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Ford Mustang1965
39 trips
$ 139
per day
The car
Ford Mustang
39 trips
Rent an American classic.

Enjoy driving a classic car. Whether going for a fun night on the town, or sight seeing in Northern California. This is a drive of a life time. This vehicle may not be listed here for long. Take advantage of an opportunity you don't want to miss out on.

This beautiful 1965 Mustang comes with a V8 engine, powered top, power steering, 4 wheel power disc brakes, and original lap seat belts.

Book it now, before it is gone.

Winter Pricing
$139 per day w/ 100 miles
$595 per week w/ 350 miles
$1600 per month w/ 1125 miles
Excess Mileage $1.09 per mile
Minimum Rental Period 2 days, 1 day rental pays 2 day price.

Regular Pricing
$185 per day w/ 100 miles
$789 per week w/ 350 miles
$2,000 per month w/ 1125 miles
Excess Mileage $1.09 per mile
Minimum Rental Period 2 days, 1 day rental $85 extra.

Operating Instructions:
* Vehicle requires 91 octane lower grade fuels will hurt the engine. Gas receipts must be stored in the Glove Box.
* Due to the age of the vehicle it consumes a small amount of oil. Please check the oil level at the beggining and end of your trip. If the car requires oil added we will walk you through the procedure to add it, and will include a small funnel.
* The vehicle must be in Park, or Neutral with the brake pressed to start, if you try start the car, and hear nothing you are likely not in Park or Neutral.

Personal space:
* Like the overwhelming majority of classic cars the seats can be adjusted forwards but not up or down.
* The car specs say that the rear seats have 32" of leg room, the taller adults will be more confortable in the front.
* If you are above 6'7" or below 4'10" I recommend you stop by for a sit in.
* One of my mechanic's Bernie is 6'5" and 350Lbs, he describes the vehicle as comfortable to drive with the top up or down, One of the renters an athlete who was 6'9" told me that it was very enjoyable with the top down, though he could still drive it with the top up.
* All people are different, if you are close to these heights I recommend you do a sit in first, or sit in a similar vehicle and make that determination first.

* This is a 4 seater vehicle with a large trunk. There is plenty of room for Luggage in general.
* The sound system on the vehicle has an amplifier located in the rear driver side wheel well of the trunk do not place luggage on top of the amplifier. Luggage can safely go in the entire middle area of the trunk or passenger side wheel well area, but not on the amp in the driver side wheel well.

Weather in Northern California:
* Suntan Lotion, hats and sunglassess are strongly encouraged all year round.
* This car is kept original and like the overwhelming majority of convertibles during it's era it does not have A/C. but it does have a fan system.
* If you are new to California, the coolest weather is in San Francisco or along the coast. Also anywhere at night. Due to the warm California sun, suntan lotion, hats and sunglasses are strongly encouraged while driving top down.
* Even in the Fall and Winters temperatures can range from the high 40- to the low 70s. Top down driving is still possible, though I would wear a jacket at night, if I was driving with the top down.

Vehicle Condition:
This is a 50+ year old classic car, great efforts have been made to make it reliable, though due to the age it is possible that a maintenance event may occur. If something happens we are available by phone and can help walk you through minor things such as jump starting the vehicle. If we can't walk you through it we will come out and fix the vehicle. The vehicle is used by renters, and may have a light scratch or a minor scuff. Though you would have to look very closely at the vehicle to find them. The car is a 50 year old classic car, and does have it's old car quirks, but my mechanics and I work tirelessly to keep them at bay.

A classic car is not the right vehicle for every occasion, if a maintenance event will ruin your trip please choose a different type of vehicle.

Contact Info.
If you have any questions please feel free to message me at
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
  • Long-term trips
  • Bluetooth
  • Toll pass
  • Sunroof
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
Car location
San Jose, CA 95113