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smart fortwo
3 trips
It gets no smarter than this rental!

"Napoleon" fits my 6'5 tall boyfriend in all his glory effortlessly, drives like a god damn truck on the freeway, can fit 12 midget-sized bags in the trunk space, and zooms around like Nancy Kerrigan before the knee incident. Speaking of safety- it's got 4.5 safety rating, oooh yea!

I have thought of it all, haven't I? I also have phone chargers, and a C sticker, so you can park like a local anywhere in Russian Hill/Nob Hill you like BUT if you park elsewhere than the alley, PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR and don't get the car towed. I can not protect you if you don't read the signs!

Fastrak. I have it in the car for the Golden Gate bridge, which only accepts Fastrak. If you do use my account, please just leave cash for the price of the toll in the glove box & send a little note my way :)

The gas literally costs $31 to FILL the tank - and it gets 38 miles per gallon!! I also have *special* added insurance for those clumsy occasions or inevitable city accidents -- so have no fear of scratches or popped tires, so they will most likely 100% covered by my Smart Car Smart Insurance! So if something happens, just let me know so I can take it in for a free fix up! Yes, I have Triple AAA as well!

WARNING: *The only thing that car is not ideal for is Snow or Tahoe* without special chains. Besides that, take this lil beast anywhere, cause she is the shit. Yes, Napoleon is female. Deal with it & Enjoy!

Smart car pro tips:

To open the rear hatch, just unlock the car and push up inside the "handle" that's not actually a handle- that'll unlock the upper window panel. Now you can lift the window for ready access, and that also exposes the lower latch controls, one at each side. Either one release the lower half of the hatch.

- The controls to adjust seat-back angle or put down the passenger seat are the round lever things by the seatbelt latch-points- lift the lever and adjust to taste. The passenger seat will fold down flat if the passenger seat is most of the way back (as if it was adjusted for a tall person). Adjust front or back using the lever under the front of the seat as in most cars.

- The owners manual packet is to the back of the seat. - If you should have an accident and the emergency responders want to know where the battery is- it's under the carpet at the passenger's feet.

- Don't finesse the gas pedal while waiting at an uphill stoplight- that can overheat the transmission. If you are stopped, do a full stop with the brake pedal.

Ohh yea, now you are a pro!

- And if you read ALL the way to the bottom, email me personally at and I will personally send you a free DIGITAL COPY of my documentary about the Sharing Economy!

-No cigarettes or hairy beasts that shed, porfavor ;-) If you do, agree to take Napoleon for carwash and that couulllld work... but ask first :)

-IMPORTANT *Limit 100 -120 miles per day max* (which is like SF to Napa roundtrip or SF to Mountain View), unless you ask permission. Depending on how many miles are used that month, I can be flexible, but only if you ask. My lease only allows 900 miles per month & with all these rentals, last month I was over my limit! So renters are billed $0.40 per additional mile - but I prefer to just keep it under my quota.
  • Automatic transmission
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  • Long-term car
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san francisco, CA 94102