Linh (Logan)’s
FIAT 5002012
$ 43
per day
Linh (Logan)’s
FIAT 500
Are you new to Turo with lots of questions about how Car Sharing works? Or perhaps a returning customer looking for a wonderful, hassle-free experience?

Well either way, I’m your guy! If you have doubts, then just check the 100+ FIVE STAR reviews I have. I promise to answer any questions you have and ENSURE that your car rental experience is the BEST that it can be.
The Fiat 500 design is five years old, which means it has caught up to its personality.Owning a Fiat 500 is like having a five-year-old boy (or tomboy) at his cutest and most fun.After fun, the adjective that's probably used most to describe this itty-bitty Italian car is quirky, but we don't see that.It works, on its small scale, in both looks and performance.There's big character packed in its small body, and there's no mistaking it for anything else.While it gets an EPA-estimated 34 miles per gallon Combined.What's quirky about that?

FREE DELIVERY for trips of 7 days or longer.

**Please refuel the car to the original level of gas upon delivery. If the car is returned without being refueling, I will have to charge for reimbursement via the Turo Reimbursement Request tool. An additional $25 will be added to the cost of fuel (receipt for the gas will be posted on trip photos).

**Any tickets/tolls/violations that occur during your rental period will be assessed a $10 admin fee in addition to the applicable fines, so please drive carefully & legally!

**Please be aware: Turo requires that renters return cars in ORIGINAL condition! You can return the car as-is (this means in the condition it was in when you first received it). We are flexible as long as the car is not dirty. To avoid any charges, please make sure the car is clean, with no trash, food, or mud in the interior or on the exterior. Please do not return the car looking like it just drove 2300 miles through the Sahara Desert ;)

**If the car is NOT returned in original condition, Turo charges $45 for a complete car wash. If there is trash, mud, or any damage to the carpet or seats of the car, Turo will charge $100 for cleaning and detailing.

** Smoking is not allowed. Please respect the car’s owner and future renter. Besides, isn’t it uncomfortable smoking inside the car? ;) Unfortunately, if you decide to do so there will be a $250 charge.

** Turo Fees & Fines:
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
  • Long-term trips
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
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Car location
San Francisco, CA 94129
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer