Nissan 370Z2010
7 trips
$ 90
per day
Nissan 370Z
7 trips
**Cheyanne has a modded rear bumper, so the button to open the trunk is very difficult to find. It is below the bumper behind the red reflector in the center bottom of the back bumper. Please refer to photo #3 for the long button that will open the trunk.

Drives like a dream, Cheyanne is all black, with blacked out rims and tinted windows. She will turn heads, and is truly one of a kind on the road.

Cheyanne is perfect for any of the following activities:
Saturday or Sunday brunch
picking up your date
weekend trip
driving down 280 at no faster than 65 mph because that's the speed limit ;)

In the Center Console, you will find the following cables:
AUX to 3.5mm phone connector (sound)

Cheyanne has a AMUSE Zero front bumper kit which keeps the front slightly lower than usual. Please be careful when parking and driving on extreme slopes in San Francisco, she could bottom out if you go too fast.
Back Taillights are smoked.
Rims are powder coated black.
Exhaust is upgraded and tips are smoked in blue.

Please Read:

Premium fuel only.
No smoking or pets please!
Please bring her back in the same condition that you found her.
Park under the covered area if possible but not next to wall (last space is hard to get out from).

Gas: Gas will always be full when you rent the car, please let us know if it is not full. We also expect you to fill up the gas tank when you are done using the car. We do track gas on the vehicle, however, it is a huge inconvenience for us to fill up the tank if you forget. It takes us over an hour to get to the vehicle, fill up, and return to our home location. Due to this, we will be charging a $25 inconvenience fee on top of any missing gas (this is in addition to whatever fees Turo may charge).

Mileage: Please track your own mileage and report overages to us. We can track the mileage on the vehicles, but like to operate on an honor system. If you go over on mileage and do not let us know, we will be charging a $25 inconvenience fee on top of the standard Turo rate for mileage overage ($0.75/mi). If you let us know before your trip ends, we will only charge you $0.50/mi.

Toll: For tolls, please pay cash if possible. If there is no cash toll booth, please take note ahead of time if you go through any tolls, and let me know when you return the car so we can process the reimbursements quickly and add the fees directly to the rental. If you let us know about the tolls through Turo messages, you will be charged ~$10 per crossing. If you do not let us know about the tolls, we will charge a $25 inconvenience fee on top of the cost of the toll and any fees Turo may have.

Tickets: Please let us know if you get any tickets during the rental. It follows the same reimbursement process as tolls. Vehicle registration and Turo insurance card are located in the booklet in the glove compartment. There are many insurance cards located in the vehicle, please make sure the one you use says TURO on it.

Cleanliness: Please return the car in as-good or better condition than when you borrowed it. No smoking or pets please, thanks!

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  • Bluetooth
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Car location
San Francisco, CA 94108