Toyota Prius2006
27 trips
$ 44
per day
Toyota Prius
27 trips
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Toyota Synergy Drive is the original and perhaps still the best hybrid system. 40-50mpg depending on how you drive. Seafoam is great for errands or long trips! Lots of cargo capacity, seating for 5 in comfort. Backup camera for those tight SF spots. Aux in jack for connecting your phone and playing music through the stereo.

Priuses are different - you don't need to put in the key to make it go. You keep it in your pocket, put your foot on the brake and press power. The car "starts" (really more boots up) but the engine stays off. Release the parking brake by pressing it with your left foot. You can then put your foot back on the brake, and put the car in drive with the little stick, and off you go silently!

When you stop press "Park" to engage the parking brake. The footbrake is separate like most cars - use it if you need to like on a hill or something but it's not necessary on level ground. Then you get out. You can lock it by pressing the little black button on the handle or the lock on the key fob.

When you come back to the car, just touch the handle and it unlocks like magic! Whee! It's all atypical but when you get used to it it's pretty nice (and other Toyotas work the same way). Have fun! Drive lightly and you can drive up to 42mph on electric and easily get 45-50mpg - and it's so good in the city that it gets more than on the highway. Brake lightly and you regenerate more power. It's fun to see the power going back to the battery!

If you go over a toll bridge, please pay cash. If you can't, tell me - there is a $4 processing fee for fastrak, and it's $50 if you don't tell me. Thanks!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Long-term trips
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94107