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Volkswagen Golf2015
8 trips
$ 101
per day
The car
Volkswagen Golf
8 trips
Have you ever driven a 2.0L TDI before? You need to try it. It's especially thrilling in a small car like the Golf or Jetta.

Put in your gear, press your foot down, (all the way!) get past 2000RPM (where VW's nannyware stops throttling power delivery to the wheels) and make sure you're paying attention.

Seriously, you can get up to 100 (law permitting) without noticing it, so please pay attention.

Out of the many cars I've driven, this is by far my favorite to drive. It's fast, zippy, torquey, fits a lot of stuff and people (up to five), and is super comfortable for driver and passenger. I've done 300+ mile drives in one sitting - no standing, no breaking, no filling fuel.

One of the first things I did when I got this car was to help my mom move in to her apartment. She was amazed that i was able to fit almost as much as she could into her XC90.

As you can probably tell, I'm really excited about this car, and I'm excited for you to drive it.

- Arjun

PS: Give me a ring or message at 805.222.0057 if you have any questions.

I'd prefer at least 1 day's notice so we can properly arrange pickup.

IMPORTANT: Use diesel if you need to fill up. If you put gas, the car won't work and you will be late.

- Diesel Engine (Have I mentioned torque?)
- Bluetooth connection for phone and audio.
- You can put two car seats in it
- Dashcam (I can give you any videos you record!)
- Scangauge II (See what the engine is doing!) (I've had to take this out temporarily, but it'll be back!)
- Escort Radar Detector
- Tinted windows
- Fastrak
- Chargers (Micro USB and Lightning in car. Additional USB slots available)
- Chilled glove box to keep your snacks cool.
- Great sound system.
- Special: hold the unlock button near the car and see what happens.

You should rent my car for:
- Everyday driving/commuting.
- Long highway trips.
- Ski trips if you rent your skis there (I can provide chains if you want to go to the snow).
- Ikea trips to pick up small/medium items.
- Moving small/medium sized furniture.
- Impressing people with torque.
- Impressing your special date.

You should NOT rent my car for:
- Ikea trips to pick up big items.
- Trips to Tahoe if you bring your skis. (Unfortunately I don't have a roof rack. You can keep them in the cabin but it'll be sticking through the center divide)
- Looking out of the sunroof
- Offroading
- Learning to drive stick. (If you're interested in learning, contact me)

My asks of you:
- Please give me at least 1 day notice so we can arrange pickup. It's possible to arrange on shorter notice but a day is much preferred.
- Before the engine is warm, keep the revs below 2500RPM. When temperature has been reached, go crazy.
- Please know how to drive a standard transmission. If it's been a while and you need refresher, I'm happy to provide a quick lesson.
- Fill up when the fuel tank is at 1/4. The fuel tank is used as a heat sink for hot engine.
- Enjoy
  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • Child seat
  • Toll pass
  • Snow tires or chains
Delivery details
Come and go as if it were your car. Let me know where to meet you and your flight number. Enjoy your trip and meet me back at the departures drop-off curb.
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94121
San Francisco International Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer