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Chevrolet Corvette 2016

7 trips
Gas (Premium)
2 doors
2 seats

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I can deliver this car to your location (free of charge)if you can give me a ride back to my other car.For example; you can call me uber or lyft. Also,you can book this car for one day if you pay the parking fee at Turo. I am on the call for the work I do. For this reason, my schedules changes. This is a Z06 2016. It has 650HP. Keyless entry,remote start,and has data recorder. The sound system is really great. I feel like I'm in the club when I play my music I this car. When you drive this car,you don't have to be afraid of Ferrari, Lamborghini, GTR,Viper SRT,and other fast cars. He got his power to beat those cars (Do not race this car).The only thing you have to worry is the police. You only use the power when someone challenge you on the road (Be careful and don't get in accident). The car have power but you have more power as a driver. Note############Pay attention.$$$$$$$$ Do not use it for track race.I will know it when or if you do. This car is for you to enjoy with your love ones touring San Francisco. Impress your wife's or husband's family and friends, girlfriend's(female) family and friends or boyfriend's (male) family and friends. If you're single, you can impress the woman or women of your dreams.:) The car is fully loaded. Every rental requires cleaning fee of $25. Don't get it clean as I will clean it myself. Please take care of the car as your own car. That way we car owners here on Turo can continue to offer cheap rental for all of you. Thank you for reading my description.:)


Automatic transmission
Audio input