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Mazda 22012
40 trips
$ 27
per day
The car
Mazda 2
40 trips
5 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
For San Diego Airport, we have many cars so we can’t pick up passengers at curbside without a taxi license. We can meet 1.5 mile from the terminal. Travelers can pick up and return the car anytime DURING the reservation. So if your plane is delayed etc. you don’t have to panic. You don’t have to wait for someone to pick you up. You don’t have to drive someone back to their home and you don’t have to pick someone up to return the car. Travelers can walk or have one person in your group go pick up. If you Uber/Lyft, it is about $5. Instruction will be sent to you when you book. If you pick up at the airport, please let me know this arrangement will work for you so I will accept. I let you know in advance, so if this will not work you can make other arrangements.

Under the Hood
1.5-liter in-line four cylinder
100 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm
98 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 28/34 (automatic). Regular gas.
Name: Batmobile

You'll Like This Car If...
If you're looking for a small, that is big on fun and fuel economy and has some great exterior colors, the 2012 Mazda2 hatchback should do nicely.
Driving Impressions
While its 100-horsepower won't make the 2012 Mazda2 hatchback the quickest car in its class, its well-tuned suspension and direct power-assisted steering deliver on the "Zoom-Zoom" promise of this 2,300-pound car. We spent the day pushing the little Mazda2 through its paces and came away scratching our heads: How can such a small car with such limited horsepower have us giggling like mischievous school children up to no good? On winding mountain roads, we pushed the little 15-inch tires well beyond what we thought they could take, but they held firm. Our 2012 Mazda2 rounded corners with utter confidence and the little engine, though working hard, delivered acceptable acceleration when needed. The brakes are strong and the steering response is nearly MX-5-Miata-like (note – we said "nearly"). All of this lightness doesn't mean a compromise in comfort, though, as the Mazda2's cabin is surprisingly quiet even at highway speeds. But, when tasked with rapid overtaking of slower traffic or quick sprints up steep hills, we were quick to realize that the Mazda2's main strength is driving fun and not brute power. Plan your passing maneuvers accordingly.
Favorite Features
Comfortable seating
After hours of driving and no soreness to complain about, we were surprised at how comfortable the 2012 Mazda2 hatchback's seats were. Most cars in this category have stiff seats with virtually no bolstering.
Notable Optional Equipment
This is the Touring Trim: 2012 Mazda2 Touring trim adds some functional interior features, including cruise control, trip computer, upgraded cloth seats with red piping trim, leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio and cruise controls and two additional speakers. On the outside, the higher trim level includes a rear roof spoiler, fog lights, chrome exhaust tip and alloy wheels.


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We will answer fast. I am committed to this venture, so if you send me a request, you will get a fast response (from 7am-10pm). Any requests sent after 10 pm, I will respond the next morning. Also, I have many cars available so there will not be any last minute emergency that will affect your reservations. . All cars no matter how new or how well maintained might break down. When problems arise, I can resolve faster and will try my best to accommodate you and make this a good experience for you. We have driven all of our cars, so if you need recommendations or have any other questions before booking we can help you.

We are car enthusiasts. We take good care of our cars. Please only rent from us if you will treat it like your own vehicle. Remember it is a community car sharing. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use.

When I preapprove the trip, you must book it to get the car. There are many outstanding preapproved orders for each car. Whoever books first will get the car. I might be helping with booking the car. During that process, if my prior preapproved order books the car, the car will no longer be available for you. Please don’t feel disappointed at me or upset. There is nothing I can do at that point. I have many cars so we can book another car for you.

My cars are dedicated to serving the Turo community, unless rented by another member as indicated in the availability calendar, it’s available 24/7. We have a lock box for after-hours pick up and returns.

No smoking or pets allowed in the vehicles. (Other renters might be allergic).
Mileage allowance is listed. Make sure you book enough miles to cover your trip. You can return the car early if your trip ends early. Allowed travel areas are listed for each car. Make sure you book the appropriate car for your trip. We want to make sure you do not have ANY problems, as your safety is our TOP priority.

Our cars are non-smoking, pet free vehicles that are cleaned on a weekly basis. They are in excellent condition and are professionally maintained in accordance with Turo safety and maintenance requirements. We are car enthusiasts. We take good care of our cars. Please only rent from us if you will treat it like your own vehicle. Remember it is a community car sharing. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use.

PLEASE NOTE: We adhere to all Turo policies and terms, likewise, renters of this vehicle must also adhere to all Turo policies and terms including the Cancellation Policy and Prohibited Use of Vehicles. RELAY PROHIBITS TRAVEL TO MEXICO. IF YOUR LICENSE PLATE IS SHOW UP ON THE LIST OF CAR CROSS THE BORDER, YOU WILL GET FINE FROM RELAY.

Our monthly price will be less than a monthly car payment and insurance, and you don't have the hassle of selling it months down the road. Plus, you get to drive many different types of cars. You don’t have to be stuck with a car that you dislike. You don’t have to worry about unexpected car repairs, so it is easier to budget.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
Car location
San Diego, CA 92106
San Diego International Airport
Up to 25 miles