January 11, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2015
My 1st time experience on turo went smooth, Logan the owner of the GTR responded quickly and was helpful with details regarding the performance of the car n nearest e85 gas station locations etc. The car is powerful and really fun to drive!!!
Edgar L. - January 22, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2012
I found Jun Jian's rental service very efficient and courteous. I used the pick up and drop off location near SJC airport. It was very close and the service was prompt and professional. Thank you, Jim
Jim S. - January 30, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2013
Fernando was punctual, very quick to respond to my messages and flexible with my requests. The car was very clean and pleasant to drive. I had a wonderful day taking the car around the city!
Vivian L. - January 31, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Vince(one of the owners) was very efficient and helpful. The whole pick up and return process was hassle-free and pleasant. The car has got some mileage on it but runs great. They also got a newer model with more horsepower which I will definitely check out next time
Charlie Y. - February 2, 2018
Nissan Altima 2006
Easy to pick up and return would rent again from suraj
Jose O. - February 20, 2018
Nissan Altima 2006
Shame I could give 6 stars! Great service, Syrah is a great guy. Will definitely rent from him whenever I can
Rob B. - February 22, 2018
Nissan Altima 2013
Abdoulaye was very helpful and convenient every time I reached out to him. The car is spacious and clean with very good range with gas, highly recommended!
Mhd Z. - February 17, 2018
Nissan Altima 2013
We had an amazing time due to the flexibility and customer care. Highly endorse.
Robert N. - March 4, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Vince is a great guy! Made it real easy to enjoy the car
Gabe K. - March 10, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2009
Great car and great host!!! Had a great time with the Gtr!!!
Mike S. - March 13, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2011
nice car. I will go wit suraj again. thank you
Sindhu C. - December 26, 2017
Nissan Sentra 2010
I had a nice trip with Nate's car. I'll suggest everyone to pick this car and have a nice trip. Nate is also very helpful. He even made arrangements to make my trip a good one. I believe this is his personal car therefore he has maintained the car very well.
Sunil K. - December 21, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2015
Awesome car. Begs you to go faster. Quite a machine. Thank you for sharing such a cool car.
Douglas W. - December 27, 2017
Nissan GT-R 2014
Very nice car. The gentlemen I met with were very friendly and happy to answer any questions I had.
Kevin S. - May 28, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2017
Easy to schedule and communicate with. Great car.
Jayesh P. - April 30, 2018
Nissan Leaf 2013
A+ hosts, very nice and clean car and easy pick up. On a friendly note the car only really has 30 to 40 mile radius even though it says 77 miles. But there's plenty of charge ports around.
Monica C. - May 27, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2011
Good car. Great guy. Very helpful.
Siddharth J. - May 29, 2018
Nissan Versa 2015
Serious, clean, good deal. Thanks to Son for these days.
Simon P. - August 9, 2018
Phuong Linh
Nissan Altima 2006
This is my first time using Turo Apps. I’m so confused with the process but they pretty nice to let me figure out what is going on. A little bit lost communication between both of us in the tour but it’s all fine.
Phuong Linh L. - August 8, 2018
Nissan Altima 2005
Best efficient car She is very comprehensive mind I recommend this car if u come to bay area
SANGWAN K. - June 2, 2018
Nissan Versa 2016
Lance is a pro. Easy transition thank you.
Michael H. - September 15, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2010
Very convenient pick up and drop off. The communication was great! I extended the trip twice very easily. Thanks!
Sagen C. - August 27, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
Amazing car - super car for such an amazing price
Chris S. - June 14, 2018
Nissan GT-R 2014
Very smooth and professional transaction. I would highly recommend everyone to rent from here
Andy L. - June 9, 2018

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