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The car

Lexus IS 250 2011

41 trips
26 MPG
Gas (Premium)
4 doors
5 seats

Hosted by

Grace All-Star Host
247 tripsJoined Jul 2016
Typically responds in 5 minutes
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Need a smooth ride to ride along this San Diego weather? Hop in into this Pearl white ride and enjoy the moment of this luxury sedan Lexus. Please read the FAQ prior to renting the vehicle. Additional perks include: 100 miles a day 5% off on weekly 15% off monthly Unlimited Car wash at Soapy Joes with this vehicle PREMIUM GAS ONLY - Print receipt for verification


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input
Heated seats


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, and stains


  • What needs to be done before returning the vehicle
    1) Please pay for any Toll roads online and send me an email of your toll road: | If you aren't aware that you went through a toll, we will send you the letter with the amount that's due and we will request via Turo a reimbursement for the amount needed. 2) Please leave the vehicle in the condition you found it in and please clean up after yourself throughout the inside of the vehicle. We have a membership at SOAPY JOES with unlimited car washes and Vacuum stations NONE to your expense. They provide a drive through car wash and a self service Vacuum station. We advise this to many customers as a way to clear out the car of any mess that may be left and of their personal belongings. We have had multiple cases of individuals leaving speakers, ID cards, and many other types of personal belongings in the vehicle. The nearest address to the current pick up location is 5 minutes away: 6609 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121. If this location is inconvenient, there are many other Soapy Joes locations in San diego and please search on your maps to find the nearest one to you. 3) Please fill Tank to full 4) Please drop off vehicle around the same area you picked it up in 5) Please fill the gas full and use Premium gas only with Receipt shown.
  • Any physical damages or wear/tear on the vehicle?
    There is some scratches on the bottom bumper of the vehicle
  • Are there any rules when driving this car?
    When going on a dip or any hill, swerve the car or it will hit the bumper! The car is VERY low and and the front lower bumper WILL get scratched if you do not swerve the vehicle during a dip. FILL the gas when it is 3 bars or 1/4 full. Leaving the gas this low many times can cause the fuel pump to get bad. Please do not let the gas bars go lower than 1/4 of the tank. Doing so risk the chance of running out of gas when it is not low yet because of a damage fuel pump
  • Arriving late or early, need to change your appointment time or extension?
    If you are already on your way and you're arriving late or early please notify us immediately through Turo messages. If you’re running late past the time assigned on the trip itinerary without communication you will be subject to a $50 late fee. Need to change appointment time or extension? We always work with appointment time that was booked on behalf of the customer. The customer has access to change these times, and we do not. If you would like to change a times at the beginning of a trip or an ending trip, you would need to request the change in your Turo portal. If you know the times needs to be changed, We do ask you to make these changes two days (48 hours) prior to beginning or ending your trip. Since we are also working with many other customers, We go based off of the itinerary time in your Turo portal and we do make plans for other drop offs and pick ups around your schedule. Just as a common courtesy please if you need to make a change in appointment time, please make the request earlier than later. The change of a itinerary time can delay other appointments before or after you which would not be fair to anyone else who has already booked their appointment.
  • Any additional charges?
    PREMIUM GAS ONLY - Print receipt for verification, no gas receipt will be charge a $25 fee DELIVERY: If required to drop off the vehicle at the airport (SAN) or a home (AirBNB, etc.), the fee will be $80. We provide some items in the vehicle for the convenience for our customers, although we will charge fees for certain items that are taken or lost: 1. Aux cord $20 2. USB Charger $20 3. Phone mount $25 4. Lock box $25 5. Safety roadside emergency kit $50 6. Missing Gas bars $5 per gallon 7. Lost Vehicle key $25 8. Lost Vehicle key with transponder $250
  • AIRPORT DELIVERY and What happens if my plane is delayed?
    If you have chosen delivery at the airport (SAN), one of our team of 4 will be assisting you and will pick you up from your terminal. Due to the high volume of the ride share companies, the airport has a strict security policy and we will message you with further details about pick ups and drop offs at the airport. Once we pick you up, we'll take you to the cars original location of 11151 Westonhill Drive and from there we will pass off the keys to you and you can resume with your trip out here in San Diego. Once your trip is finished, we will have you meet us at the cars original location seen below: Address: 11151 Westonhill Drive San Diego Ca 92126 From there we will take you BACK to your terminal for departure and from there we hope for your safe travels. We always work with appointment schedule that is booked on the customer’s behalf. We understand that planes often delay. We will wait up to 45 mins of a delay with a prior notice via Turo message in your itinerary portal. If your plane is delayed longer than 45 minutes, we do ask for you to take a Rideshare: Uber or Lyft to our pick up location. The vehicle will be ready for immediate pickup and will give specific instructions for the pickup. Please message us for further questions and we will be more than happy to answer them.
  • What if one of my DASHBOARD LIGHTS come on and what do they mean?
    (!) - Tire Pressure - Most gas stations have a section to pump air into tires although you would need to know how to read the tire pressure on the tire and pump the right amount of air. For an easier service, We also suggest going to your nearest DISCOUNT TIRE in your location and they provide a FREE AIR CHECK for the tires and will pump it up for free for you. This rarely comes up on the dashboard, but at times it may come on and its best you know how to go about fixing this situation. Check Engine Light - Our mechanics mention the check engine light can come on due to the weather, or a small glitch connector in the system which is may have no harm. If the check engine light starts to blink, please stop using the vehicle immediately and let us know right away. A blinking check engine light signifies a major problem. We've never had a blinking check engine light come on, although it is important for you to know to stop driving the vehicle if it is blinking. Maint Req - this light may come on during your trip but please do not be alarmed. This signifies the vehicle is in need of an oil change. Most oil changes are required to be changed every 3,000 miles. Although, we use either BLEND or SYNTHETIC oil in our engines, which can take the vehicle up to 5,000-10,000 miles. So if this light turns on, just know you have at least another 2,000 miles to go before an oil change is actually needed. These are the main lights that may come on during your trip. Any other lights that do come on the dash, please let us know right away via Turo messages. Thank you!
  • What are the current hours of operation?
    Our current hours of operation is between 7am-8pm. If you have a airport booking or customer preferred drop off location before or after this time, we do ask you to Uber/ lyft or use a rideshare to pick up the car at our current residence. If you’re planning on picking up the vehicle at our current location, the vehicle you book will be accessible 24/7 at your appointment booking time. This allows you to conveniently book around your schedule, but only for airports and drop offs to a customers preferred address can only be between the hours of 7am-8pm. Messages via turo portal will also be answered periodically throughout the hours of 7am-8pm. So please, if you have questions or concerns that needs to be answered, please try to message us around these timeframes between 7am-8pm and if not, we will have answers for you the next working day. Thank you and enjoy your trip !


33 ratings

This was my first Turo experience, and Grace made it a great one. Very easy pickup and drop off. Specific instructions on how to bring vehicle back. I was running a bit behind and she let me extend my time out an hour. Will use this service again when I have to travel. Thank you Grace

Joshua D.-Feb 27, 2019

Sweet owners. Will definitely rent again.

Palmer B.-Dec 17, 2018

I’m in love with this car!! It’s so nice it drives smooth and good gas mileage. I still had a quarter of a tank left after a week. Grace was really easy to get ahold of, the instructions for pick up/drop off were clear. There was an issue with a light on the dashboard but I contacted Grace and she immediately responded and let me know what was going on(low tire pressure) and offered to have me bring it back and shed fill them. I’d definitely rent again from Grace and if you ever want to sell this bad boy lemme know! Lol!

Lily E.-Oct 22, 2018

Grace personally handed me the keys at pickup and was great communicating throughout the whole process. The car ran just fine and there were no problems going from LA <-> SD. Grace was also very flexible and accommodating with an earlier drop-off time. Overall a great first experience with Turo and I recommend renting from Grace!

Danny D.-Sep 20, 2018

Renting this car was a breeze! This was my first Turo experience, and although using the app was a little clunky and I messed up some things with that, everything that had to do with the car and renting from Grace and the pickup/dropoff by Fred and Asia was smooth and easy. The car was in great condition and clean; there was a tire light on but I filled the tires with air and the light went off. There was also some leftover trash in the trunk that totally wouldn’t have bothered me, but everyone involved went out of their way to compensate us for the inconvenience without us requesting. The car was super comfortable and speedy, and served us well for our trip around Southern California. Now that I know how the app works and how the whole Turo experience works, I’m ready to do it again! If I ever need to rent a car in this area again, I’ll look into Grace’s cars without second thought!

Ian B.-Sep 4, 2018

Car Location
San Diego, CA 92126

San Diego International Airport

Up to 20 miles