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Porsche Boxster2014
19 trips
$ 250
per day
The car
Porsche Boxster
19 trips
Thanks for renting my Porsche! It is an awesome car, unbelievably fun to drive, and a real head turner.
It is a real sports car with power and handling to match the name of Porsche. And the Racing Red looks amazing.

CONVERTIBLE TOP UNDER 30 MPH: This can be put up or down while moving UNDER 30 MPH. Do not move the top when you are traveling over 30 MPH.

FUEL: This is a HIGH PERFORMANCE car and it MUST have Premium 91 Octane Fuel. As a condition for renting this car you must provide the fuel receipt showing you refilled with 91 Octane Fuel. Please leave the receipt in the arm rest compartment between the seats when you return the car.

RESPECT: This is my baby, so please, please treat it as if it were your own car.

DRIVE SAFELY! - this is a high performance car and so treat it well and drive safely. DO NOT RACE! Not only is it illegal, but also very dangerous.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Please drive SLOWLY through my neighborhood. All the neighbors know my car, and they will chew me out if they see it speeding down the street.

NO SMOKING: Even with the top down, do not smoke in the car. Ashes will go flying all over the place.

Please note: Limit of 200 miles per day. Renters will be billed $0.50 per mile for any additional mileage.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term car
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94127