Toyota Prius Rental in San Francisco, CA | Turo
Toyota Prius2005
46 trips
$ 56
per day
The car
Toyota Prius
46 trips
5 seats
4 doors
46 MPG
New renters get $25 off Need Uber to get to the car?

Remote key handoff! I'm not too fussy on your exact arrival time since I will unlock the car remotely.

A solid and reliable Prius! 45+mpg. 250 miles/day with very inexpensive $0.13/mile after that

55mph - 57mpg
65mph - 44mpg
75mph - 38mpg

This is my experience driving this car. And that's using the less efficient California oxygenated gasoline. So consider not rocketing down the freeway! It's more relaxed anyway. Not to mention environmentally responsible, AND being nicer to the car.

Note no AUX input for the stereo.
  • Automatic transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • Long-term car
  • Pet friendly
Parking details
Disengaging the parking brake: Press it down and it releases. When parking on level ground (especially at the return) please leave the parking brake OFF, to to make life easier for the next renter. Thanks!

Parked on the street at 128 Morris st. Park on the street, NOT in the lot. Even though SF is not easy, where it's parked in SOMA there are spots on morris most days day in the afternoon and evenings are no problem at all. The only exception is Monday night because of street sweeping. Monday night you can find a spot on Oak Grove or Merlin St. I know the streets around here very well, so if you are having trouble text me at 415-283-7327 - I can help you find a spot. If you have to return in the morning you can park in the lot at 40 Oak Grove St. Very inexpensive at $10 usually. If it's late morning (11am or later) most days during business hours I can allow you to park at a 2 hr spot or at a meter - but only by arrangement via text.

Gas up before returning. A good gas station is the Chevron on the NW corner of 6th and Bryant (1000 Harrison St). Another on 3rd at Harrison. If you don't gas up you will be charged plus a fee. If the car is not full when you get it get gas to cover the distance you drove (15-25mpg).

You'll find the key in the glove box. Please return it there, not in the visor (prevents breakins) Check for your stuff before you leave.

I try to keep it clean - but it is parked on the street, so it might be dusty/dirty when you get to it. If you want to wash it feel free - there is a car wash (that also has a vacuum) at the Chevron at 9th and Howard. If you make a mess in the car please clean it up. There is also a vacuum for $2 at 10th and Harrison.
I do remote key handoff. I will require your drivers license and photo per Turo terms -

Pets ok. Please keep them in a carrier... and you MUST clean up after them. NO EXCEPTIONS! I will charge you if there is pet hair because it's really bad for the next renter.

No smoking please. If you encounter evidence of smoking from a previous renter, please send me photographs immediately, you don't want to get caught with the $150-200 cleaning fee that will inevitably result.

Gas is not included. Whether or not it is full when you got it, and whether is seems to move the gauge, put some in! You used some gas driving around. It goes 35-50mpg depending on your driving. There is a very handy Chevron station at 6th and Harrison just a couple blocks from where the car usually is. If it's not full when you get to it you can report that in the app.

If it's not full when you return it you'll pay for the gas plus $10 filling fee

If you go over a toll bridge, please pay cash. If you can't, tell me - there is a $4 processing fee if you tell me, and it's $25 if you don't tell me. If you go over the golden gate bridge you can pay in advance or within 48 hours of going over - please be considerate of my time and pay in advance! Thanks!
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94107
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Up to 10 miles