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Tesla Model S2015
58 trips
$ 136
per day
The car
Tesla Model S
58 trips
7 seats
4 doors
Hello - This is one the best cars that will ever drive you. Yes, that right I said drive you. THe car is equipped with the auto pilot functionality, which will steer the car for you and keep you in the lane you are in and speed up and slow down with traffic. You still need to be aware and ready to take the wheel at anytime. I try to offer a test drive at the start of your rental to help with getting used it the autopilot.

Driving a Tesla is a great experience, smooth ride and it feels like you are driving something from the future.

Free delivery for rentals of 1 week or more.

-Autopilot is active and amazing
-Single carpool lane access stickers
-3 row rear facing jump seats (allows up to 7 people in the car ( two must be kids 4-10 yrs old)
-The Car has a sunroof as well!
-Internet Radio that allows you to sleep as many songs as you would like
-Charging - free charging at all tesla superchargers, takes about 45-1hr for full charge. The car must be moved after 5 minutes of completed charging or Tesla will charge $0.40 per minute.
-Normal charger can be used with adapter (kept in trunk)
-I will also provide home charger, 110 volt about 3 miles per hour, 220 outlet about 30 miles per hour

I will try to deliver the car with as much charge as possible depending on delivery and amount of advance notice that i am given. When you return the care i am only asking that it is with at least 50 miles so that i can get to a charging station.

Finally it is Tesla. This is a $100K piece of machinery, please treat it with respect. If you take to a car was, please hand car was or touch-less car wash only. I dont typically ask the renters to wash the car, but if the inside is dirty please return it in the condition I provided it to you in. I also ask that you do not do excessive speeds please keep it below 80, ideally obey the traffic laws.

The Tesla has a tracking system that will allow me to remotely unlock the car, or lock the car for you. I try to notify you when Tesla sends me a message that the car is almost fully charged. I twill also tell me the location of the car and the speed the car is moving. I have multiple Tesla's, so while I dont try to look in on you, when I log into the app it does show both cars.

Finally - If you are interested in buying a Tesla, feel free to use my code to get $1K off and more importantly free supercharging for the life of your Tesla.

Hey, if you buy a Tesla Model S or X through the link below, you get free Supercharging and $1,000 off. Only existing Tesla owners can send the link.
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  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Autopilot
  • Unlimited Supercharging
Pets welcome but please keep the car clean and protect the leather,
Please stay under 80MPH (preferably obey Traffic laws.
No Smoking - Will result in cleaning fee up to $500 if smoking takes place in the car
Car location
San Dimas, CA 91773
Los Angeles International Airport
John Wayne Airport
LA/Ontario International Airport
Bob Hope Airport
Long Beach Airport
Van Nuys Airport
Your location
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer