Mercedes-Benz E-Class Rental in San Francisco, CA | Turo
Linh (Logan)’s
Mercedes-Benz E-Class2017
E 300 Luxury
3 trips
$ 195
per day
The car
Linh (Logan)’s
Mercedes-Benz E-Class
E 300 Luxury
3 trips
5 seats
4 doors
Gas (Premium)
26 MPG
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Are you someone looking for the smoothest, most luxurious car ride of your life? Or perhaps seeking the thrill of driving a sporty, technologically advanced automobile that exudes elegance? Whether you are the driver or passenger, this gorgeous Mercedes Benz E300 will provide all the comfort you seek, along with cutting-edge, innovative safety features that make your ride as safe as possible.

This car not only comes with massage seats and ambient lighting, but also the first Cloud based communication system ever made, which can alert you of accidents and road blocks ahead. Cutting-edge technology allows you to view and control everything with simply a touch of your fingertips using the controls on your wheel. Semi-automated safety features such as lane change assist and pre-safe impulse side airbags protect you from accidents.

My car is the FIRST 2017 E300 ever sold in California. You may have spotted a rare glimpse of this striking new car on the streets, and if you pick this car, you can be one of the few lucky ones who get the incredible experience of driving this cutting-edge, luxury sports sedan.

PLUS, this car has a custom fragrance only for this car from TOM FORD - Oud Wood blend into the car that created from an exotic rosewood and cardamom give way to a smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood, and vetiver. Tonka bean and amber add warmth and sensuality to your ride.

Still doubtful about how incredible this luxury sedan is? Well, just watch these videos and you will be blown away:
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  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • Child seat
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Snow tires or chains
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Burmeister Sound
Delivery details
For airport deliveries, we’ll meet our renters curbside of baggage claim. However, parking over 30 minutes is prohibited in SFO. As a result, our maximum wait time for renters is 30 minutes. Please pick the starting time of your trip wisely.

In case renters are unable to show up within 30 minutes, we have to bring the car to our nearest office. Renters have to come to the office by their own. Usually, it costs renters $7.00 going from SFO to my office by Uber.

$350 for one way travel between SF to LA! If you’d like to take a cruise down the beautiful and scenic Pacific Coast Highway, this will be perfect for you. For the relocation fee, I can pick up the car in LA after your trip, or deliver the car to LA for you and pick it up from you in SF. Please text me at (415) 866-9663 prior to booking for one way trips.
$450 for one way travel between SF and Las Vegas. If you’d like to pick up the car in SF and leave it in Las Vegas, I can pick it up for this relocation fee. Or I can deliver the car to you in Las Vegas if you’d like to cruise up to SF with it. Please text me at (415) 866-9663 prior to booking for one ways.


We are happy to provide FREE DELIVERY for trips of 2 weeks or longer.

To all valued customers/renters: we don’t want to charge you any more than necessary, so please be aware of Turo’s rental policies! To avoid any extra charges, make sure you read over Turo’s Fees & fines section carefully. To help you out, here is a direct link to the Turo policies page:

Some important add-ons to Turo’s policy:

**For toll violations, Turo normally charges a $10 admin fee in addition to the applicable fines, as shown in their chart. Luckily, all of the cars I provide are already plated with Fastrak! If this occurs, I can simply send you the bill later, or if you prefer to pay cash, please do so to avoid any hassle in the future. Thanks.

**All of our cars are Pet Friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friends along! All that we require for this convenience is a quick wash and vacuum fee of $35 to make the car good as new again after your trip.

Car location
San Francisco, CA 94129
San Francisco International Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer