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Lexus IS 3002001
1 trip
$ 28
per day
The car
Lexus IS 300
1 trip
This car will turn heads. You will love driving this car. With a low rumble, you awaken the beast whose roars echo across the world to signal to your one true love that. You. Are. Coming. With just one ride you will realize you have entered the chariot of the gods. The carbon fiber on top of this grounded jet built for speed and maneuvering gives you the extra oomph you need to pass by that old lady who seems to be scared of every little leaf floating her way. However the heart of this cheetah-esque machina in combination with its beautifully sculpted hips and thighs allow it the high capability of carving through traffic like a samurai sword would carve a piece of cheese under the blazing California summer sun. It is a small car whose true potential can be easily seized by a masterful war-hardened veteran but also relishes in the joys of an undisciplined pup experiencing true power for the first time. Either way the speed and size of this gleaming chariot is a must for all adventurers looking to venture forth towards their grand goals and completing their quests in epic style. Yes there is a moon roof to enjoy the expansive night sky or even the fiery sun in all its glory but you will have no need for it since with this car you can reach any destination required of your mortal contracts with the gods of Olympus and to lay on top of this chariot whilst having the whole sky as your point of view is the closest you will get to being on par with Zeus, the king of gods. Lest us not forget that this little lioness has a voice produced from golden vocal chords forged from the noblest of all the mines in the heavens. It will allow you to play any symphony of your own choosing to the world at such high detail while you cruise down that sea-breezed highway to nowhere. People will shout praise to your name as you bless them and honor their families to come with the sight and sound of this perfectly designed instrument and its beautiful song.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term car
Car location
San Gabriel, CA 91775