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Toyota Prius2010
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Toyota Prius
5 trips
Hello, this is my personal prius that I purchased in 2010. It's a great car and I've had many great memories with it such as taking friends from Europe on trips to Vegas, San Diego and Northern California. If you want to get max mileage for your money this is the car. What kind of car you know that can take you to Las Vegas for $20 or only takes one full tank of gas to drive to San Francisco? The Prius! it's about 35 miles per gallon and cost about $35 to fill the entire tank and getting off the top of my head a guess nearly 350 miles for a full tank of gas. I use to own a Mercedes but I was crying lol nearly when it came time to get gas. In addition if I wanted to just drive 20 mins to Hollywood, well that'll cost nearly $20 then put another $20 for parking and ok by then you just decide it's best to stay home and maybe go to the beach instead. With the Prius I never have second thought when it comes to going places or giving family members a ride etc. it's a great feeling but is the Prius a sexy luxurious car? Unfortunately not :( I do not in particular feel like it's a hot car that you can pick up a date in but to me saving money is a priority and If you feel the same than you should rent my Prius :)

I'll say there's a saying if you treat your car nice it'll treat you nice. I hope to have respectful renters who would treat my car like it is their own. I have a child who is now 19-years old so I have a car that isn't obviously brand new from the lot but I took care of it quite well. I can be reached by email at or text/call me at 310-869-1252 once you've confirmed your booking. I only have small scratches on the outside surface very minimum and superficial. However, I do not have any major dents and the car looks pretty for nearly a 7-year ownership.

So why am I renting out my car? Well I am a self-contractor and staying home more often as I prepare for an exam and work on my dissertation. Also my car is "down under" whatever that term is, which means I owe way, way more than it's worth. I got horrible advise and originally had leased my car and when the lease was up 3-years later I was told to turn it in and if I wanted to give the car back I owed Toyota $5,000 for depreciation or going over the mileage scam talk and of course I didn't have $5,000 hard core cash and Later almost twice on the car note and been paying on it 3-years after the 3-year lease so total almost 7-years and still have 3-years to go...
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
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