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Chrysler PT Cruise...2006

34 trips
22 MPG
Gas (Regular)
4 doors
5 seats

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584 tripsJoined Apr 2017
Typically responds in 32 minutes


Get $25 off if you are new to Turo by signing up through this URL! Note that this is not a promo code -- you have to sign up for Turo through this URL to get the discount. The app doesn't allow you to copy and paste it, but you can just type it directly into your browser.: Please note that in order to offer you affordable prices, the car is not cleaned between every rental and could potentially be dirty if a recent renter was a slob. Also, the alarm has a problem that causes it to go off when you open the door, but it turns off once you turn the key. Also, be aware that the needle in the fuel gauge doesn't go all the way up. The tank is full when the fuel pump stops even if the needle isn't up all the way. Do not rent this car if you are not ok with this. Please be aware that I may not be available to confirm your trip request and send you key handoff instructions between 11:30pm and 7:30am each day, so you should not request a trip between these times. You may pick up the car between these times if you request the trip beforehand, but be aware that I may not be able to answer questions when you pick up the car if you do that. This PT Cruiser delivers a fun ride for a small car that's practical in design and price. Being a small car, it is also relatively easy to park. It can seat five. The car has been thoroughly inspected for safety and reliability. IMPORTANT: IF YOU WANT TO RENT THIS CAR, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES LISTED BELOW. Before I can give you the keys, you must upload a close-up picture of your license and a picture of your license next to your face to trip photos so I can conduct a background check. It is illegal for you to allow someone else to drive this car unless they have been formally added and approved through the Turo app beforehand. There are absolutely no trip extensions allowed outside of the app. If you want an extension, you MUST request it through the app AND I have to approve it. If you request an extension through the app and I didn't see it in time to approve it, then the extension has not been granted and you must return the car at the original time. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. DRIVING THIS CAR WHILE DRUNK OR HIGH WILL RESULT IN A DUI, FINES, LICENSE REVOCATION, AND POTENTIALLY ALSO IMPRISONMENT. THIS CAR HAS GPS TRACKING AND IT WILL BE PRETTY OBVIOUS IF YOU'RE NOT DRIVING LIKE YOU'RE SOBER. TAMPERING WITH OR DISABLING THE GPS IS UNLAWFUL. DO NOT RENT THIS CAR IF YOU ARE ON DRUGS.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Pet friendly
USB input

Parking details

Please park on the street as close to MacArthur Station as possible without parking in a 2 hour zone or a residential permit area. Don't park in a spot that has street cleaning within the next 24 hours -- and preferably not within the next 3 days. You will be liable if the car gets a parking ticket within 24 hours of the end of the trip after parking in the wrong spot.


Please be sure to clean the exterior and/or interior if it gets dirty. There is a $275 fine for smoking, and I wish it were more because it actually costs more than that to clean up the smell. This fine is for anything that emits smoke -- cigarettes, cigars, joints, etc. During the trip, I have to be able to contact you if there are any problems. Please make sure your phone number is up-to-date and don't allow your phone to run out of batteries. If you are very late and I'm unable to contact you, I will have to assume you have stolen the car, and I will call the police to have you arrested. The car has GPS tracking, so I can easily find the car if I need to. If you get a flat tire, you have to get it patched or else the wheel could get messed up if you continue driving on it. This is typically very cheap and sometimes even free. Please return the car with the gas tank full, or else you will be charged for the gas plus a $25 admin fine. There is a $50/hr late fee that accrues the second you are late, and it is always rounded up to the nearest hour. The second you are late, you will be charged a $75 fine ($50 late fee + $25 admin fee). There is a $0.29/mi overage fee plus a $10 admin fee that is charged on the miles you have driven over the allotted limit.


24 ratings

The car was easy to book and pickup/dropoff, and you really can’t beat the price. The things wrong with the car I think are reflected in the price. The car alarm goes off every single time you unlock and open the driver side door which is, you know, a bit annoying but whatever. The gas door is broken and permanently a little open and it gets pretty poor gas mileage. The biggest thing for me though was the heat direction dial was broken, so I couldn’t aim the heat at just the windshield because it was stuck. It was raining and the car was fogging up and I had to keep wiping the driver side windshield clear so I could see. Even blasting the heat didn’t de-fog all the way. It was not ideal. Overall it was a fine experience and I’d give 3.5 stars but that wasn’t an option! I’d book from joe again but maybe not this car.

Emma W.-Mar 23, 2019

Rented Joe’s truck to head to Santa Cruz for the weekend. For the price, I was fully satisfied. Joe was great with communication and picking up and dropping off were super easy. Thanks Joe!

Joanna C.-Mar 19, 2019

The car was clean and in good running condiction.

DJ W.-Mar 18, 2019

Nice car, great communication, thanks!

Alex W.-Mar 3, 2019

It was disgustingly dirty and when I tried to reach joe about the alarm going off every time I unlocked the door he never responded, it also guzzled gas

Xavier L.-Dec 31, 2018

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Oakland, CA 94608