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Mitsubishi Mirage2015
67 trips
$ 28
per day
The car
Mitsubishi Mirage
67 trips
5 seats
5 doors
40 MPG
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This car is covered by Turo insurance and assistance. No additional deposit required. PLEASANT EXPERIENCE GUARANTEED.👍🏻

It is not a Mercedes. It is a MITSUBISHI!

I had done my research and as other reviews had found: professional reviewers hate the car and owners love it. I purchased the car as my commuter car and it has done exactly what I expected. This is a fantastic little car. It has great gas mileage, rides comfortably, and has a few of the bells and whistles that I want such as a Bluetooth, keyless entry and climate control. Back seats fold down, to make lots of room for stuff. We go camping a lot, so we need the space for coolers, and equipment, and there is plenty of it. I love driving my car. This car has the highest the highest MPG among non-hybrid car and it is the greenest gas car in the market. If you are an Mitsu EVO fan, you should drive this car once to see the opposite of an EVO. Do yourself a favor and give this car a try. You will not be disappointed!

Under the hood
1.2-liter inline-3
74 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm (Don’t expect fast car, but you can’t beat 44 mpg)
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 37/44 mpg
Automatic Climate Control: Set it and forget it.
Top safety: 7 airbags, electric power steering with a tilt steering wheel, power windows, mirrors and door locks, an audio system with USB and auxiliary inputs.
MANEUVERABILITY: With a compact size and best-in-class turning radius, Mirage is the ultimate car for navigating narrow city streets, tight corners and even tighter parking spaces.

Name: Ms. Sue Witty


The Mirage's good fuel economy fulfill its promises of being inexpensive to own and operate, and it's surprisingly well equipped, with standard features like automatic climate control.

-Favorite Features
With one of the lowest base prices of any new car for sale in the U.S., the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is surprisingly well equipped with things like automatic climate control. It's a small gesture, to be sure, but set-and-forget air conditioning is handy.
Mitsubishi has equipped the 2015 Mirage with seven airbags, including a driver's knee airbag, and standard stability and traction control. On top of that, base models get electric power steering with a tilt steering wheel, power windows, mirrors and door locks, an audio system with USB and auxiliary inputs and, the previously mentioned automatic climate control.


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  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
Delivery details
For San Diego Airport travelers, we have a convenient and affordable way for you to gain access to the cars. This has worked for thousands of people. Depend on your requested schedule, we will send do the details arrangements. You can send us a message to let us know if it will work for you. We will accept the reservation. If not, you can cancel and looking for other options. No obligation on either party. If we do not hear back, the reservation will expired automatically after 8 hours. You can request again. Thank you.
Car location
San Diego, CA 92106
San Diego International Airport
Up to 25 miles