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BMW M32011
7 trips
$ 116
per day
The car
7 trips
Custom built and shipped in from Germany -- I flew over to Munich to pick this thing up and drive it on the Autobahn. Authentic German Plates that I actually used in Munich with matching numbered Authentic CA Vanity plates. Beautiful BRILLIANT WHITE custom BMW Individual Paint Color (multistage pearlescent paint) -- Fox Red Interior with Carbon Fiber-Leather weave trim. Very low mileage, this car has been kept very clean and in amazing condition. Zero dings/dents cosmetic issues. Regularly serviced by BMW of SF only. Just completed 25k miles inspection & engine tuneup. This car is seriously flawless. Every single option was ticked at the dealer when I custom ordered this car from Germany. The ONLY box I didn't check was DCT because I love to row my own gears. This thing has a MANUAL GEARBOX! You will love the feel of this amazing 6 speed transmission. And it has hill assist so driving in SF with a manual is NO PROBLEM!

Driving this thing is a joy -- 4.0 liter V8 that rev to 8300 RPMs. 414 horsepower with 295 lb-ft torque. You will not find another car that drives that like this. This is a purists sports car. High revving and naturally aspirated -- it has a long pull throughout the entire rev range. If you've never driven a car that pulls for 8300 RPMs let me tell you -- it feels completely unlike anything you've ever driven. It is scary fast when you let it run through the rev range and you'll feel that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach about how long it takes to reach the next gear! It feels like it'll never stop accelerating even after you're going faster than you feel comfortable. It feels fast in a way that's completely different than most road cars in America. It is geared like a European racecar.

Add to that the fact that it's a convertible and you'll see why I love this car so much. Top down motoring is a dream and it's the only way to go once you get into sports cars. The visual panorama surrounding you, the sound of the powerful V8 roaring, the wind in your hair, this is the only way to drive.

No smoking in or around the car.

High octane gas only.

$20 cleaning fee for 1-day-rentals (I need to detail the car so it's fresh for every renter. 1-day-rentals are tougher for me to schedule a proper cleaning for so that's why there's a fee. Sorry about that!).
  • Manual transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94103