BMW Z4 M Rental in Mountain View, CA | Turo
BMW Z4 M2007
$ 530
per day
The car
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
22 MPG
BMW E86 body, S54 engined, M Coupe!
Extreme, intense, visceral, makes Porsche drivers wish they bought one of these instead. No nonsense super hi-po driving experience in every which way.
One of 1800 made, and only one of two in this color with the display screen and full extended Sepang leather interior accented
If you don't know what this car is, then check out anything written all around the internet how extremely high performance and no-nonsense the BME M Coupe does it business. Its an increasingly in demand and appreciating classic BMW M Coupe, that turns heads, even in the middle of a bunch of Porsche's and Corvettes, fitting right in and frequently being confused for Ferarris.
350hp+ engine, 6 speed manual trans. Stock mufflers with factory resonators removed, so the sound is really sweet in tone and pitch, with an intoxicating gutteral flutter when the engine is on the cams, but not loud, barely moderate at best. Meticulously dialed in suspension with Koni adjustable shocks and abnormally thick front swaybar and a customer alignment make this car's steering freaky fast and suspension more delightfully neutral than you could imagine. Comes with Bridgestone RE71R competition tires, so combined with the suspension and all that horsepower in a short wheelbase and light weight car, the limits are way far out beyond what you could imagine a car can handle like. But you can get so far in over your head before the car will break loose that it would be easy to kill yourself if you're not careful.
Two seat coupe, aux input jack to the sound system. But seriously, in a car like this, the engine is the true sound system.
Would be an awesome getaway car for the bride and groom after a wedding, or to turn heads anywhere you go, regardless of what other cars you're in the company of.
  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • Heated seats
Parking details
No Valet parking, you are the only allowed driver. Park overnight only indoors or in a parking deck. No valuables will be left in sight when parking the car in public. No on-street parking. Car cover included, to use if car is parked outside.
Delivery details
Will pick you up outside baggage pickup. Note, this car has limited luggage capacity, 10 cubic feet at most.. Drive me back home and then return car to my location, and I'll drive you back or to another nearby location of your choice.
Two person limit. No smoking of any kind. No driving over 100 miler per hour. 7000 RPM maximum. Car has onboard data logging. No violating of any traffic laws, except staying within 15mph of posted speed limits that are 55mph and under, 80mph in 65 mph zones, and 90mph in 70mph zones. No sexual activity. No abusive shifting or disabling the traction control. If excessive tire sidewall wear occurs signifying abusive mishandling, you are responsible for tire replacement.
Car will be delivered clean and washed, with a fresh mechanical check, and tire pressures set. Car shall be returned as clean as it was delivered, with no change in tire pressures or suspension settings.
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Car location
Mountain View, CA 94043
San Francisco International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Up to 15 miles