Mazda MX-5 Miata Rental in Hayward, CA | Turo
Mazda MX-5 Miata2016
55 trips
$ 89
per day
The car
Mazda MX-5 Miata
55 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
2 days minimum

No discount discount by the week at all.

I do not give discount if you rent one week.

Car must be return car cleaned inside and out. Or you will get a clean fee of $20.

You can give me $10 cash for me to clean the car my self.


1 days minimum no discount if you rent the car by the week.

You must let me know what cars you have driven in stick shift before I a prove it.

So once you book you will message me list of car you driven. I will review and let you know.

If you drive a car like a regular car please do not book at all. Were talking about people that drive mx5, honda civic, bmw, with after market parts.

This mx5 came from the factory like that with after market parts. So its stock.

There have been people that claim to know how to drive a stick and well I will suffer not you.
So do not book if you feel like you might not be approve because you will be wasting your time.
Deliver if needed.

I have the right to turn down your order down.

We ask you to be ready to tell me your your experience with stick shift.
I have the right to turn down your rental if I feel that you are not the right person to drive this car.
Again its for rent but you must be able pass my interview.
It will be a question and answer.

There has been to my know ledge a lot people with problems with stick and I can not allow a problem with renting this car to someone that will not be able to treat it correct and make mistake on my car.

Car is under warranty but can you image how many time I will go to the dealer if I let ever body rent this car with out screening them.

Thanks for understanding.

Last minute booking is welcome.

Because of the last minute booking is the reason the price went up on the delivery.

Delivery is a comfort. Once you book we will delivery it to you with in hours.

If there is a delivery at the same time as you. Then we would have to cancel or set anther available time.

But pick up at my house 100 percent .


Sport package .

BBS rims.

Please check out my feed back.

We ask you not race this car.

Tires are good to go where ever you go.

You can hang the roads well with the Koni shock and look good with the BBS rims.

Thank you for look at my car for rent.

Car will only get basic car wash and vac in the inside.

Please under that there will be nothing fancy when car is ready.

Just basic car wash and the inside will be vacuum.

I will take a damp cloth and wipe down the dust.

If you want fancy you can take it to the car wash to be detailed if you want to.

To make it profitable every thing will be just basic car wash and vacuum.

Warning I am going to take a lot picture of the car before I give the keys.

I am not very picky but if the next renter is going to complain I am going to make claim.

Trust me if you pay me very high per day I will not be very strict.

But once you pay dirt cheap per day the owner will watch his car very very close and you will pay.

Me not really.
  • Manual transmission
  • Convertible
Is there any after market parts on this car ?
Yes , koni shocks, and BBS rims. I reminder they came that way from the dealer ship.
What happen if I do not have the experience in driving your type of car and know how to drive a stick shift?
Then don t book it. I seen it all and please do not book.
Is there refund once I find out it does not fit my needs ?
I would have to say no, so please make sure your ok with it. Please make sure your luggage will fit in the truck. Also make sure you can fit inside the mx5. There will be no refund on your rental.
Can my friend drive when I rent your car?
If there not a added driver on your rental agreement the answer is no.
Car location
Hayward, CA 94545
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Up to 50 miles