Porsche Boxster Rental in Hayward, CA | Turo
Porsche Boxster2015
79 trips
$ 90
per day
The car
Porsche Boxster
79 trips
2 seats
2 doors
I do not do delivery last minute. You can pick up at my location 24 hours a day.

Please take out your calculator and do the math.

Average miles per day on turo on boxster is about $1 a mile.

1 day minimum

Again I am not interested in giving out a lot miles as I am closely watching over my porsche.

Every porsche boxster 2013 - 2015 average about $1 a mile. Just to get you booked. Over milage is .75 a mile.

Even though I do not provide a lot miles on your rental agreement. You can window shop before you book with me.

As you can tell the over milage is the best way to go because its .75 a mile set buy turo not car owners.

If they charge you more than .75 a mile make sure they put it on your rental agreement.

I am not interest in giving out milage even if you rent 7 days. Just to make it clear I don't like bring this car to the dealer. It cost a lot money.

Your best bet is rent the car 5 days.

Remember this is a 2015 s model please window shop.

There is not discount even if you rent one week.

If you rent buy the week I am not interest in put to much miles on this porsche.

There also a late fee when return $50 a hour up to $200.

If you can not except that don't rent the porsche at all.

Don't rent this porsche if your going to complain about little things.

There is no xm radio, there is no automatic seats, no gps, i dont think you can pair your phone to the radio.

You can hook up your device to listen to your music.

There is a radio and cd player.

You can hook up your device and listen to your music on aux.

Yes this porsche is a boxster s not the base engine

315 horsepower

Please read question and answer as that will give you a better idea what the car is about and what the rules you need to know.

I choose a boxster that is not fully loaded but has the boxster s engine which important.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
Is there a late fee charge when I return the car late ?
Yes we are going to start charging late fee.
Can I smoke in the car ?
Do I need to pay when I use the fast track ?
What type of gas do I need to fill up the porsche?
91 octane and must save the receipts.
Do I need to return the car clean when I'm done using the car.
No but if it smells like smoke or theres a stains on the seats you will be billed a cleaning fee.
Can I take your porsche out to the snow?
Can I pay you cash for the addition charges ?
Fast track charge only.
Do you provide one way to LAX.
No, pick up and drop off must be at the same location.
Does this porsche have xm radio.
Is there a gps in the porsche
Is there heated seats ?
Is this a s or non s model ?
This is a S model so your getting the more powerful engine.
Does it have power seats ?
Who does the maintenance on your porsche ?
I have it done at the dealership.
How do you determine your cost per day ?
This is the way I look at it. I look at all the cars like mine here. You must go on my history as a car owner and how much I am worth. What is the average per day on this car. I must factor the maintenance of the car. I am not a person that will be the cheapest any more because I been doing this close to 2 years and I deserve what I ask.
Who does the cleaning of this car ?
I am doing the cleaning on this car. If you want a car wash to do the job then me it will be out of your pocket. Just take it to the car wash and do the works on it and it will be complete with shinny tires and air freshener. But do not get the car detailed and wax.
Car location
Hayward, CA 94545
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Up to 50 miles