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Alfa Romeo 4C2015
29 trips
$ 239
per day
The car
Alfa Romeo 4C
29 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
24 MPG

It’s LOUD…


…And it’s a CONVERTIBLE.

If you don’t get TONS of attention with this car, I’m all out of ideas!

This is the ultimate California car!!

Take the top down and indulge in California’s best known staple – our incredible weather!

If you’re anything like I was before I got this car, you have never seen an Alfa Romeo 4C spider on the road. That’s because of the roughly 3,000 Alfa Romeo 4Cs that are hand crafted in Modena Italy each year, only about 1,000 are shipped to the United States. Of those 1,000 4Cs built for the US every year, roughly 40% are convertibles/spiders. Seeing as how Alfa Romeo started shipping the 4C to The States in 2015, this translates to less than 1,000 4C spiders currently in the entire U.S.

The Spiders canvas top can be removed manually, targa style, and stored in the trunk in a few moments. This process is manual and relatively simple.

The heart of the Alfa Romeo 4C is a ferocious 1.75L 4 cylinder motor with a turbo that boosts @ 23 PSI producing a stout 237hp / 260tq. The 6 speed-dual clutch transmission provides snappy shifts and can be controlled via F1 style paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Through extensive use of carbon fiber, the 4C weighs just 2,480ibs. All of this translates to the car being capable of doing 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds while still achieving a very respectable 34mpg on the freeway.

This car is FULLY loaded including the coveted sport exhaust option, which deletes the cars muffler making this car very VERY loud

This car will grant you unparalleled exclusivity and is sure to make your journey unforgettable.

You’re guaranteed to stand out from all of the corvettes / porsches on every street corner of L.A. :)

This car was selected by the Turo staff as their favorite pick for a purist sports car:

This is essentially a street legal race car. You should probably seek alternative transportation if you:

-Are seeking a calm and luxurious ride. While the car is comfortable, it is not trying to be a 7 series / S-Class / Lexus
-Require excessive storage space -- TRUNK SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED ESPECIALLY WITH THE TOP OFF. Assume that there is essentially no trunk if you intend to drive the car topless.
-Do not feel comfortable driving a car with low ground clearance (must pull into driveways slowly and at an angle to avoid scraping undercarriage) and limited rear view visibility (note: car is equipped w/ back-up sensors)
-Are much taller than me (I'm 6'2 and just barely fit with the roof on)
-Don't like engine/exhaust noise. While you can still have a conversation / listen to music in the car, you will hear the engine/exhaust for the duration of your drive
-The top on this car MUST BE REMOVED MANUALLY AND IS NOT AUTOMATIC. I will give you a crash course on how to remove the top. Once removed, the canvas top can be stored in the trunk. Please be advised this will almost completely fill the trunk.
-Do not like a lot of attention (virtually EVERYONE will look at AND HEAR YOU!)

Enjoy the car, play with and feel it's power and responsive handling, but please respect it and Turo's Terms of Service. Please do not take the car to a race track (as tempting as that might be) or engage in any fast and furious type stunts (burnouts, doughnuts, etc.). The car is equipped with a monitor that will track wanton/abnormal abuse (pegging the rpms in redline for prolonged period, repeatedly hard braking, etc.) as well as race track visits.

Premium fuel (91 octane or higher) only and save receipts

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Mileage is 100/500/1125 per day/week/month. $0.75/mile charge will apply for every mile over.

Overnight street parking is available if you pick up the car directly from me and would like to leave your car while you rent mine.

If you want the car delivered to LAX, it will be located at the Turo parking lot just north of LAX, off Highway 1. Enter 9067 Loyola Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 into your navigation device. After turning left onto Loyola, make the next immediate right turn into the first driveway behind the Ralphs grocery store. Proceed straight past Ralph's and on the right are four parking space labeled "Valet Only." An attendant will be ready to meet you. Can also deliver this car to your door within a 25 mile radius for a fee. If you are within 10 miles of Monrovia, I will deduct $40 from the delivery price.

Be careful, be safe and, most of all, have fun!!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
Car location
Monrovia, CA 91016
Los Angeles International Airport
LA/Ontario International Airport
Long Beach Airport
Up to 25 miles
Free delivery for trips of 3 days or longer