Tesla Model S Rental in Los Angeles, CA | Turo
Tesla Model S2015
13 trips
$ 148
per day
The car
Tesla Model S
13 trips
5 seats
4 doors
Pristine, rare color, all-wheel drive Tesla Model S is ready for you!

Modern, Smooth, Fast. Super fun car to drive. I will make it easy for you to drive and enjoy!

Special CA license plates: SPY4 007....folks always ask me about them...very fun. [there is a story here...]

If you have never driven a Tesla: This is the single greatest car you will ever experience, short of a $1m+ supercar. I've owned Tesla S since they came out in 2012 (this is my second) and cannot imagine buying a gasoline-engine car again. It's like your first flight in first class....you will ever go back to the alternative: the rumble, smoke, slower acceleration of gasoline cars. Electric driving is the future. Tesla is now.

Safest car ever tested (Consumer Reports). Amazing acceleration. USA made. Efficient. Smooth as rails. I thought I loved my BMW M3 until I drove this. Unlimited HOV lane usage in CA. Free Tesla Supercharger use (see below). This car will spoil you. (Apologies ahead of time....)

This Tesla is loaded with full size all wheel drive 70 KWH battery (up to 240 miles range), Panoramic Sunroof, Leather Seats, 19" Car screen, Auto-Pilot, Tech Package, Alcantara-trim interior, accent lighting, internet radio and much more. Cargo room in front ("Frunk") and back. With both, Tesla holds more cargo than Ford Explorer.

Range is great. Never had range anxiety in my life.

Three ways to charge: Free Tesla Superchargers, 240V charging which are all over LA, and home outlet charging. Charge cable in trunk.

The Tesla will have at least 200 miles of charge when I hand you the FOB. You only need to return it with 50+ miles of charge.

1) The car has FREE access to all the Tesla SuperChargers located here http://SuperCharge.info
When charging here you can get a 200+ mile charge in about 45 minutes. The navigation system has all the Tesla chargers built in so it's very easy to find them once you are in the car.

2) The car can also be charged at any Level 2 Chargers (240v) found on http://PlugShare.com (these include plug by Chargeport, Blink and other free ones). These charge at about 25-30 miles of range per hour. You can also see many of these on the Tesla Navigation Screen. ADDED BONUS: you get prime parking at retail spaces where chargers are typically located, especially malls.

3)You can also plug into a 110 volt regular wall outlet (adaptor included). These add about 3-4 miles of range an hour (great for overnight charging).

Charging is easy. 240 mile range makes is carefree. LA is full of plugs. Range anxiety is a media story.

Did I mention how fun this car is?

This car is the car James Bond would drive in LA. Maybe he or she already is?
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
  • Auto-Pilot. Auto park
Depending on my schedule, pick up/drop off location might need to adjust and will be discussed prior to transition approval.
Car location
Los Angeles, CA 90049