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Delorean Time Mach... 1981

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If you ever wanted to ride in a Time Machine, here is your chance! We have a few hours during the day to allow fans to take a ride in this iconic Time Machine. Unfortunately, we can not allow you to drive the car, but we will chauffeur you around in style to various locations if you desire. The vehicle only seats one passenger. Please contact us for specific time and locations that we will be available. Rent the iconic 1985 Time Machine from Back to the Future in which Marty McFly travels back in time to 1955, and then back to 1985. Q: Is this the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movie? A: NO...this is a screen accurate replica of the original Delorean Time Machine that was built by Bruce Coulombe of CEI, in Oveido, Florida. Q: Does the flux capacitor– flux? A: Actually...yes it does. All the time circuits, gauges and interior props work just as they did in the movie. The flux capicator even flashes brightly when the time machine reaches 88MPH. Q: Does it really travel through time? A: We wish it really did. Q: How far will you travel for an event? A: The car is centrally located on the Central Coast of California and easily transported to Los Angeles, Las Vegas or the San Francisco Bay Area . Doc Brown's Time Machine will travel anywhere in the Western United States based upon the clients needs. We specialize in corporate events and trade shows that are located at convention centers or halls in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.


Must be 30+ to book
Manual transmission


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