smart fortwo Rental in Los Angeles, CA | Turo
smart fortwo2015
electric drive coupe
20 trips
$ 34
per day
The car
smart fortwo
electric drive coupe
20 trips
2 seats
3 doors
All-Electric 2015 Smart Fortwo ED* features:

- FREE towing in case of emergencies
- White HOV stickers (carpool lane access + FREE parking at any metered spot in Santa Monica)
- Automatic transmission
- Air Conditioning
- Charging Cable in trunk**
- Bluetooth, cruise control, voice controls
- MP3/CD/AM/FM/USB/AUX sound system
- Up to 100 mi range (distance car can travel between charges depends on driving habits)
- Charge Level 2 compatible (full charge in 2-4 hours - available in many parking structures for free)
- EPA Equivalent 122 MPG!!


Check out:

Charging locations:


* EV's have been recently featured on Turo as a great means of transportation:

** The cost of replacement will be charged if lost or misplaced.

Notice: Must return the car with at least 80% power level otherwise a fee will be added.

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  • Automatic transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Pet friendly
  • Child seat
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Can park anywhere
  • Small car for tight maneuvering
Delivery details
Airport pick up depends on my availability. Otherwise you will be notified of where the vehicle is located for pick up.
How do I pick up and drop off?
Be sure to review the owner email instructions. DO NOT take the shuttle to Turo as the car will not be there. Please upload an image of your license to trip photos or text me at (760) BEST-CAR (237-8227) with it before the start of your reservation. This is needed to prove identity. The exact location will be texted afterwards. Please share your location in the Turo app while you are on the way so I may guide you to the cars location. Once you see the vehicle, text the code in the reservation confirmation email to unlock. Follow the reverse to return. Walk around the car and take photos of all four sides plus close ups of any damage you see plus the dashboard showing the fuel level and total mileage. Upload them to the trip photos and notify me when complete. Do the same at the end of the trip plus include any photos for gas receipts. Express wash will be reimbursed. This is required for record keeping. DO NOT lock the car upon returning as it breaks the remote system! Please enjoy! With Uber or Lyft use my invite code and get a free ride. Can be redeemed at:
What are some tips and tricks?
Here is a introduction just in case you are new to electric cars. I have a few pointers to help you on your electric journey. The level 1 charging cable can be found in the trunk and can be plugged into any 110v, 3-prong wall outlet. The EV can be charged in several hours form 0% on a 240v, level 2 charger. They are found free to use at various dealerships. If you have a smartphone, you can also download an app called Plugshare and it will also help you locate all the charging locations. Also download an app called Chargepoint and Blink. Create an account through the app or website. You can then use it to start charging when at one of their stations. I try to keep the EV fully charged, but circumstances do vary. Thank you for your understanding ahead of time. Tips for extending range. 1. Leave AC off. Leave windows cracked open if hot. 2. Drive on highway no faster than 60mph. 3. Use cruise control in the slow lane. 4. Do not accelerate fast. Be gradual with the pedal and lift off early to use regenerate braking. 5. Draft behind larger vehicles like big rigs and SUV's.
Car location
Los Angeles, CA 90045