Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Rental in Los Angeles, CA | Turo
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class2009
1 trip
$ 199
per day
The car
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
1 trip
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
16 MPG
My contact info if you have any questions: 603-540-4864. Please at very least read basic details about delivery, rules, pricing, etc.
Please feel free to request a booking at anytime day or night and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. If it is available on the calendar then you may request to rent! Feel free to also text or call me at 603-540-4864 if you have any questions or concerns. I am committed to providing the best prices there are and assure that you will not find a better deal on such a beautiful vehicle. Rest assured that I make sure to keep all of my vehicles well maintained so you can rent with confidence!
About the vehicle:

-Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG Silver Arrow Edition 1 of 100 made (hard-top convertible)...
-518 horsepower
-Panoramic Sunroof (also convertible)
-Massage Seats
-Heated and cooled seats
-Red leather seats (awesome look)
-Neck vents (heat for cool days and nights with top down)
-Adjustable electric seats, very comfortable leather
-Amazing sound system
-Hard top convertible roof (touch of a button to operate)
-Storage in trunk as well as two compartments behind seats and other compartments in front for extra space
-Cruise control
-Paddle shifters and can shift with stick if you want (Note: the vehicle is automatic)
-history on the silver arrow edition: this vehicle was made to commemorate the very first race vehicles (silver exterior with red interior) and made for speed and designed to be the best

ORIGINAL MSRP: $159,999.00. Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG.., the best or nothing. This is an incredible 1 of 100 made in the world SL63 AMG Silver Arrow Edition! AMG is Mercedes-Benz top of the line vehicles that are hand built (yes, hand built) to be the best performance and most stunning looking cars. This car was hand crafted in Germany and has over 518 horsepower! This is a hard top convertible, so it looks incredible with the top up or down. Stunning red interior and all you do is push a button to get the top down and up! This car is automatic but manual as well (if you want it to be) because it has paddle shifters and can change gears with the stick. This car has 2 seats as it is the ultimate roadster sports car!
1. Start by signing up by clicking "sign up" and you will need to either use Facebook, google account, or email address. ($25 off link above)
2. Get pre-approved to drive by uploading photos of your driver's license and credit card. (I will NEVER see your credit card information, it is all done through turo).
3. Wait for approval by turo (shouldn't take long)
4. Make a request on this vehicle for your needed dates and times (no need to contact me to do this, unless you have questions)
5. Verify if you need vehicle delivered and at what location(s) or if you are going to pick the car up.
6. Determine if you would like insurance to be covered in case of an incident from turo's various options (basic, standard, premium) OR if your own insurance covers rental cars
7. I will be contacting you to confirm the vehicle is ready and will discuss any questions you may have!
8. Enjoy the vehicle! :)
Extra notes:
Please drive very carefully and be cautious of big lips and bad roads. Please drive slowly on dirt roads and other roads that are not put together well, the vehicle is low to the ground and I do not want there to be any issues. Also, please be aware that if you receive any types of tickets while driving this vehicle that you will be responsible for payment of them. If you go over the allotted miles then the default Turo rate is $0.75 per mile over your limit. We also require you to sign a very basic liability form at start of trip.
This vehicle not exactly what you're looking for? We offer other great options:
-Red Porsche Boxster w/ sand beige interior
-Blue Porsche Boxster w/ black interior
-Mercedes CLS63 AMG (black on black)
-Porsche Panamera S (navy blue)
-Mercedes E350 coupe (black on black)

Prices vary, but all are priced below suggested pricing. Thank you!

-to put retractable roof/top down; gently pull the small silver lever in the center of interior backwards and roof will be folded into trunk
-to put retractable roof/top up; gently push the same silver lever slightly forward and hold it down until it is up completely... Message on dash will disappear when cycle is complete
-GAS TANK: just make sure car is unlocked and all you have to do is slightly press the gas tank cover and it will pop up, then unscrew the cap by twisting left and gently let cap down
-STARTING VEHICLE: insert key or just press "start engine" button on stick shift while pressing on brakes
-TRUNK: to open, gently press the lever on trunk and it will automatically lift up.
-TRUNK: to close, press red button to have it close automatically, please do not try to manually close trunk
-MUSIC: to switch between FM/AM and auxiliary go to audio on the screen by using arrow buttons and then switch to what you prefer
-any other questions, please feel free to ask
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Convertible
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Sunroof
  • Massage Seats
Parking details
There is plenty of street parking near our location!
Delivery details

OPTION 1 (cheapest): Personal Driver
-free pick up at car location
-$20 LAX airport pickup and drop off
-$30 within 5 miles custom location
-$50 within 10 miles custom location
-$80 within 15 miles
-$120 within 20 miles
-$180 within 30 miles
-$300 within 31-50 miles
-free delivery up to 5 miles with a trip of 3 days or longer
FIRST OPTION details: The prices shown for delivery includes picking you up and dropping you off at LAX or your chosen location. Example for delivery to LAX... The process is as follows: we will pick you up at your arrival gate and bring you to our location approximately 4 miles away (10 minutes) and then you will get your vehicle and be on your way. Drop off you must come back to our location and we will uber you back to the airport to your gate. Done :) NOTE: this option only works if there are 3 or fewer people in your party due to seats in vehicle.

-free pick up at car location
-$50 LAX airport pickup and drop off
-$50 within 5 miles custom location
-$90 within 10 miles custom location
-$120 within 15 miles
-$170 within 20 miles
-$240 within 30 miles
-$500 within 31-50 miles
-free delivery up to 5 miles with a trip of 5 days or longer
SECOND OPTION details: we will being the vehicle right to you and you can be on your way right away! Fastest option for you to get going! Thanks :)

-NO TRACK USE WHATSOEVER (this car has been banned from any tracks within a 1500 mile radius so please don't, thanks)
-Car requires 91 or 93 for gas (please keep receipt(s) for after trip)
-NO SMOKING in vehicle ($150-$200 fine)
-No pets allowed in vehicle
-2 people maximum in vehicle allowed
-return vehicle in same condition
-no need to fill tank at end of your trip, we will do it and charge for the difference
-please do your best to arrive on time at start of trip and end of trip
-if you do not know how to operate any part of the vehicle please just call or text me
(note: if any rules broken you will be charged)
Can I book this vehicle last minute?
Yes. Although the earliest start time is an hour from when you book the vehicle to allow us some prep time to make sure the vehicle is ready for you. If you need it soon please contact me and I will do my best to help you out.
If I make the reservation, can someone else (such as a friend or family member) pick up the vehicle?
Unfortunately the person who books the vehicle will have to be the one picking up the vehicle because we must see a valid driver's license with the correct name on it.
Can I extend my current trip?
Yes, you can as long as there is not a person who has booked the vehicle during the days you wish to extend. Just go to your reservation and request an extension and feel free to contact me to confirm availability.
Is there parking near your location where the vehicle is located?
Yes! There is plenty of street parking for you to park your car if you come and pick your rental up.
Car location
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Los Angeles International Airport
Bob Hope Airport
Long Beach Airport
Van Nuys Airport
Up to 50 miles
Free delivery for trips of 3 days or longer