Volkswagen Jetta Rental in San Francisco, CA | Turo
Linh (Logan)’s
Volkswagen Jetta2015
$ 55
per day
The car
Linh (Logan)’s
Volkswagen Jetta
5 seats
4 doors
28 MPG
Curious why this has been Volkswagen’s best selling car for years and years? Well, it’s because the Jetta proves that driving a sedan doesn’t have to be boring! It provides all the comforts you want in a sedan without sacrificing any of the dynamic excitement. As always, the Jetta comes with the powerful performance and smooth handling that its lauded for.

This 2015 VW has been redesigned with an incredibly clean and stylish exterior, all while keeping the look still uniquely Jetta. If you’re a fan of “minimalist-chic,” then you’ll absolutely LOVE the redesigned interior! Each of its advanced technological features comes in a simple, friendly interface that cuts out any extra complications— that means no more headaches from trying to figure out what all those buttons and screens do! Every inch of the interior is top-notch, from the high quality materials to the easy-to-use technology, including but not limited to: Bluetooth media, keyless entry and ignition, etc.

Simply put, if you are a fan of a spacious, powerful sedan with a sleek, minimalist look that provides a seamless experience, then look no further— this is it!

  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Sunroof
Delivery details
For airport deliveries, we’ll meet our renters curbside of baggage claim. However, parking over 30 minutes is prohibited in SFO. As a result, our maximum wait time for renters is 30 minutes. Please pick the starting time of your trip wisely.

In case renters are unable to show up within 30 minutes, we have to bring the car to our nearest office. Renters have to come to the office by their own. Usually, it costs renters $7.00 going from SFO to my office by Uber.
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$400 for one way from SF to LA or I can deliver the car to LA and pick up in SF. Perfect for the beautiful and scenic Pacific Coast Highway drive! Please text me at (415) 900-9566 prior to booking for one ways
$650 for one way from SF to Las Vegas or I can deliver the car to you in Las Vegas. Please text me at (415) 900-9566 prior to booking for one ways.


FREE DELIVERY for trips of 2 weeks or longer.

** Turo Fees & Fines:

**Please refuel the car to the original level of gas upon delivery. If the car is returned without being refueling, I will have to charge for reimbursement via the Turo Reimbursement Request tool.

**Please be aware: Turo requires that renters return cars in ORIGINAL condition! You can return the car as-is (this means in the condition it was in when you first received it). We are flexible as long as the car is not extremely dirty.

**If the car is NOT returned in original condition, Turo will charge complete car wash. If there is trash, mud, or any damage to the carpet or seats of the car, Turo will charge for cleaning and detailing.

** Smoking is not allowed. Please respect the car’s owner and future renter. Besides, isn’t it uncomfortable smoking inside the car? ;) Unfortunately, if you decide to do so there will be a $250 charge.

**All of our cars are Pet Friendly
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Car location
San Francisco, CA 94129
San Francisco International Airport
Up to 15 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer