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Tesla Model 3 2018

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I aim to make this experience as seamless as possible. I ask that you return it as close to the original condition - reasonably clean and reasonably charged to approximately 80%. New to Turo? Get a $25 credit towards your rental with this linked code This fully customized model 3 boasts an impressive 310 estimated miles to a full charge. This is not the performance AWD package but Tesla does not build slow cars and 0-60 in around 6 seconds is more than enough to get you around at a good pace. It includes safety features such as enhanced autopilot, driving assist and emergency braking. Please remember autopilot is NOT meant for unattended driving so keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. Please see FAQ for Charging options, Tesla specs, and other frequent questions. Review my simple guidelines and treat the car like you would your own. Thanks for checking my listing!


Automatic transmission
Enhanced Autopilot
Parking Assist
Panoramic Roof
Extended battery up to 310 miles
Upgraded ambient lights
Ceramic tinting
Full vehicle metallic wrap
Heavy duty all weather mats
Door guards
Custom powder coated rims
Rim blades


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Prepaid EV recharge
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car without fully recharging. Please return with at least 30 miles of range.
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.

Parking details

I am able to accommodate your vehicle in an open lot at your own risk if you are swapping cars to rent mine.


DONTS: - we love our furry companions but to avoid unnecessary cleaning fees and damages to the interior, no pets - to minimize stains spills and odors please avoid eating, drinking, and smoking of any form inside the car - please place sharp and pointy objects on the floor or cargo area - I know this car drives fast but please don't do any crazy burn outs and street races with it. - the center tablet controls everything in the car, if you have children please make sure they do not use it as a toy for your safety - did i already mention autonomous driving was not meant for unattended driving? Keep those hands on the wheel! DO - enjoy the cutting edge technology in this car - provide feedback on how I could make your experience better - communicate clearly if anything out of the ordinary happens that may cause delays in pickup, return, or if you get into any trouble - have fun with your rental!


  • How do you use all the features on this car
    I have put together several bulletpoint videos on the basic how-tos for the model 3. Feel free to take some time to explore them below. I will give you a run through on the important basics on pickup.
  • How do I charge this car?
    Please do not wait until last minute to charge the Model 3. You will be responsible for any fees incurred for rescuing the car due to running out of a charge. As a courtesy, please try to leave the car charged around 80% on return. You will usually get the car charged at least 80% Level 3 Charging • charged to me at no additional cost to you. • Range: up to 170 miles Tesla range per 30 minutes. It can get to 80% in just 40 minutes. At the 80% point, charging slows to safeguard battery health • View an interactive Supercharging map at The Tesla Supercharger map is also conveniently built in to the Tesla navigation system on the 17″ touch screen control panel. Convenient road trip charging is literally at your fingertips. Level 2 Charging • You are responsible for payment on these stations • Range: up to 52 miles Tesla range per hour • Charge at any 240v EV station conveniently located in various retail buildings and public areas throughout Los Angeles • Please remember to remove and store the 240v adapter. Do not leave it attached to the charge port Level 1 Charging • level 1 charging charges at 2 miles per hour and is not recommended so normal outlet charging cables are not provided
  • What should I expect on pickup
    - Car walk around. I will take checkin photos to review any preexisting conditions - verify charge levels - Basic Feature walk through - Question and answer - A clean shiny Tesla for you to enjoy
  • What should I expect on return
    - car walkaround. You will take checkout photos to review any potential damages - verify charge levels - review of any cleaning outside of normal use
  • What extra charges can I potentially expect on return
    This is a very personalized Model 3 Minor damage usually amounts to less than the $500 Turo deductible so most claims of this nature is settled outside of the claims process . If you feel you can't avoid curbing the rims, avoiding scrapes, or dinging the door edges ; or are unwilling to pay out of pocket for a speedy repair, please consider an alternative rental. The body is completely wrapped in vinyl and coated to be resistant to above average wear and tear. Rim blades offer minor protection to rim damage. A layer of powder coating protect the original rim finish. Door guards are installed to protect door edges. - You will be charged $50 for returning the car below reasonable charge levels. This covers my time and commute to get the vehicle charged and ready for the next renter - You will be charged a flat $50 for any excessive mess that will warrant professional cleaning. - heavy Stains, odors, and physical damage will be evaluated on a case to case basis - EZPass tolls are there for your convenience and the fees are passed on to you - Rim blades are installed to avoid rim damage and are charged a flat $50 for replacement - direct Rim damage can range between $50 for shallow scratches to $220 for severe damage and reapplying powdercoating - major scratches to the body will often require reapplying the vinyl to the affected panel so it’s evaluated on a case to case basis - damage to the interior vegan leather is evaluated on a case to case basis
  • What are the specs on this model 3
    Safety • Automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance • Eight airbags • Electronic stability and traction control Convenience • 15″ touchscreen with onboard maps & navigation • Wi-Fi and cellular internet capability • Voice activated controls • 60/40 split folding rear seats Standard Interior • 15” touchscreen display • Dual zone climate control system • FM radio and Bluetooth® connectivity, with on-demand & internet radio capability • Textile seating • Center console with open storage and two USB ports Premium Interior • Premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs • 12-way, power adjustable front seats, steering column and side mirrors, with custom driver profiles • Premium audio system with more power, tweeters, surround speakers and subwoofer • Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection • Auto dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors • LED fog lamps • Center console with covered storage and docking for two smartphones Cargo • 15 cu ft Front & Rear Trunk Cargo Volume with Manual Trunk • Fits approximately 6 x Standard Airline Carry-On Bag (22" x 14" x 8") – 4x in the trunk 1x in the lower trunk and 1x the front trunk • Fits approximately 2x Full sized airline baggage (76" x 30" x 48") in the trunk and 2x Standard Airline Carry-On Bag (22" x 14" x 8") – 1x in the front trunk and 1x in the bottom trunk • Rear seats fold completely down for additional storage of oversized items
  • Where can I drive this car
    • This listing is not meant to be driven into non-paved terrain so no trips up the mountain, in the desert, or through the snow • Use the trip planner to be mindful of charging stations along the way so you are not stranded • 200 daily miles is included, please note the $1 per mile after that
  • Burning man Event
    • This listing is not approved for Burning man due to the unacceptable levels of dust and road hazards, please consider a more appropriate offroad vehicle


7 ratings

Very communicative, he made sure my trip was pleasant and secure by explaining to me how the car should be driven. I highly recommend him.

Un tal I.-Aug 8, 2018

Benjamin is a great guy. Would def rent from him again.

Dane R.-Aug 6, 2018

This guy was great and his car is amazing. definitely a recommend!

Byron S.-Jul 30, 2018

What a car. Great features and technology, smoothest ride ever, luxurious and great sound system. Benjamin was very helpful on demo of its features and all around great guy. Thank you !

Gerard T.-Jul 26, 2018

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Los Angeles, CA 90012

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