BMW Z4 Rental in Oakland, CA | Turo
BMW Z42006
46 trips
$ 65
per day
The car
46 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
28 MPG
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I'm excited to share my BMW Z4 3.0si convertible, aka TNT! This car comes with all the bells and whistles included in the sport & premium packages. The handling in this car is amazing and the torque/power you get from the 255hp 3.0si engine is awesome! This car has been kept in almost perfect condition and is waiting for you to rent!

Delivery Area: The car is located in Oakland, CA near Lake Merritt. It is possible to do an OAK Airport Pickup/Drop-off. The best option would be to take a lyft/uber or drive your personal car to the Oakland location. There is plenty of street parking where you can park your car for multiple days if necessary (just make sure not to park in a 2hr limit zone).

Here are some features about this Z4 that make it special:
+ Aftermarket Bluetooth device allows you to play music from your phone cord free!
+ Large trunk capable of storing 2 carry-on bags, purses, blankets, smaller bags, etc with the top down (Check out pictures which show dimensions of trunk)
+ Two-seater convertible with built-in wind diffuser & seat warmers means it's always convertible-weather with the top down
+ Top is completely waterproof and can be driven/parked in the rain no problem
+ Always covered when not in use to keep it in ready to drive condition!

--Additional Details--

**Included with the car**
- Phone Charger with 2 USB ports
- Iphone & Android USB Charger cords
- Bluetooth Receiver for Music/Phone
- FasTrak Registered (drive through the FasTrak lanes and reimburse me later)

Thanks for your interest!
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Convertible
  • Bluetooth
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
When refilling the car with gas, only use Premium 91 octane. Also please try to be careful when parking the car not to curb rash the wheels (just got these newly powder coated) and also when going into driveways or bumps, please go slow to prevent scratching of the front bumper (the car is very low and the front of the car is long).

No smoking or pets! If the car is returned with signs of pets, smoking, or excessively dirty, I will need to charge the cost of cleaning the vehicle. If the car is dirty, please do not take the car through a car wash before returning. Just return the car as is and I will clean myself and add a cleaning fee equivalent to the cost of what a car wash would be.
How to use blue tooth device?
To use the bluetooth device, simply plug in the usb charger into the cigarette lighter. You will see the blue light on the bluetooth device start blinking (this means it is in pairing mode). Go to your smartphone bluetooth settings and select "SB360". If it asks for a password, enter 0000. After that, you should be all connected! Simply change the mode of the radio to "AUX" by pressing the mode button and start playing music. When exiting the car, be sure to unplug the usb charger from the cigarette lighter to prevent it from draining the battery. When entering back into the car, just plug the usb charger back in and the bluetooth device will automatically pair with your phone!
How to put the top down?
To put the top down or up, there are 2 buttons which are located near the cigarette lighter area. Simply hold down 1 of the buttons and continue to hold down once the noise has stopped. If for some reason the top isn't going down, open the trunk of the car and look for two knobs (one on the right and one on the left). Both knobs should be pushed down which allows the top to be put down.
Car location
Oakland, CA 94610
Oakland International Airport
Up to 15 miles
Free delivery for trips of 1 week or longer