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Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017
This was my first trip on Turo and I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was. Kevin had an awesome, very clean little Jetta which was a pleasure to drive. The car was zippy, had tremendous power for that little car, and overall had a sporty feel and handled all road conditions with ease. **A tip for prospective renters : before you leave the location upon pickup, make sure you understand how to shift in reverse-its different than normal shifters. I tried for 20 minutes and felt so stupid lol. Also the brakes are very touchy so if you're used to your spongy or not-so-great brakes, the first couple times you hit the brakes pedal, it will catch you off guard. But I got used to it very quickly. And make sure you ask where the gas door release is because it took us a few minutes to find it. I'm starting to see these German-made cars have quirky things and locations for them lol. Kevin was great to interact with and he was very easygoing, friendly and helpful guy. He made sure I knew where all the important stuff was and how to use it. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of the transaction and would recommend to everyone who can drive a stick. One more note for prospective renters (I learned the hard way on this one)-if you are a large person this is not the car for you. The car has rigid bucket seats so if your rear end or hips are on the larger side when sitting, I strongly advise against it. It will be uncomfortable for you and I'm thinking women would have the most difficulty especially if you're curvy and pear shaped or are pregnant or just have a beer gut. It was comical watching me get it and out of the Jetta because I'm 5'7 so I needed to reach the pedals safely and comfortably so that didn't leave a lot of room between the steering wheel and stomach and especially steering wheel and legs. I write this very detailed review so the renter knows what they're in for. It would be a bummer to both parties involved if a renter shows up to pick up the car then realizes there is no way they can fit in that driver seat. Then that trip the renter planned for the weekend to Monterey or business trip will involve you possibly scrambling to find another last minute car. Be realistic - it's a small, low to the ground compact car. It had plenty of legroom and space in every other seat except the drivers seat due to the steering wheel. So to recap, the car is great, Kevin was great and I will definitely rent from him again.
Renee F. - April 10, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2014
Trip went excellent and Victor was very kind, understanding, and flexible. I will definitely be renting from him in the future and recommend that you do to. Car was clean and comfortable.
Michael H. - May 21, 2018
John "Gus"
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017
Kevin’s GTI with Performance Package is a treat! The family took it to Yosemite and made the drive spectacular. With three people and a dog we we’re comfortable for an all day trip around the park. We ran into some snow and the traction control was really liberal in keeping the car stable. With this car it is a great way to explore the surrounding area. Canyon driving, straight country roads, to downtown traffic, it handles it with ease.
John "Gus" L. - January 7, 2018