MINI Cooper2013
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MINI Cooper
British inspired. German engineered. This car hauls ass.

This Mini Cooper S is a wolf in wolf's skin. The 181hp turbofied power plant will keep you glued to your seat whether you're dodging land yachts on the freeway or researching Webster's new definition of 'nimble' on secluded canyon roads. Flanked by checkered mirrors and a low stance, Mini keeps you looking cool while sparing the extra expense of another upmarket car.

Vision is 20/20 with the bi-xenon headlamps and rotating color ambient interior lighting. The interior is easy on the eyes, yet sports all the connectivity a millennial's little heart could desire with bluetooth, USB, and aux. A primo sounds system with navigation helps you get lost and then found. In hindsight, the only thing that'll be lost are the Prius' that fading into the distance behind you. Select the "psycho" sport mode and you'll wonder if you'll soon be taking flight. Don't worry, Mini politely reminds you when you hit 80 so you can avoid leaving California with a pricey ticket. If you do take flight, you’ll be protected by the super advanced restraint system leaving the only thing to worry about being me if you wreck my car.

Mini is a cheap date, averaging 29 MPGs most days. If you want to take her out under the stars, you’ll be excited to lean the seats back and gaze at the endless sky through the operable glass roof spanning the length of the vehicle. This affair is meant for two, but could hold four in a pinch - let’s leave the kids and critters out of this one. Mini's curves may be kickin’ but she doesn’t really want to deal with your extra baggage. A few things will do and the seats do fold down if you decide you need a little extra something.

Overall, you’ll have the time of your life with my car. A few things to remember, fill ‘er up before you get her back to me. She only drinks premium. She must return unscathed and if you do decide to wash her, it must be a hand wash or touchless car wash. She’s a nonsmoker and if you get a cigarette anywhere near her, you will be assessed $1000.00 cleaning charge. Yes, I’m serious.

Other than that, have fun! Looking forward to having you enjoy this car as much as I do! Please reach out with any questions or to book the time of your life.

  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term trips
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Sunroof
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Car location
Pasadena, CA 91104