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Oldsmobile Alero2003
58 trips
$ 29
per day
The car
Oldsmobile Alero
58 trips
Hey Everyone!

Top 5 reasons to rent Blanche the Awesome Oldsmobile:

1. A dedicated parking spot to return the car to at the end of your reservation!

2. Blanche is roomy yet fits in standard parking spaces, all while seating up to 5 people and multiple bags of groceries.

3. With gentle breaking and moderate acceleration, get 30mpg. Gas is expensive, people. Make it less expensive by renting Blanche.

4. Blanche has more space and leg room than you'll know what to do with. Don't make grandma feel like the second fiddle.

5. Blanche can accommodate Sparky and Fluffy (if this applies to you, please send me a message for more details).

Top 5 situations why you NEED to rent Blanche the Awesome Oldsmobile:

-Running errands around town.
Sometimes there's a personal limit to the things you want to bring on a bus or train. Make it easy by renting Blanche. Park in the normal spaces. Use minimal gas. Bring home more than what your arms can carry. Target and Costo are no match for you and this Olds!

-Going to the airport.
Pick up four of your loved ones and ALL their luggage with comfort and ease. Imagine the surprise they will get when they see you pull up to the curb! No waiting for shuttles, buses or trains. Load 4 large check-in and at least 4 carry-ons with no hesitation. Save time and make things easy.

-Picking up that table you just bought on Craigslist or IKEA.
You want to buy it. Now you can! Rent Blanche. Fold both back seats down flat to accommodate the bulkiest of items. And the best part..... there's still room for your buddy in the front seat. Mission accomplished!

-Taking a trip for the day or the weekend.
Napa calling? How about Tahoe? Roll out in comfort with cruise control, power door locks and windows, and cold AC.

-Sparky and Fluffy need to visit the vet.
I'm a pet person myself. I know that visits to the vet are a lot easier when you can take a car instead of public transportation. If you're using Blanche to transport your pet, I ask two things. Use a pet carrier if possible, and please, please detail or thoroughly vacuum out the car before the end of your reservation. For detailing, I use Milbrae Carwash on the peninsula. Their rates are really affordable ($35 for the express-detail).
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term car
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94109